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JUNE 2021

Reconciliation Agreement Reached In Al-Dumayr Town Near Damascus

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On April 11, a local negotiation committee of the town of al-Dumayr, 30km north of the Syrian capital of Damascus announced in an offical statemnt that an initial reconciliation agreement has been reached with Russia and the Damascus government.

According to the al-Dumayr negotiation committee statement, the local fighters who reject the agreement will be allowed to withdraw towards other opposition-held areas, while the rest will remain in the town and join Syiran government forces.

Reconciliation Agreement Reached In Al-Dumayr Town Near Damascus

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Pro-government sources confirmed on April 12 that the reconciliation agreement had been finalized and that it will be executed in the upcoming days.

From its side, the unified command of the militants in the nearby Eastern Qalamun pocket criticized the agreement and stressed that it will not respect it. The militants even claimed that al-Dumayr, that’s isolated from Eastern Qalamun, is part of their areas.

Al-Dumayr has been besieged by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) since 2012. However, a successful ceasefire kept the city safe for the last five years and granted free movement for the civilians there. According to pro-government sources, only few hundred poorly-armed fighters are stationed in the town now.

Local observers fear that the militants in the Eastern Qalamun pocket may launch an attack to sabotage the reconciliation agreement in al-Dumayr, as they appear to be un willing to tolerate any peaceful solution.

Last night Eastern Qalamoun militants even conducted a Grad rockets shelling on government forces positions near the area.

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leon mc pilibin

Stop the flow of weapons and shekels and then syria will have peace and their land back.

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