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Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria Destroyed Compounds Near Lebanon’s Border, Killed Four Civilians

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Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria Destroyed Compounds Near Lebanon’s Border, Killed Four Civilians

Illustrative photo of an Israeli F-15 Eagle fighter jet (Edi Israel/Flash90/File)

The August 19 Israeli strikes on Syria targeted three compounds near the town of Qarah which is located in the al-Qalamun Mountains, a just few kilometers away from the border with Lebanon.

On August 20, the Aurora Intel account on Twitter shared new satellite images of the targeted compounds which were located to the east of Qarah. All three compound were wiped out as a result of the Israeli strikes.

According to Aurora Intel , a fourth compound located to the west of the town was also targeted. This is yet to be verified via satellite images.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah maintains a fairly large presence near Qarah and in other parts of the Qalamoun Mountains where many bases of the Syrian military are located.

A source in the Syrian military had told the official Syrian Arab News Agency that the strikes hit targets near the capital, Damascus, as well as in southern Homs. Several Israeli munitions were reportedly intercepted by the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces.

Casualties were reported a day after the strikes. Dr. Ahmad al-Sarim, head of Qarah’s town council, told Sham FM that four civilian workers were killed and three others were wounded in the aerial attack.

The strikes were launched from Lebanon’s airspace by warplanes of the Israeli Air Force. Beirut has issued an official complaint over the violation.

This was the second Israeli attack on Syria within a week. Late on August 17, the Israeli Defense Forces destroyed an observation post of the Syrian military in the southern governorate of al-Quneitra with guided missiles.


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So once again the Russian pantsir fails to intercept anything. shocking news!


It has never, just news to please stupid useless hezbolla and iran, hellfire awaits those bustard Muslims


Sure … every time theres so much as a mortar launched in Syria a pantsir is there to shoot it down. Everyone knows that the Russians gave them to hezboulla and every Syrian household has at least one in the back yard. The Russians gave me one to keep the birds off my Raspberry bushes … I’m gonna take it duck hunting in the fall.

La Rata

Israel are using civilian plane for cover theirs attack…so until today no progress in this super Israeli strikes..

"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

This is worse than COVID. Zionism is the real pandemic.

Porc Halal

Ok. Please let me know when the attack will kick off. Surely never! I heard russia and turkey congratulated talibans for taking over the power in Afganistan … that is probably the answer …


As I have written here, there is a new man in the PM office not the traitor Bibi. Everytime Iran or Hezbollah decide to test our determination in protecting our vital security interests, they will get bombed either in Syria or Lebanon. And please, someone tell Nasrallah we are not scared of his threats, he is a joke to us. His a$$ will be the first one to meet Allah in a conflict.


you know just for once i’d like to see the IDF actually test Hezbollah
say use ten missile to blow up one stretch of a road.
if Hezbollah responds in equal measure then they should fire 10 rockets on road in Israel.
then we can see how many rockets are intercepted.

the data provided would be extremely valuable for the IDF.
Cause i have observed lately the responses from Hezbollah are less intense and take longer to happen
they might be falling for same false security that IDF suffered from under bibi

Last edited 1 month ago by Lrcaptain

You are still posting here you child molesting kike.


I came here just for you Mike, I hope you missed me.


We have seen it in the 11 days. I just wonder why Hamas accepted a sease fire? Now that the dome was out and the sky free to lounch big missils and exterminate the parasites. If they had send missils one week more, the parasites would flee out of Palestine.


Wrong you maggot, the next step was to kill their leaders in Gaza and they begged us to stop so in exchange they stopped their rockets. If it was up to me I would have continued killing them, every last one of those rats. Another round is just a matter of time, I will get my revenge.

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