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Recent Israeli Attack On Damascus Targeted Syrian Logistics Support Facilities: Russian MoD

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Recent Israeli Attack On Damascus Targeted Syrian Logistics Support Facilities: Russian MoD

FILE PHOTO An Israeli F-16 fighter jet © Amir Cohen / Reuters

The recent Israeli attack on the southern suburbs of the Syrian capital, Damascus, targeted logistics support facilities of the Syrian Arab Army, Vadim Kulit, deputy chief of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, said on November 3, according to the TASS news agency.

“At about 02:00 AM on November 3, two F-16 tactical fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force delivered a missile strike from the area of the Golan Heights, outside Syria’s airspace, at logistics support facilities of the Syrian government forces near the settlement of al-Qiswa in the Damascus governorate,” Kulit said.

According to Russian officer, the Israeli attack resulted in some material damage. However, no losses among Syrian service members were reported.

During the attack on al-Qiswa, Syrian air defenses didn’t fire at the incoming Israel missiles, most likely as a result of some error.

This was the second Israeli attack on Syria in less than a week. The first attack, which took place on October 30, targeted the northwestern suburbs of Damascus. The target was supposedly an Iranian weapons shipment that was heading to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel used advanced missiles in the attack. At least two Syrian service members were wounded.

The recent attacks on Damascus suburbs were likely a part of Israel’s “War-Between-Wars” military campaign. The campaign is meant to push Iran and its allies out of Syria as well as to prevent them from developing their offensive capabilities. None of these goals have been achieved, yet.


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jens holm

The attack seemes confirmed by the Russian propaganda. If You do the math. tables, which we learn in school two times lie makes anything true. If we say to times true, its true to.

So is it true or not. Im like the weather rapport from my house. If I put my fingers out by the window and takes them in, and they are wet – its raining.

jens holmo

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Michel LeBlanc

Go to hell stupid robot!


Syrian anti aircraft troops need to be dealt with for sleeping on the job. They have the technical capacity to stop these attacks if they’d just wake up.


Sometimes it’s more economic to do nothing. It’s not like Israeli attacks achieve anything of importance.




There were no casualties bc IAF is not looking to kill hapless Syrian conscripts. it is looking to blow up trucks full of missiles (which they did).

Michel LeBlanc

Dont worry whatever was destroyed, is but a fraction of what has been delivered.

You cant stop Iran, you can go cry at the UN now, while the rest of the world laughs at you!

Why Israel cannot find peace?

There has been no cease of conflict for Israel since 1945 something must be wrong here for this to continue. How can we say its all the people of the regions fault? Israel appears to be like a cancerous growth that everyone wants to remove yet the cancer is fighting back to stay and kill the host. If I were an Israeli it would be very upsetting to live under such a government and I would find a way to leave for another country.


Hello all my good rusky friends! I have not been here for quite some time! Been busy with my Bronco II up in the mountains surviving boulder attacks by Mossad agents As an old Saxon I still feel bad that we as a people were forced to worship a foreign Jewish god that is just some cave persons imagination. As my grandfather was a Roman mercenary we shared the same hatred with the Legions for a Jewish god of a people that had been defeated on the crucifixes. why were we now praying to this defeated god and then soon were defeated as if smited by our own gods!? It is no wonder! My concern for MAGA is whether we were defeated because of the same reasons!?


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Lance Ripplinger

I can imagine what a difficult task it is shoot down missiles, which would appear to be tiny blips on various radars or sensors?


inferior mean bitter amerikans so insecure humiliated by Taliban—diapers wet and stinky


Gay Bennett’s way of keeping electorate happy and election promises kept. He must be sen to be doing “something” even if its really nothing. Big Hollywood drama for local consumption

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