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JUNE 2021

Arab Men and Europe: The Taste of The Artificially Provoked Disaster

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In Europe, something unusual is happening. Before the river of refugees from the Middle East, EU leaders on all sides of the story are proclaiming “the crisis that has gone mad” is about to destroy the Union.

Arab Men and Europe: The Taste of The Artificially Provoked Disaster

Originally appeared at Fsksrb, translated by Igor exclusively for SouthFront

The President of the Council of Europe Donald Tusk called the crisis “a political earthquake for Europe”. European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker believes that the European Union is increasingly unstable, and as far as integration, and as far as the admission of new countries, so it is unlikely that all of this has to end. Slovenian Prime Minister Miroslav Cerar states: “If the decision migration crisis is not found, a Europe since the collapse of only a few weeks.” Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rota informs: “This crisis could bring down the base on which rests all our cooperation,” …

In high pitch voice of Angela Merkel: “If Europe fails in terms of refugees, it will not be that Europe of which we have dreamed.”

But making a fence in the EU external borders of the walls and artificial instill immense human mass in front of several points to the failure to strengthen the suspicion that we are really witnessing the staging of grandiose spectacle.

To recall some figures. The population of all 28 EU member states 2014 reached 507 million people. Even in the most optimistic forecast for the influx of refugees in Europe in the next two years will exceed 2 million, or for every 250 indigenous person they will get one refugee, or even less. For comparison we take Britain alone, thus crushing the consequences of its colonial past, was forced to accept the largest number of refugees from the former colonies. Now 63 million people in the UK half a million are immigrants. So one immigrant comes to 120 primordial inhabitants. Immigrants, as a rule, live compactly, ie .. their municipalities take specific vacant places in the UK economy and do not see any problems for the British society to be shocked by them.

Why, then, is there so much noise in the EU?

Common place in the discussions of European politicians is the fact that the economies of member states of the European Union will not withstand the cost of uninvited guests. Without giving figures, according to the reception, storing, adaptation and finding jobs does not suit the pockets of Europe. It is the most important statement. About religious, cultural and other factors if and talk, talk at the end.
In order to at least generally understand what’s really going to look at the policy of German Chancellor Angel Merkel.

In the story of the refugees Mrs. Merkel, although it started with a readiness to accept everything, moved to restrictive measures, which in fact led to tensions. Why did she do that? For its principled position that fails most of the refugees, all but economic, has not changed. However – it is one thing to miss full and satisfied, and the other – exhausted and ready to accept all conditions, no matter what they are. Because, as it turns slowly, meant the play has more goals.
Merkel intends to costs for the reception weight homeless people move from the federal government to local municipalities and therefore, to the municipality agreed to open their wallets, a more “humanitarian disaster”. It’s a great magic engaged not only Chancellor of the FRG, but also other leaders of most EU countries. Naturally, municipalities are due to such a perspective that has already begun to howl, because it is not easy, as it turns out, euro-bureaucrats right to be heard howling as hard.
You may not exaggerate?

Let’s hear what it says opposition parliamentary party “Left” (Die Linke), which in recent years has turned into a very influential force Germany. It directly blames general chancellor for artificial creation of catastrophic conditions, not only for refugees but also for the poorest layers of the primordial German population.

It turns out that the federal budget has no money. In Germany, Economy Minister Schaeuble said Germany must be on the “black zero” or, in other words, the state should not raise any loans, ie. to get into minus. Hence the conclusion: the budget is divided, there is no extra money, the state will not be indebted to anyone, and the refugees should ensure federal lands and municipalities.

In such an approach the refugees will never adapt in Germany. They will not even get a real education, no profession, no social security and medical care. On the contrary, most will become a member of the “wild labor market”, which its absence was the pride of the “Welfare State”. And the most enterprising among them will fill the ranks of the criminal community.

Here’s what Bundestag MP from the Party of “Left” Axel Trost wrote, “Because of the crisis in the EU the loser’s are mostly children and young people. According to Bertelsmann Fund, 26 million young people are found at the edge of poverty, to be pushed into poverty, with job loss. Therefore, EU policy increases the risk of fighting for survival in primordial German youth and immigrants. The state must infringe “black zero” and to raise the many billions of loans to cover most needs. We demand urgent program of 25 billion euros in order to: strengthen the power of the state to fulfill their social obligations; to communes for receiving refugees to emergency assistance amounting to 10 billion euros; to urgently finishing a special federal program of 500,000 housing for people with low income and for Refugees, in the amount of EUR 8 billion; to develop programs free professional training and language learning, integration and consultation points, worth 7 billion euros. The first reception of refugees must be fully transferred to the central authorities. After that, the state has to take over the deployment of refugees. However, the coalition government shows no willingness to act accordingly. What’s more, shaking obligations on federal lands she sinks into contradictions. ” Really, neither Germany nor other EU countries will not do anything of what is counted deputy of Bundestag.

One gets the impression that the alarm raised by the countries of the European Union aims to prepare the population for artificially worsening the situation. But why, so they are not enemies of their own people?

To answer this question we need to look back 15 years ago when, due to public protests, canceled negotiations largest Western companies on the so-called Agreement on Investments (MSI). The aim of the agreement was that transnational companies receive the same legal status as the nation-state. In practice, this would completely shifted from state regulation of the economy and destroyed the tariff agreements of the EU countries which guaranteed the rights of working people. The project was stopped due to the resistance of the public and parliaments. Now it creates a new attempt to get across the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) proposed by the Americans came to the same result. Prioritizing the rights of investors in relation to the legislation of individual countries will be legally strengthen the supranational authority largest corporations so that will make it undeniable.
Here we can recall that in his time the European Union has lost to the WTO dispute, which occurred due to genetically modified food products. I shall not at the discretion of the WTO pay tens of millions of euro fine because the banned growth hormones for livestock grown for meat. WTO is only one of the instruments of control the spread of the largest corporations of the world trade. Agreement TTIP refine these instruments.

The reasons for such pressure of transnational companies are clear: they provide themselves from the dangers of the collapse of the financial and economic system based on the dollar. However, the organizers of the crisis had learned a lesson from the collapse 15 years ago. Now it is public that the EU prepares the TTIP, and for them it represents salvation. Hence the refugee flows to Europe, which is increasing by leaps and bounds, and wires with regulating peace in Syria, tension and pressure in the European population.

It is planned that the agreement on TTIP be signed and in-forced by 2016. We should expect maximum wave of protest. To meet this wave, the force that is imposing lead Europe into the arms of the Transatlantic Partnership is preparing as well. The game is a classic play in which the attention of the population drags on artificially induced “the refugee problem”, and the signing of the agreement will be presented as a way out of the complicated economic situation.

You’ll wonder: what about the leaders of European nations? Well, the leaders only playing the role they assign overseas operators dolls.

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Europeans are being genocided, it is a continuation of Asian-racist Genghis Khans policy of genociding 127-million indigenous tribal Russians and Europeans. And the black-bigot-Moors genociding 9-million indigenous tribal Europeans as well.

Gatorro Sinvergüenza

What a horrible English. Somebody please correct this text, it’s hardly understandable.

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