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Reinforcements from Sweida Pour into the Golan Heights


Reinforcements from Sweida Pour into the Golan Heights

AlMasdarNews reports: A massive convoy of reinforcements from the Al-Sweida Governorate arrived in the Golan Heights today after the jihadist rebels mobilized more fighters to launch a 4th offensive.

According to a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) source, the government convoy was made up of fighters from the National Defense Forces (NDF), Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), Jaysh Al-Muwahiddeen (Druze militia), and the 5th Armored Division.

Most of the non-army reinforcements are volunteers from the Al-Sweida Governorate that traveled to the Golan Heights to protect their people from the jihadist rebels.

Similar to Al-Sweida, Jabal Al-Sheikh’s (Mount Hermon) population is mostly Syrian Druze, making their communities very close; this is one of the reasons why several fighters volunteered to protect this area from jihadist rebels.



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  • Gabriel Hollows

    Let me get this straight. Are jihadist rebels pouring into Syria from the ISRAELI OCCUPIED golan heights?

    • Keep it Real


  • cheetah88

    it doesnt say where al-sweida is(we are supposed to guess), but i think this article means that syrian/pro assad forces swarmed into the golan heights to defend the civilians there from the israelis.

  • The greatest threat to these defenders are not Israel’s-ISIS, but Israels Air-force.
    These people need a strong deterrent such as the type and kind Lebanon uses…
    A vast array of missiles, perhaps as many as 24,000.
    Each time Israel launches a strike against them, 1,000 missiles should be kindly returned likewise in the best interest of peace.
    Atheist-Israel will then back away, just as Zio-Israel backs away from attacking Lebanon directly today.