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Refugee influx into Europe continues despite winter coming


Thousands of refugees keep arriving to Europe every day on their effort to flee from conflicts.

Refugee influx into Europe continues despite winter coming

A women with her child in the Croatia-Slovenia border

Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia and Pakistan are some of the countries of origin of the thousands of refugees that have reached Europe this year, and that numbers doesn’t seem to decrease at all.

The situation is becoming more dramatic every time since the imminent start of winter in the transit countries, mainly in the Balkans, where there are many migrants still waiting for their chance to continue with their journey while living in inhumane conditions amidst the tough weather conditions.

EU measures to distribute refugees asking for asylum among the member countries doesn’t seem to be as effective as planned since the resistance of some nations, especially littler ones ,which are also the most affected since they are the main transit countries in the route to reach western Europe.

So called “hotspot” centers have been created in Italy and Greece to separate actual refugees from those considered “economic migrants” mainly coming from Africa. These last ones could be returned to their homelands and refugees are supposed to be sent to the different member countries of the EU from this centers.

The EU has also asked for the collaboration of the nearby countries, like Turkey and those in the Balkans to host more refugees in their territories in exchange of economic aid for this purpose in return.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter



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