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Recent Drone Strikes Did Not Stop Iranian Weapons Shipments To Syria

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Recent Drone Strikes Did Not Stop Iranian Weapons Shipments To Syria

Iranian-backed forces massing around Deir Ezzor city

On May 27, an Iranian weapons shipment arrived in the eastern Syrian governorate of Deir Ezzor coming from Iraq, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The London-based monitoring group said that the new weapons shipment was escorted by units from the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units and Iranian-backed factions in the Syrian government-held part of Deir Ezzor.

The shipment included “short-range” rockets, machine guns as well as ammunition. Such traditional weapons are usually used in operations against ISIS cells in southern and western Deir Ezzor.

“The shipment was divided into two parts, the first was stored in an area near the ruins of al-Shibli in the town of Al-Mayadin in the southern countryside of Deir Ezzor, and the second was stored on the outskirts of the city of Deir Ezzor,” the SOHR said in a report.

The Iranian weapons shipment arrived in Syria despite a series of strikes which has recently targeted the country’s border with Iraq.

On May 22, an unidentified combat drone targeted a pickup vehicle to the east of Syria’s al-Bukamal, inside Iraqi territory. A day later, unidentified drones destroyed a number of newly-built hangars in the outskirts of al-Bukamal.

Israel and the US were both blamed for the recent strikes on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Both countries have been working to stop Iranian weapons shipments to Syria for years now, to no avail.


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There are often reports of drone or air strikes on Iraqi PMU near Syrian border – a small amount of weapons and manpower is presumably arriving for operations in far eastern Syrian province against ISIS around Dier Ezzor etc. Which is exactly why US would attack incoming PMU – to protect the ISIS and assorted militant factions they shelter in area, and around US al-Tanf base. But in overall bigger picture, really, how much of Iranian shipments delivered to Syria would arrive in highly exposed wheeled vehicles from Iraq – when they can just fly the shipments directly into Damascus airport, or the regional T-base military airports?

Last edited 11 months ago by VaporTrail
Arch Bungle

Shouldn’t you be rotting in the Ganga from black fungus by now?

Muhammad paedophile

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Arch Bungle

10 years of weekly strikes and still Gaza and Lebanon are stocked with hundreds of thousands of missiles.

The joo airforce is useless as a sack of shit.

Only thing they’re good for is bombing kids in Gaza.

Last edited 11 months ago by Arch Bungle

And dont forget the 1000’s of strikes in Syria but Assad is still there. As Nasrallah says, these are all Hollywood strikes for stupid Israeli sheeple consumption to make NuttyYahud look good

Marcelo Rodriguez

Me parece muy importante que los envíos de armas iraníes para el ejército sirio, sean transportados en aviones a los aeropuertos sirios o a la base aérea rusa eso permitiría luego trasladarlos sin problemas a los lugares donde se los necesite, también sería bueno que los envíos de equipo y de armas se encuentren protegidos en túneles subterráneos, eso evitaría o al menos ser destruidos fácilmente por los aviones no tripulados de EEUU o de Israel


tal vez…hay muchos maneras que puedan esconderlo

Blue In Green

Was anyone under the genuine impression that sporadic drone strikes and sabotage operations against a massive, well-coordinated weapons transfer scheme was going to be effective at stymying their eventual delivery?


It’s probably far less about actual strategic strikes of major impact (that would halt SAA ability to function) – and much more about bombing for political purposes – Netayhayu trying to impress Israel public, and create a regional strong-man image, for re-election. Sure, they have advantage of streamed US satellite information, but in reality, they don’t know half as much as they bluff, and often bomb random sites and sand.

Last edited 11 months ago by VaporTrail

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amerikan military/police state cannot interdict hundreds of thousands kilos imported heroin coke, marijuana, meth each year, couldn’t prevent 9/11….if CIA astrologer cannot distinguish a carrot from an apple, he always can identify potential LGBT boyfriend


Zio p1gs are so fkin stupid, they put Gaza under strangulation for 14 years but Resistance can fire 4000 missiles in 10 days that can reach Anywhere in Israel. Thank you Soleimani

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