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Recent Israeli Airstrikes On Syria Damaged Damascus Airport (Photos)


The recent Israeli airstrikes on Syria had destroyed three buildings in Damascus International Airport, newly released satellite images revealed.

The airstrikes took place in the late hours of July 20. Seven Syrian service members were injured, while a fighter of Lebanon’s Hezbollah was killed.

On July 22, Obretix, a Twitter defense blogger, released new satellite images showing the three targeted buildings in Damascus International Airport. The buildings were apparently used for storage and hosted some offices.

The Israeli air attack, which was launched from the Golan Heights, overwhelmed the Syrian Air Defense Force. Several hostile missiles were shot down. Nevertheless, many positions around Damascus were hit.

As usual, media sources reported that the Israeli airstrikes had targeted positions used by Iranian forces. This is yet to be verified.

Last month, the Israeli Air Force carried out a large-scale operation in Syria. A newly-established early warning network and a number of ammo depots were completely destroyed. Some of the targets were indeed used by Iranian forces.

The recent Israeli airstrikes on Damascus will not likely go without a response by Hezbollah. The Lebanese group had previously vowed to retaliate to any attack on its troops in Syria. The awaited response could lead to an escalation with Israel in Syria or Lebanon.




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