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Recent Israeli Strikes Wiped Out Two Warehouses Near Syria’s Damascus

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The recent Israeli strikes on Syria have destroyed two warehouses of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), satellite images shared on November 26 revealed.

The strikes, which took place early on November 26, targeted the warehouses, which are located near the al-Mani’ Munt in southern Damascus, as well as other positions near the town of Rwihinah in the countryside of al-Quneitra.

The newly-released satellite images, which were provided by Planet Labs, confirmed that both warehouses were wiped out as a result of Israeli strikes.

The Israeli attack inflicting heavy material damage on the SAA. However, no human losses were reported by the Syrian Arab news Agency or any other official source.

Early on November 18, the Israeli military launched similar strikes on the outskirts of Damascus as well as the southern region. A number of Syrian and alleged Iranian positions as well as air-defense systems were reportedly struck.

Israel hopes that its repeated strikes on Syria will force Iran out of the country, at least from the southern region. This is yet to happen, however. Tel Aviv’s military pressure appears to be a failure.


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Rhodium 10

There are thousands of warehouse in Syria( just watch in Google Earth) ..also there many of them destroyed by 7 years of war vs terrorists…Israel just waste money and expensive missile.


How many of these are just empty warehouses, the SAA know they are targets so it makes sense you would use decoy ones.

Rhodium 10

First of all..its NOT near Damascus..it is Quneitra province close to Golan..second I have doubts of that satellite photo…look like diferent places.

Furkan Sahin

I want to talk to you about something else
I do not understand why North Korea does not help Assad?
they have many warplanes

Davide Herzog

Might it be because it is just round the corner…?

Rhodium 10

Dont need help…Hamas just send rockets …last attack damage an Israeli factory…Palestine and Syria are allies vs Israel.

Potato Man

1. What was in the warehouses? “inflicting heavy material damage on the SAA” HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT WAS IN THOSE WAREHOUSES. Don’t you think after all these years they would know not to put anything which cost in some warehouses?

2. Have you been to a warehouse before…”WIPED OUT” what do you think it was make up?
Warehouse are easy to make and those are not nuke bunkers to stand missiles. ffs


Frankly, what is point of using million dollar missiles to wipe out two corrugated iron empty sheds? This theatrics are for domestic consumption and to stay relevant.

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