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Recent Airstrikes On Syria’s Deir Ezzor Were Conducted By Israeli F-35s Armed With Small Guided Bombs

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Recent Airstrikes On Syria’s Deir Ezzor Were Conducted By Israeli F-35s Armed With Small Guided Bombs

Israel’s first two F-35 stealth fighter jets on their maiden flight as part of the Israeli Air Force on December 13, 2016. (Israel Defense Forces)

The recent Israeli airstrikes on Syria’s Deir Ezzor were carried out by F-35 fighter jets armed with small-diameter bombs, the Within Syria Blog claimed on January 29.

The airstrikes, which took place on January 13, were the largest in a while. A network of military posts and ammunition depots located between Deir Ezzor city and the town of al-Bukamal on the border with Iraq were struck.

According to the Within Syria Blog, which has sources in the Syrian Arab Air Defense Force, the airstrikes were carried out by F-35 fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force. The stealth jets reached Deir Ezzor after flying along Syria’s border with Jordan.

The Israeli F-35 were armed with GBU-39 Small Diameters Bombs (SDBs). The US-made bomb has a range of 110 km. The bomb uses the inertial navigation system, INS, and GPS to hit static targets with a high accuracy.

Recent Airstrikes On Syria’s Deir Ezzor Were Conducted By Israeli F-35s Armed With Small Guided Bombs

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The Within Syria Blog said that the serial number of the guidance kit of one of the bombs used in the airstrikes on Deir Ezzor was “24646.”

Israel used SDB bombs in the January 22 airstrikes on Syria’s Hama. One of the bombs struck a civilian house, killing a father, a mother and their two children.

The repeated Israeli strikes on Syria are a apart of a pressure campaign meant to push Damascus into expelling Iranian forces from the country. This will not likely happen anytime soon.


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down the jewish pesticides now! they need to be gone now. they have caused too much death and grief and strife in the middle east so if someone would nuke the ever evil jewish scum in palestine to ash, the world’s non jewish population will say thank you, they’ve been a pest for far too long. good riddance.


It was not the last strike, be sure of that. Where are you farbat? when do your iranian proxies are going to face us in an open battle? I’m waiting for it. God is my withness, as long as there is air in my lungs and my heart is beating, i will slaughter each one of you in the battlefield and send you to hell. I want you to do it, I want to come for you one more time. Your Hezbo rats and the other Islamo-fascist fuckers will feel our wrath, patience.

Alekai Mordechai

Same air strikes happening quite often. I suspect they are to target IRGC. Killing of small destitute family says just that!

Iranians proxies are already facing IDF forces in Golan heights for quite while now. And that’s without any sort of shootings involved.

I am afraid to say our open battles are conducted from “40000 ft” with full tank of oxygen. Not exactly face to face per se.

I am afraid any sort of mass ground attacks will take place. The chance of it is very slim.

In 10 years time, best thing to happen is, Israel sending 20000-30000 troops through southern Syria, but the shooting wars kinetic punches will help them come only 20km inside Syria, with lack of local support to hold on positions. Israel might have to retreat with casualties and deads.

For a sustained war, KSA, UAE might have to bank roll that operations and troops.

There’s no point showing any bravado, where’s superiors have better ground assessments.

Nice day!


Hello Alekai, I agree with most of the things you wrote.

However the fact is, we were very close to enter Lebanon and fight them face to face few months ago, not from the air but on the ground. How do I know? I was part of that force at the border. Only Nasrallah backing down made us reduce our forces, if he had responded we would have entered and destroyed every village in Southern Lebanon that shoots rockets.

You also wrote we will send 20-30K troops into Syria but that is also not the case, in any future war there will be atleast 100-150K troops fighting on two fronts as we are trained to do. farbat will be sorry for his comments here, the day we unleash our true firepower at them with cluster bombs, thermobaric munitions and white phosphorus they will die by the tens of thousands.

Alekai Mordechai

What I meant was 20-30k in first assault wave.

Same thing had been done in Gaza twice I believe.

Who will die? Cos honestly I believe mostly Women and Children will die rather than IRGCs and Hezbollah.

And we know how that goes.

Your unit’s operations will be limited to 20km incursions to destroy few buildings in adjacent villages even if that sufficed.

With advent of NVDs and newer techs new things on the ground changed.


Yes you are correct, it would be mostly Syrian civilians who would die thanks to iran’s actions. That is why I don’t understand Assad, why risk a war against Israel for Iran? send them back home for the sake of the region.


“send them back home for the sake of the region.”

Exactly! I

Jim Allen

The Zionist Khazars are not welcome in what was once “their region.”

Not Indian Paul

You want kill thousands of Syrians, but you’ll blame Iran. You are a truly wicked person, full of hate and racism.


“the day we unleash our true firepower at them with cluster bombs, thermobaric munitions and white phosphorus they will die by the tens of thousands.”

And you know full well that the day you’re doing that, their thermobaric, cluster, and white-phosphorous hypersonic glide vehicles and other more traditional 1 to 2.5 ton warheads will come crashing at Mach 12 to 15 at the heart of military garrisons, populated areas of Haifa and Tel Aviv and also their critical infrastructure, killing people by the thousands and making life for those who survive simply unbearable.

And considering how minuscule Israel’s strategic mass is compared to the sum of its enemies in Lebanon, Syria and Iran, it is not a game of attrition it wants to let itself sink in. I don’t see the IDF’s high command opening more than a single front at a time, and this is a maximum, assuming it will ever happen at all, which I strongly doubt, as you know.

One must keep in mind that the very doctrine, structure, strategy, training, R&D and production capability of the Iranian military-industrial complex has been geared at inflicting massive damage in a short amount of time, then lesser damage on longer attrition run, there is a reason why that country’s ballistic missile inventory is one of the largest in the world, as know one fateful day they might find themselves in for a long, phased conflict involving very specific assets for a determined timeline and strategic assessment done throughout. Their very order of battle is meant to sustain long and devastating conflict with a enemy of Israel’s caliber.

If such a massive unrestrained shooting war starts, it’ll become a conflict of long-range WMDs, of which both Iran and Israel have plenty, ditto Hezbollah.

Bottom line is : Do not wish for something that will destroy as many of your enemies as it will in your own home, IZ. Everybody will lose there, at varying levels depending on the actor.


Hello gryzor, thanks for the comment.

The weapons I mentioned would only be used in case of an overwhelming force coming to our borders, as farbat keeps saying over and over again. Ofcourse, I didn’t mean it to be used against civilians but against a fighting force of tens of thousands of Iranian led fighters somehow believe they can enter Israel that easily.

If it does come to that, it would be the most deadly war any side has ever had by far, but for us it means fighting for our home so there would be no second thoughts of using such deadly weapons. Iran has an impressive missile capability I don’t doubt it, the question is why would they shoot it over here just to support their proxy forces in a wa r far from their borders? they know very well what our response would be so I don’t see them doing it. For them, their proxy fighters are cannon fodder which is expendable in the long standing battle between our countries.

I agree with your bottom line, so maybe tell farbat to calm down his rhetoric because he isn’t going to deal with insurgents like ISIS, but against a full army with state of the art weapons ready to fight and die for our homeland.

Jim Allen

Iranian military is geared for war against US/NATO forces. Of which Israel is an almost imperceptible part.


Washington, October 10, 1973

Nixon: There is a serious situation in the Middle East.
It has developed into something tougher than the
Israelis anticipated.

Kissinger: The Israelis were caught with their pants down

Nixon: The Israeli tank losses have been extremely heavy.
We won’t violate the confidence by giving you figures, but
they are far heavier than anticipated.

Kissinger: If the Arabs start to win, all the Arabs will jump in.
Israel has suffered the equivalent of 100,000 killed.

Nixon: We will not let Israel go down the tube.


Rhodium 10

is the israeli embassador in India hide in a shelter?


No he doesn’t, he is not scared of terrorism and neither do us.

Not Indian Paul

Lol, man you really are a massive jerk.

Fog of War

I guess the Khazar planes were invisible to the S-300 again. So sad.


Problems with reading comprehension? The SAA’s S-300’s are in the Damascus area. The article said the aircraft flew through Jordan and Iraq avoiding Syrian airspace. Deir Ezzor is within the 110KM glide range of the GBU-53/B so the Israeli aircraft didn’t even have to enter Syrian airspace and even if they did they were hundreds of miles away from Syrian air defences and they were attacking Iranians not the SAA so why would you expect SAA assets to defend iranian positions?

Me&Myself None

So Syria should let any foreign army violate its air space? Are the Iranians not there on the request of the Syrian government?

Fog of War

” why would you expect SAA assets to defend iranian positions ”

Because the Iranians are there defending Syria and paying with their lives and blood. Also, are you telling me the s-300’s radars couldn’t spot those planes even in Jordan or coming from Iraq ? If true, then Russia might as well pack it up and surrender to NATO.


Syria is a country that is at war, occupied, economy shattered, wealth being stolen and the legitimate government has been under threat of regime change by the richest countries in the world for a decade.

The Syrian government has no way of raising taxes to buy arms. They have an air defence system but not enough to cover the entire country. Their seat of government and economic base is along the Mediterranean coast and Damascus. they are also defending the line of contact along the M4, M5 highways.

These are the areas they have to concentrate their air defences on. It’s not like they are the USA or Russia and can just pull a SAM regiment out of storage and air lift it to Dier Ezzor to protect the iranians.

Leave Damascus without air defences and they risk a decapitation strike. They have to protect the seat of power, economic base and their own forces line of contact first or the iranians in Dier Ezzor will have no Syria to defend.

Jim Allen

Syrian S-300 are integrated into the Russian air defense’s, they’re using
S-400 radars.

Fog of War

How does change my point ? In fact it actually makes it more relevant as the s-400 radar has even better range.

Jim Allen

Umm….. S-400 radars “see” stealth aircraft. As does the radars, aboard Su-35.
It’s apparent upgraded S-200 systems, are able to get a weapons lock on F-35.
An IAF F-35 was damaged by an S-200 missile strike a couple years ago. The fabled “bird strike” incident.
The S-300, and S-400 are not used against IAF, simply because Israel has not presented SAA Air Defenses a target worthy of an
S-300/S-400 missile. I can’t say you even have a point.
Why would one use missiles designed for targets much more significant, and at the range S-300, and S-400 operate at when
SAA has doing very well with it’s existing systems. (upgraded)

Tommy Jensen

I were the first one who said our air-fighters are stealth invisible. Even the Russians cant see them on their radar.

Just Me

comment image

Jim Allen

Yeah….NO !!! S-400 radars see F-35 clearly. As do the radars used in Su-35.
Given an SADF got a weapons lock on, and a strike by an S-200 missile battery
(upgraded) on an IAF F-35 a couple years ago (the fabled “bird strike” excuse) is telling us US “stealth” do not exist. That US withdrew it’s F-22, and
F-35 aircraft from the Middle East theatre citing three major issues the decision was based on.
1. Impossible to maintain in combat conditions.
2. Heavy corrosion affecting all exterior surfaces.
3. The failure of the “stealth” coatings to adhere properly to the exterior surfaces, the new application of the coating falling off the planes within days.
This in addition to the long list of still unresolved issues that cause these aircraft to fall out of the sky for no apparent reason that have plagued the substandard junk from day one.


Well at least there is some positive news for the Us investment class. The poor things are all over CNBC literally in tears over the recent bloodbath over Gamespot. It’s been a tough year with the collapse of the shale sector and Boeings severe quality control and value engineering debacle in the civilian avation side of their business.

The one bright light is the news released on Jan 27 that Israel is preparing to go to war with iran. Boeing’s stock was nose diving on jan 27 but the news release from Israel halted the slide and saw the stock start to tick upwards. Consider that the IDF has been using Boeing GBU-533/B ‘s @$200K / unit. If they go to war they’ll use a shitload of these puppies.

Begs the question as to who in the Israeli govt. has ties to Boeing … or owns stock …. or is hoping for a consultants job after retiring. It’s not just Boeing but any US MIC stock will benefit from this news.

If after the Gamestop debacle you believe that the US financial sector is anything but a corrupt casino you are among the most naive fools on the planet.


Gamespot trading pitted Wall Street against the Main Street, a couple of hedge funds lost billions trying to be corporate vultures picking on companies facing difficult times.

As far as a war involving Israel and Iran….if it happens it will be more attriting than envisioned, similar to the 1973 war,mmunitions expanded will be in large quantities, Israel and US MIC will not have the time to produce them in time.

Freemon Sandlewould

If Israel is successful at pushing Iran out of Syria they will leave Syria alone.

……………Said no one ever.

Just Me

comment image


I do not see that happening.


There won’t be a land war between israel and iran. The Iranians aren’t going to be running columns of tanks through the desert to get to Israel …. that would be an Israeli / USA wet dream but Iran doesn’t have the forces to fight that kind of war.

Israel won’t be sending armoured columns into the Syrian desert to drive out the Iranians either. Israel has a small population and is a very difficult piece of real estate to defend as it is let alone risking elite armoured forces to take some hostile Syrian desert. Israel has to be able to digest what they have bitten off.

if anything Israel will launch air / cyber operations against Irans missile bases and nuclear sites. Maybe a special forces assault but you won’t see israeli armoured columns headed toward Tehran with 1000km supply lines to defend.


If there is going to be a war, it will be an air war, Israeli air strikes vs ballistic missile strikes. Iranians have reasonable resources for an air war, Israel’s defenses against ballistic missiles is lacking.

Jim Allen

It doesn’t need someone in Israeli Government with ties to Boeing. Boeing has ties to The City of London.
The City of London owns 60% of Israel.

cechas vodobenikov

pathetic—a petty mafia state needs billions of dollars from master to kill 4 civilians


The Arabs never met or knew who the Ashkenazi were until the Ashkenazi
arrived claiming to return but look as alien as the British did in Kenya. The
Arabs and the Ashkenazi have nothing in common:

♢ racially, the Ashkenazi are European and the Arabs are Middle Eastern,

♢ Arabs speak Arabic and the Ashkenazi spoke Yiddish,

♢ Arabs look Middle and the Ashkenazi looks European,

♢ Arabs have Middle Eastern DNA and the Ashkenazi have Ashkenazi DNA.

♢ The Arabs have Arabic music and dance and the Ashkenazi have none.

♢ The Arabs have always lived in the Middle East and the Ashkenazi in Europe.

♢ The Arabs never met or knew who the Ashkenazi were until the Ashkenazi arrived.

♢ The Ashkenazi have no business on Arab soil except as foreign invaders.

Look at this genetic regions map from 23andMe and “Ashkenazi” is clearly written
in Central Europe.


Pat Guilfoyle

S-300 could stop the attacks but not by shooting down fighter jets. The weapon of choice should be uncertainty. The tariff for each attacking jet should be 6 hours. After the attack count the attacking jets, then wait a random time between 6 and 48 hours and declare Israeli airspace contested with 2 hours notice for 6 hours per attacking jet, 5 jets is a 30 hour shutdown. The 2 hour notice is enough warning to divert aircraft and have boarded planes in western Europe de-boarded. The Israeli airline El Al might defy such a move but Western airlines could not be insured or carry the risk. This will not work during COVID but once we are clear could cripple tourist income. Israel gets an easy ride from western media but “they closed our airspace when all we did was bomb them a little” looks like a hard sell even for them!


lol, Syria closing our airspace with S-300 xD
I read alot of funny comments, but that one is hilarious!
We can destroy their entire AD systems in few hours, so no buddy it’s not a good idea on their side.

Pat Guilfoyle

The threat is what counts, most do not have to be visible, just turn on the radar for a few minutes and move. I am talking about making the airspace unavailable to passenger aircraft not a knockdown war.


“our airspace” sounds so funny – goddamned Khazarian

aliens invading and occupying Arab land does not make

it your airspace, your airspace in Poland, Hungary,

Ukraine. The ugly old woman Golda Meir used to refer to

my region as “her region” which made me want to vomit.

Freemon Sandlewould

Israel is going to get its ass handed to it one way or another the way it is going. I’m sure the people who have been suffering at the hands of the ZioNAZI will wait for their chance.

Just Me

Back to WANKING!


Dont hold your bearh on that one be realistic form a practical point you cant even when they shot down one F16I the IAF launched a massive missile strike but it did not do mutch since it was launched at long range they only way ti donreal damage to the AD network is to get close but we all know what happens when you get closer you start loseing aircraft.


“The stealth jets reached Deir Ezzor after flying along Syria’s border with Jordan.”

Therein lies the problem, they can just skirt around the AD network via Jordan and glide the bombs into Syria. They do the same with long-range missiles they fire from Lebanon towards Damascus. Thus SAM’s alone can’t solve the problem of constant Israeli warmongering. They need better radars and interceptors to thwart these attacks. At most, currently all they can do is intercept some of the missiles with short-range systems like Pantsir etc.

Tommy Jensen

If Israel do it just one more time we will give Assad S-300.

Aleks Noir

Without more information about what was targeted, or why it is difficult to form assessment about the value or success of the operation.

What is clear is that Israel has been able to launch aerial attacks within Syria largely with impunity as long as they avoid Russian controlled areas.

The bravado on this board is so annoying, the pro Israelis claim that they are the greatest, the Iranians salivate at fantasies of destroying Israel, pointless stuff.

The reliance on small diameter bombs, and stealth jets which are expensive to operate is an interesting change in strategy and doctrine, and largely a confirmation of improved Syrian A2AD abilities.

Israeli seems to be engaged in a very silly policy, if the intention is truly to try to bomb Iran out of Syria.

In the context of economic upheaval, covid19 pandemic, Biden administration, we are likely to see escalation in the region.


“the Iranians salivate at fantasies of destroying Israel”

What does it mean? Didn’t the French vacate from Morocco,
Algeria, Tunisia? Didn’t the Italians vacate from Libya, the British
from Egypt? Please tell me what the white man known as the
Ashkenazi is doing in the Arab region where he is totally alien
to the region and to the people? Is he not an alien parasite that
must vacate from the Arab region too?

Icarus Tanović

250.000 bucks per piece for making sand fly? How about using somw firecrackers instead of these phoney bombs.

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