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Reasons of US State Department’s Will to Bomb Assad Forces in Syria

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Reasons of US State Department's Will to Bomb Assad Forces in Syria

Recently, a half of a hundred officials of the US State Department has urged President Barack Obama to use force against the Syrian government of President Bashar Al-Assad. Amid different comments on the issue, nobody has covered origns of the situation when such a move has become possible.

The move of US diplomats depicts a deep conflict in the American elites, especially between the US State Department and different US special services.

Recent reports from the US and the American acitivty in Syria indicate that the army command has been divided over the question “Whom should the US support in Syria?” Now, it looks that the faction, that argues to fight the ISIS terrorist group instead of indirectly support it, has won, at least, with a minor advantage.

The US State Dept.-linked faction has been pursing own goals, de facto supporting the ISIS terrorist group in Syria. Many people in the US State Department and in the civil authorities are linked with Gulf monarchies (and their fuds, of course) and with the military-industrial complex. In this case, more intensive conflict and destabilized regions mean more money and power for this part of the American elites.

In turn, US special services, including the Central Intelligence Agency, contribute from frozen conflicts and relative “stable” regions where the intelligence work (and big budgets for it) is a main priority.

The ongoing standoff could become a cause of uncoordinated actions of the United States in different regions and conduct a threat of escalations in some unstable regions (Syria, Ukraine, etc).

Recently, the US has deployed two aircraft-carrier strike groups in the Mediterranean sea while 2 more aircraft-carrier strike groups are located near the Chinese shores. These facts also indictaes the possible escalation on the internationa stage, clearly.

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Wtf ..

Boris Kazlov

This is plan B, or C, or D, to ensure more chaos in the ME an maybe WW3.

Boris Kazlov

This is simple to understand, their proxy armies (the terrorists) are losing, so now Big Daddy must get involved.


Bribed with Saudi money for Israel

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