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Recent Rocket Attack Caused Heavy Damage At US Base In Syria’s Omar Oil Fields (Photos)

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Recent Rocket Attack Caused Heavy Damage At US Base In Syria’s Omar Oil Fields (Photos)

Illustrative image.

The June 28 rocket attack on northeastern Syria which targeted a US military base in al-Omar oil fields has resulted in some serious material damage.

Satellite images shared by the Aurora Intel Twitter account on June 29 shade some light on the damage caused by the attack. The images confirmed that several rockets had landed in the base, which is located in Green Village complex within the oil fields.

The base’s main storage hanger and motorpool were badly hit. Structural damage and scorch marks can be seen in the satellite images.

In a recent statement, Col. Wayne Marotto, a spokesman for the US-led coalition, revealed that 32 122 mm rockets were used in the attack on al-Omar oil fields base.

“There were no casualties or injuries to US forces,” the spokesman said.

The US-led coalition responded to the attack with counter-battery fire at rocket launching positions in government-held areas. A US drone also carried out a strike on an unidentified target. One pro-government fighter was wounded as a result.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, yet. Pro-Iranian Iraqi and Syrian fighters, who are positioned across the Euphrates River in areas held by the Damascus government, were reportedly behind the attack.

The attack was clear a response to the June 27 US strikes on positions of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Four Iraqi fighters were killed in the strikes.


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Hit the base every day.

Icarus Tanović


Lone Ranger

Oy vey… Not the Mossad intel base… Oy oy…


The Jews’ US Tyranny wardog’s base in the Jews’ “Greater Israel” was hit. Seems the locals don’t want to end up like the Palestinians.

A clown like you

Aurora Intel – again those “guys” aren’t trustworthy…I’m just saying they are Zion faking and lying their ass off, just look what else they posted in the past.


Lol, a us base inside the oilfield. Obviously we know why it’s there.

Yamil Perez

The proactive approach would be to identify the counter-batteries and hit them along with the high value targets. Obviously easier said than done, but it eliminates the possibility of using it for propaganda purposes every time one of these lunatic groups land a lucky shot.

Christian J. Chuba

The problem is it would cause U.S. casualties and while that is lawful, we would have a fit because we are allowed to occupy and steal another country’s resources.

Yamil Perez

These are demented Iranian groups pillaging and murdering like cockroaches anything that crosses their path, no different than ISIS. Not only there in Syria, but in Iraq and Yemen as well. But you’re right about that. Preventing casualties goes without saying.

Christian J. Chuba

‘like cockroaches’ – dehumanizing language leads to genocide (not a Holocaust denier). I’ve read serious columnists justify the starvation blockade of Yemen ‘must stop Iranian proxies at all cost!’. 200,000 acknowledged starvation related deaths in Yemen (real number is 400,000), no one in the west is seriously considering ending it.

‘no different than ISIS’ – quite a bit different. All of these militias are native born citizens and have a stake in their countries. ISIS has many more foreign transplants carrying out Jihad. Hezbollah has an actual stake in Lebanon, don’t want to see their families killed.

Yamil Perez

Putin thinks he can appease the Iranian backed cockroaches because he’s desperate. He’s backed himself into a corner with those Turkish sponsored militants. The US is not financially tied to the Syrian war. It doesn’t need that oil. It’s there to assist the Kurds. So they can pack up and leave Syria anytime they want and they won’t even flinch. They already have everything they need back home. Russia doesn’t have that same luxury. Putin has gambled everything on Syria, so he either finds a way to appease the Iranian backed cockroaches or his Syrian project goes down in flames. Not an enviable position to be in. Because he can’t appease them. It’s a fool’s errand. They’re terrorist militants, just like ISIS.

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