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Rebuilding Syria: Construction Works Continue At New Lattakia Power Plant (Photos)

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Rebuilding Syria: Construction Works Continue At New Lattakia Power Plant (Photos)

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You can read this article in German. LINK

Construction works at a new power plant in Lattakia is going according to plans despite the economic crisis effecting all of Syria today.

The power plant is being built under a 411 million EUR contract with Iran’s MAPNA Group. The contract was finalized and approved in the first quarter of 2019.

On January 6, the Public Company for Construction and Development released photos showing progress at the power plant’s construction site in the town of al-Rastin in the northeastern Lattakia countryside.

According to the director of the Syrian company, the construction of the plant’s foundations, including the foundations of the cooling towers is about to complete.

The power plant will include three units, two of them will work on gas, which will be supplied from Banias port in the south, and a unit running on steam. The plant will generate 526 megawatts of electricity, which will supply the coast and other parts of Syria.

Syria has been facing a serious economic crisis since the outbreak of the war in 2011. The crisis worsened in the last two years as a result of new US and EU sanctions. The Syrian pound lost most of its value between 2019 and 2020 and has not recovered yet.

Despite economic pressure, reconstruction continues in Syria. Damascus’ allies, Iran and Russia, are playing a key role in supporting the country’s recovery.


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That’s heartwarming news. Looking forward for the day that all the destruction is rebuilt all over Syria under its legitimate government and free from rats and their occupying, thieving backers.

The Objective

That day would never come. No dictator will ever rule the whole of Syria again. Assad is the was the last dictator to rule over Syria in its entirety. Russia will pack its bag when it’s spent too much. Syria is Afghanistan version 2.0 for Russia. I’m yet to see any reasonable sign that Russia will step up efforts to get the U.S and Turkey out of Syria. In February 2020, Russia tried to scare Turkey out of Syria by green-lighting a Syrian airstrike on Turkish forces, killing 23 Turkish soldiers. The calculation was to impose cost on Turkey and force it out of Syria. Russia probably figured that Turkey would back down from retaliation because Assad’s forces are under Russia’s protection. But Turkey didn’t. It imposed cost on Assad over 50 times more than what Turkey suffered in that attack. The message was clear: If you kill Turkish soldiers, there would be payback, with or without Russian protection. And it seems the message was well-understood.


50 times 50 equals 2,500 soldiers, are you sure you pulled those figure from reasonable sources ?

No dictator “should” ever rule the whole of Syria or any country. Yet no foreign occupier should ever take the place of any dictator and try to carve the country into pieces while pillaging its natural ressources. Occupation is the mother of all crimes between states and while you have always struggled with understanding that, the Syrian people have figured what they hate most between a rock and a hard place.

In February 2020 what happened is that half a dozen Turkish observation points were besieged by the Syrian army and they ended up packing and going further from the frontlines a couple weeks ago, while the SAA gained 50% of Islamist-controlled Idlib, I’d call the Russian gamble quite a success on the ground, and the only message the world saw.

It is only a matter of time before a similar undertaking takes place in the remainder of the norther province, Russian airstrikes have been increasingly bold, closer to the Turkish border, and have gutted the heart of its illegal oil theft activities through its proxies, 100+ of the Turkish-backed factions were killed and many times more than that grievously wounded a month back when the Russians did a pinpoint attack on a training camp, and all did Turkey was some empty barking calling out Moscow merely for “being bad”.

The trends I see on the ground aren’t those you seem to read, that’s odd.

Servet Köseoğlu

The power plant is being built under a 411 million euros contract with Iran’s MAPNA Group. The contract was finalized and approved in the first quarter of 2019.

Each Tomahawk missile cost about $850,000 and CG-47 BMD mod can launch 30 TLAM..

Russia literally saved Syria and İran..xD


Yea, American cruise missiles are intended to destroy, Russian passive deterrence renders them ineffective. For a weapon that is supposed to have CEP from 10cm to 10 meters they did “great” in Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’m going to feel terrible saying this but I’m about to put a negative slant on a ‘good news story’, I like the news but I can’t help thinking what the average Sunni Syrian will think and say about it. Iran building a new power plant in Alawite homeland might become a sore point for some Sunni Syrians, especially those who’ve been loudly complaining the government hasn’t been looking after their local interests, they may not see the good news for what it is. And I know the anti Iranian sections of the Sunni community will spin it that way, they’ll be saying something like this ‘look, the Iranians are looking after the Alawites and ignoring the Sunnis again’. Unfortunately in some cases with some people you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, but hopefully most Sunnis won’t see it that way, they’ll just enjoy the extra power. Thankyou Iran, this is a good helping hand, but it’s the first real help in nearly 2 years, not counting the Aleppo campaign last year, so hopefully they build another one in Darra and impress the local Sunnis there too.

Saso Mange

Good. If anything good constant wars in the region did it was that it moved resistance closer. ME can be world power if united, without unity it will remain to be Zionist playground.


Would a waterway connecting the Euphrates with the Mediterranean be too expensive?


Amazing news! Despite all the odds, I want to see Syria rebuilt into a prosperous country, stronger than ever!!



Concrete Mike

Interesting construction. Lots of rebar thats nice.

The area isnt frost prone as they arent using any smooth forms. Perfect!! Pump her in boys! Keep the temperature down in those really thick footing peices.

Piers next week!!

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