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Recent UAE Port Explosion Targeted Israeli Squad, Three Were Killed: Leaked Document

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Recent UAE Port Explosion Targeted Israeli Squad, Three Were Killed: Leaked Document

File image. Source: almayadeen.net

The July 7 explosion at Jebel Ali Port in the United Arab Emiratis (UAE) targeted an “Israeli squad” of six members, the al-Mayadeen TV reported on August 11, citing a document by Dubai Police.

According to the official document, that was recently leaked to the Beirut-based channel, the massive explosion, which unleashed a shock wave through the skyscraper-studded city of Dubai, was not the result of an accident. The explosion was in fact caused by a “bomb” that was hidden inside one of the containers at Jebel Ali port.

This claim is in line with early footage from the explosion site, which revealed that the explosion erupted aboard the Comoros-flagged OCEAN TRADER cargo ship that was at the time loaded with dozens of containers and anchored at the port.

In the leaked document, Dubai Police reports the death of three of the Israeli quad’s members and the injury of two others.

“Some of the bodies were buried and others were transferred to their countries under the supervision of the police due to the sensitivity of the situation,” the document reads.

The document, which is yet to be verified, didn’t provide any details on the Israeli squad or the nature of its work in Jebel Ali Port. The UAE stepped up its security cooperation with Israel and allowed trade with Israeli companies in the wake of the 2020 peace accord.

The information revealed by the al-Mayadin will not likely get verified any time soon. However, the available information from open sources indeed indicate that the explosion at Jebel Ali was not simply an “accident”.


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Diaper Hasbara Dan

Well Zionist child molesting cowards are finding out that fcuking with Persians is not kosher.


On the other hand turning mossadisis trolls into fertilizer is very kosher.


They prefer ovens

G2 Man

Two Mossad agents on the Zionist spy ship “tanker” off the coast of Dhofar traveling on UK and Romanian passports were also taken out a couple of weeks ago in an exceptionally well planned hit. The message to the Zionists is that the rules have changed and they will be hit everywhere and at any time.

Chess Master

Any source or just day dreams?


Directly from up your mommas possy


Go to the graveyard and count your corpses, from scientists to waste himself, the game is still going on sucker

G2 Man

Indeed, Afghanistan is a glaring example of US and Zionist success. I also find the Zionist boasts quite hilarious as much as their daily touted delusional goal was to “expel Iran from Syria”. I am sure in Hollywood movies that has been achieved too as well for domestic dumbed down drug induced western populations.

Last edited 1 month ago by G2 Man

Says the zio terrorist jew rectum licker

L du Plessis

The Persians can also play mossad tactics.


Jens those Persian cats have killed 800 or so ex-Iraqi Air Force rats inside Iraq who flew Saddam’s warplanes during the 80’s Iran/ Iraq war……..quietly dispatched……one by one. Iran’s Vevak has very long arms……..you just don’t know.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahson
Arch Bungle

It’s as verified as any claims by ‘israel’.

Nobody cares what you call “Persia”.


one high ranking american officer one high ranking idf officer and the experts translaters and other people around from mossad cia etc pp all got wiped out in a single strike and we only got informed about the issue openly that they were dead because they couldnt hide the deaths and had to call it heart attacks only that the bodies were torn into pieces because of that supposed heartattack just look at how pathetic it is to serve these losers you die as nothing if you die for them just ask micheal d andrea or rather dont because he is dead aswell

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

How about using some punctuation in your posts, you d!ckh3ad ???

Arch Bungle

Oh look, it’s a Grammar Karen!


He is doing like u MF jews.. Being backwards including reading backwards

Arch Bungle

It’s as “verified” as any claims by ‘israel’.


Yeah.. so the cockroaches infiltrating Arab countries might not be so bad after all. It makes them easier to pick off.


Oy vey…
One loss after the other…
May the Mossadisis trolls rest in pieces…

Séamus Ó Néill

The writing is on the wall for the leeches squatting in Palestine. The two main architects of the “Greater Israel” plan, England & America, are bankrupt and collapsing from within. Iran is now the true power in the ME and growing stronger daily, payback time is here and the cowardly Zionists rats are fleeing in greater numbers every day. By 2024 Palestine will be back in Palestinian hands and people will ask, where is Israel?

G2 Man

Even the CIA has concluded that the Zionist occupation of Palestine may last another two decades at most. It is linked to US decline and growing revulsion against Zionist parasites in Europe even.

Arch Bungle

Did they resurrect on the third?

Arch Bungle

It’s rather crowded in your ass.


Have wondered about this. Israel openly has foreign assassination policy program and squads. Israel will also publicly announce outcomes of some successful operations. For both domestic and regional political purposes, and since the Netanyahu era, this has been done with certain amount of political smugness. There are obvious international law issues around this policy and program, extrajudicial killings, often occurring on third party country’s soil, but US protection shelters Israel from any accountability for actions at both UN and ICJ. The point being, given Iranian nationals are often the target of Israeli extrajudicial killings, and Israel faces no international sanctions for such actions, Iran must surely respond in some manner. And if so, is it simply the case they actually do, but Israel never publicly admits to these losses, as part of Israel’s political policy to project regional strength image.


Maybe you full of ka ka.


If you wish to join the discussion at the adult’s table, you will need to speak like an adult.

Last edited 1 month ago by SevenUps

Hi Hear hear🙌🙌🙌

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