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Recep “Mighty Mustache” Erdogan Vowed To Put Idlib Airspace Under Turkish Control


Recep "Mighty Mustache" Erdogan Vowed To Put Idlib Airspace Under Turkish Control

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On February 26th, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made another mighty speech, this time vowing to begin using Syrian airspace above Idlib to protect civilians.

“Our biggest problem is that we could not use the airspace [over Idlib],” just south of Turkey’s border he said.

The plan ends there, since then he said “hopefully, we will figure out something soon for this.”

Recep "Mighty Mustache" Erdogan Vowed To Put Idlib Airspace Under Turkish Control

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Turkey will not retreat on Idlib, he added.

“We will definitely take the [Assad] regime out of the borders which we have defined before,” Erdogan said.

“We will also provide for the Syrians to return their homes.”

Erdogan also said the US had promised to support Turkey, but there’s been nothing “yet”.

“America made a promise of support, when I met Trump, but there is no support yet. It seems, we will have to meet again.”

He also made another claim, saying that Turkey needed to fulfill the Sochi Agreement, and that’s the only thing it was interested in, but it was being stopped by the Syrian Arab Army and Russia. Who it was that stopped it before still remains a mystery.

He further said that no Patriot missile defense battery would be delivered to Turkey from the US.

“We want what is necessary for the Sochi Agreement. We need to fulfill the provisions and it is not possible for us to make concessions on this issue. There will be no Patriot given to us by America. We made our offer.”

Even journalists who appear to deny Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham terrorists exist and they are simply civilians, are mocking Erdogan and his speeches.

It is now a daily custom, for Erdogan to come up with a speech, with various threats of war and other rhetoric, flaunting his mighty mustache in the face of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), which surely is shivering in fear at the mere sight of it.

Despite that fear, however, the SAA is making gains in Idlib, and simple mustache waving appears to be ineffective.

Attempting to also remove photographs and footage of Turkish equipment and losses from Twitter and other website and social media also proves ineffective, since the losses actually remain in reality, even if they’re not distributed as widely in the public sphere.

Somebody should remind Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that an ultimatum is only such if it is final, and then it is followed by action, and not by a modern repeat of the story of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf.”




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