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Recent U.S. Strikes On ‘Iranian-backed Forces’ Killed Iraqi Soldiers, Policemen & Civilian Only (Videos)

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The recent U.S. strikes on Iraq have claimed the lives of soldiers, policemen and a civilian, the Iraqi military’s Joint Command revealed on March 13.

In an official statement, the Joint Command said several U.S. warplanes carried out a “blatant aggression,” attacking several positions of the army’s 19th Commandos Division, the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) 46th Brigade, Babylon’s Police Regiments as well as an under construction airport near Karbala city.

As a result of the U.S. airstrikes:

  • Three soldiers of the 19th Commandos Division were killed. Four others were injured, two of them are in a critical condition.
  • Two policemen of Babylon’s Police Regiments were killed. The bodies of the policemen are yet to be recovered from under the rubble.
  • Five fighters of the PMU’s 46th Brigade were injured.
  • A civilian worker in Karbala’s airport was killed.

The Joint Command stressed that these are only the initial results of the airstrikes. This indicates that the total number of casualties could rise in the upcoming few hours.

“The leadership stresses its strong condemnation of this attack that targeted the Iraqi military, violating the principle of partnership and alliance between Iraqi security forces and those who planned and carried out this treacherous attack [the U.S.], which caused the loss of lives of Iraqi fighters,” the Joint Command’s statement reads.

The U.S. Department of Defense claimed that the strikes had targeted “weapons storage facilities” of Kata’ib Hezbollah (KH). The losses, however, indicate that this was inaccurate.

The strikes were carried out in response to the March 11 Camp Taji attack, in which three service members of the U.S.-led coalition were killed.

The fierce U.S. response, which didn’t discriminate between KH and Iraqi government forces will very likely leave a dent in Washington’s relations with Baghdad. The attack could also speed up Iraqi measures to expel U.S. forces from the country.


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This is quickly becoming an unwinnable war for the US and a patriotic war of resistance for the ancient Mesopotamia people. The US idea of killing iraqis x10 of what they suffer was already tried by nazis in Yugoslavia, Poland and so on. It failed completely as it cemented the resolution of the locals (by the way, nazis too said the militants were isolated thugs who were not rapresenting the wider population, it is always like that, divide and conquer). I would not be surprised if US paid iraqi soldiers start hitting US soldiers aswell. It could be become a unsustainable position for the imperialist cabal


the ancient Mesopotamia people… and I thought Syrian army was called Arab :))

Karen Bartlett

This happened in Iraq, the US bombed Iraqi government facilities. Can’t you read?


They are all arabs, not ancient nations. SAA name is Arab and not Asyrian for a goid reason.


With all due respect check your facts about the nazis bro because with this comparison you are not adding to the effort against mass disinformation campaings

Rhodium 10

USA and Brits with one hand are training Iraqi police and army…and with the other hand are killling them!… now they are occupation troops since Iraq parlament expel them from Iraq..but now it seems that they are going to build more bases and deploy heavy weapons and Air defense!…time to buy S-300 and fighter jets and close Iraqi airspace!


And how about the oil and the economy?



Lazy Gamer

Evidence gathered was planted. lol

You can call me Al

I don’t understand the difference in the 2.

Lone Ranger

As usual the U.S. has vassal slaves not allies.
U.S. intel is mostly electronic… not good enough by far, CIA handing out money for terrorists and mentally handicapped to get “reliable” intel leads to disasters like this.
U.S. foreign policy is a bad joke, and a tragedy.


“the principle of partnership”– The ocrs have just shown you how they do “partnership”, LOL. (This reminds me BTW of Leonidas telling Xerxes “Our culture? I think we’ve just shown you a great deal about our culture this morning.”) When the Iraqis get serious they’ll car-bomb the barracks and IED the convoys of the occupier. By the meh tone of this statement, for now the Dark Throne is still paid up with the right people.

Alberto Garza

partnership for the united states means death and betrayal .

Roberta S

Hitler was a sensitive man

Shia man

So US hit the airport and an Iraqi army post? Pathetic


Pointless killing and destruction backed up with vicious lies — the specialty of the US Ruling Class.


Stupid on parade.

James Adams

Don’t put terrorists in the same base as Iraqi forces and you wont die. simple


The PMU are not terrorists they were essential to the defeat of Isis


The US is now branding the Iraqi Army as “terrorists”, Hmm.
70 % of Iraq is Shia, not Iranian, they are tired of the US attacking them.


What an absolute disgrace the US forces in Iraq are.

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