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‘Rebels’ Murdered 45 People in Aleppo and Blamed ‘Regime Strikes’? (Caution Graphic Content)

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Since November 30, the media has been full of horrific reports about 45 civilians killed by the “regime artillery” in Aleppo city. 'Rebels' Murdered 45 People in Aleppo and Blamed 'Regime Strikes'? (Caution Graphic Content) 'Rebels' Murdered 45 People in Aleppo and Blamed 'Regime Strikes'? (Caution Graphic Content) According to reports, at least 45 civilians were killed by artillery strikes in the militant-held part of aleppo city on November 30. The story also exploded in the social media with numerous posts blaming the Syrian government/

However, the further developments showed that there were some gaps in the initial story promoted by the mainstream media and the Syrian “opposition”.

  • Videos and photos images of killed civilians show numerous large bags which probably contain their belongings. This means that they were most likely killed during an attempt to leave the militant-controlled area of Aleppo city;
  • Videos and photos from the scene don’t show pits or holes from artillery strikes.

This allowed some users and activists to suggest that the people were most likely killed by Aleppo militants that are well-known with their stiff opposition to anybody who attempts to leave the so-called “opposition-held area”.

For example, November 28 video shows how the “moderate opposition” fires at a group of civilians that attempts to leave the militant-held area of Aleppo.

Such incidents have been many times documented by the Syrian media. Nonerheless, they are ignored in the mainstream coverage of the conflict.

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John Whitehot

apparently Samantha Powers never saw people killed by artillery and how the bodies look.


Who still listens to her anyway? Both her and whatever policy she wants to implement will be gone in two months. There is nothing to be gained by any government who still seeks to become best palls with Samantha Powers and the Obama government.

Gary Sellars

Meh… who cares what the Wicked Witch of the West has to say?

John Whitehot

how bout ..Bicked ..Best :-) sry couldnt resist

Joseph Scott

Most of her kind haven’t. Unfortunately, there is a tendency amongst that class of people to look down upon the people who do the fighting and see that sort of thing as ‘mere technicians’ whose views aren’t important.


No shrapnel wounds, no limps lost, clothing not affected by a blast-wave, no ground zero craters. hardly any dust. looks fishy


…and no clothes torn to pieces


No way to keep moderated and hard terrorists without punishment. These criminals must go to Alah and to enjoy their 38 virgins. It is obvious that these people did not die by mortar, artillery or air bombing, there is not signal of these elements (you need to know elementary physics to know this). We all hope that syrian army finish with these terrorists as soon as possible and without any further stopping.


The Nov. 28th Video where our Pet “Rebels” are firing on fleeing civilians is ….well I don’t have words for it. This brought home to me the human suffering caused by our CIA’s arming Mercenary Islamic Murderers in Syria. Russia – Thank You and Please End This the Fastest way possible. I’m sure there’s other mischief our C-lowns I-n A-ction can find to do with their time….maybe screw up Yemen and Libya some more.

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