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Rebel Civil War: More Defections And Assassinations Ongoing In Idlib Governatore


On September 15, Jaysh Usud al-Islam militant group announced its defection from Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

In an official statement, Jaysh Usud al-Islam accused HTS of “disrespecting the blood of Muslims and the Mujahedeen”. Moreover, Jaysh Usud al-Islam accused HTS of conspiring to attack other Islamic armed group, in a clear hint to the Ahrar al-Sham Movement.

Rebel Civil War: More Defections And Assassinations Ongoing In Idlib Governatore

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Jaysh Usud al-Islam also said that HTS disrespected religious scholars, and this proves that the HTS leaks was behind the Jaysh Usud al-Islam decision to leave HTS.

Jaysh Usud al-Islam was one of the armed groups that formed HTS back in January 28 along with the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement and Jaysh al-Ahrar which defected earlier for the same reasons.

Meanwhile, another Saudi religious scholar of HTS was assassinated in Idlib governorate. Suraqah al-Maki was targeted by unknown gunmen inside Idlib city on September 15.

Rebel Civil War: More Defections And Assassinations Ongoing In Idlib Governatore

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Al-Maki is the second Saudi HTS scholar assassinated during this week. On September 12, Abu Mohamad al-Jazzrawi was assassinated by unknown gunmen in Saraqib town in the eastern Idlib countryside.

HTS has not commented on the assassination so far. This allowed some Syrian opposition activists to suggest that HTS itself could be behind the assassination. Other activists believe that these assassinations were organized by the anti-HTS groups in Idlib governorate on orders from foreign backers like Qatar or Turkey.

Idlib governorate next battle might not be between the Islamic groups in the governorate and the pro-government forces, but between the Islamic groups themselves. The new de-escalation agreement in Idlib governorate increases the chance that Idlib might witness another “rebel civil war” soon.



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  • Michael Qiao

    captain Idlibstan civil war, coming to a theater near you

  • LR captain

    Could this not be turkey increasing its involvement in supporting to its own as well as Qatar’s armed groups. Pulling them away from Saudi influence and there fore reducing HTS power in the idlib.

    Because with Russia now on better terms with Turkey and with Turkey now supporting Qartar (because the Saudis threw them under the bus). One might see reducing the power the of HTS as a way of keeping the de-escalation zone intact. Because HTS wants to continue the war with the Assad government.

    Plus with turkey now agreeing with these de-escalation zones and making guarantees that their militants won’t break them. It would fair to assume to that Turkey see’s HTS as threat to the security of the rebel held areas now.

    I would really like to see HTS start attacking the headquarters of rival groups when Turkish soldiers are on patrol near them. This is why the Saudis were trying so hard to grow HTS in northern Aleppo. Thankfully turkey put a stop to that.

  • Jakke1899

    This is good news for the SAA. While the jihadi’s in Idlib-stan have nothing better to do, than killing each other, the SAA can finish off ISIS in the east. Then the SAA can attack the Idlib-ies with full force (with much shorter supply lines), de-escalation zone or not!

    • LR captain

      the de-escalation zone means that SAA can’t attack them either.

      • Jakke1899

        If i’m correct, HTS, their units and the area’s they control, are excluded from the de-escalation deal, because of them being internationally recognized as a terrorist organisation.

        • LR captain

          wrong HTS is behind the lines of the groups that are part of deal. the SAA cannot go through them to attack HTS

          • VGA

            The deescalation zones are pushed by Russia to help the SAA achieve their goals. As soon as they want to attack Idlib, you can forget about all that and it’s back to the usual business of fighting terrorism/ Al Qaeda.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            They violate them all the time so it wouldn’t require much provocation to rescind the agreement and any guarantor in breach can cause it to be terminated. They aren’t permanent and there are others ones where there will be a a move or else. The Russians and negotiators need to quit halting the SAA in eliminating those who don’t want to comply and removing from the area in question.

  • Lupus

    Bwahahaha ?

  • Rodger

    Ahhh, Saudi clerics in Syria. But really folks, it’s a civil war.

    • matt

      Saudi clerics, they must be crypto jews!!

      • Vitex

        That’s a bit early, even for you!

  • Vitex

    I bet the spec ops of the “free” world, Syria, Iran, and Russia are all having a field day “realigning” local politics

  • palebluedot

    In Idlib, the jihadi vermin are so penned in, that they are now falling victim to their own stench!

  • Fronzie

    good muslims bad muslims….sorry to “say” that but…

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Terrorist against terrorist let them kill each other.Give them weapons to wakbar each other.Declare the remaining one’s as moderate refugees friend’s of Nato and send them to Britain, Poland,Latvia,Georgian and Estonia to become rapefugees.