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‘Rebels’ Once Again Sabotage Syria Peace Talks

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'Rebels' Once Again Sabotage Syria Peace Talks

FILE PHOTO: Participants in a meeting on Syria in Astana © Bolat Shaikhinov / Sputnik

On May 3, Syrian “moderate opposition” members said that they were suspending participating in peace talks on Syria held in the Kazakh capital of Astana.

“The rebel delegation is suspending the meetings because of the violent air strikes on civilians. The suspension will continue until shelling stops across all Syria,” AFP quoted a rebel source in Astana.

“The delegation has suspended its participation after presenting a memorandum for a total commitment to stopping (government) bombardments,” Reuters qouted, Ahmad Ramadan, a spokesman for the opposition Syrian National Coalition (SNC).

Representatives of the Syrian government and the Syrian “opposition” gathered in Astana on May 3 for the start of a fourth round of talks backed by Russia, Iran and Turkey.

Thus, another peaceful effort was just sabotaged by moderate “rebels” blaming other sides for the escalation. Meanhile, pro-opposition sources forgot to say that its “opposition” launched a large-scale operation against government forces in northern Hama in March.

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Joe Doe

The peace talk is nothing more than waist off time and allowed the FSA to regroup and rearms, so they can continue war crimes

John Mason

It also allowed the SAA to do the same.


With one huge difference: SAA is winning…

chris chuba

The only thing the Tomahawks destroyed was Astana.

It ‘signalled’ that Washington was going to open up the weapons spigot and bless Turkish meddling in the region, and possible safe zones. So why negotiate. More Al Qaeda will flood into Syria because it’s the best game in town now. I just have to believe that God will eventually punish the self-righteous, unthinking fools in the U.S. who are promoting this violence.

John Mason

As if the terrorists care about civilians and they most likely mean the indiscriminate bombings of civilians by the US. Those terrorists that will not seek a peaceful solution should be added onto the hit list.


The solution to rebel intransigence is their utter destructions, since they are not interested in genuine peace and seek every opportunity to further their murderous agenda.


How could you expect the rebels to come to any type of agreement?
Right now the are killing each other in E ghouta!
This will help out the situation.


The real problem are Saudis, they are not interested in peace at all, and their jihadi puppets are just following orders from Riyadh. Americans are not really interested in Astana either, it would be a triumph of russian diplomacy.. and Turkey? They are just lying, Erdogan has many faces – and all of them are ugly. Peter the Great used to say: “Never trust a Turk!”


There are only NATO/GCC sponsored Islamist militants – they have complete external funding and control rooms so they will continue until bitter end – they can ignore wishes of actual civilians in Syria as they are not dependent on them for resources as in any real domestic insurgency.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

After so many betrayals of Erdogan with his false interest with Russia in peace processes that himself secretly orders his puppets to boycott,
I believe that the moment has arrived that both Russia and all the other allies of Syria to concentrate themselft only on exterminating terrorists regardless of their provenance and sponsors until the whole country is completely free of cockroaches.
And that without pity, considerations and neither false interest of the latter in truces and desires to negotiate false exits of peace when they are losing ground, because exits of peace simply do not exist while terrorists are still alive my friends.


After Damascus envirrons are fully purged and the Palmyra pincer starts moving east and south, it would be a good time to start cleaning up the snake pit in Idlib.


Not only hama, also offensives in daraa.

LOL peace talks, seriously are both sides this willing to waste time and all the money travelling back and forth to weird places like astana when we know neither US/Saudi/Israel/Turkey will back down from partition/destruction/Ziopuppet-installation of Syria and neither will Iran/Syria/Russia ever budge from Assad being leader and syria being unitary centralised and non-federated government.

This is not the iran nuclear deal where there were some hurdles and obstacles. This is 2 obstinate sides who will not negotiate or budge, and the saudis and their wahhabi terrorists dont want peace.

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