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Rear Admiral Says South China Sea Dispute Can Be Solved By Sinking Two U.S. Aircraft Carriers – Reports

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Rear Admiral Says South China Sea Dispute Can Be Solved By Sinking Two U.S. Aircraft Carriers - Reports

The CM-401 anti-ship ballistic missile system at the Airshow China 2018 in Zhuhai

Chinese Rear Admiral Lou Yuan said that the disputes in the East and South China Seas could be solved in China’s favor simply by sinking two US aircraft carriers, News.au reported, citing Taiwan’s Central News Agency.

Reportedly, the Taiwan outlet said that Admiral Lou gave a speech covering US-China relations, saying that the trade war was “definitely not simply friction over economics and trade,” but was instead a “prime strategic issue.”

The speech was delivered on December 20th at the 2018 Military Industry List summit. There is no official translated transcript or video showing the speech. However, according to the report, Admiral Lou declared that China’s new and highly capable anti-ship ballistic and cruise missiles were more than capable of hitting a US aircraft carrier, despite them being the pinnacle of military might.

“What the United States fears the most is taking casualties,” Admiral Lou declared.

He said the loss of one super carrier would cost the US the lives of 5000 service men and women. Sinking two would double that toll.

“We’ll see how frightened America is.”

Furthermore, Lou allegedly said that the there are “five cornerstones of the US,” which may be exploited as weaknesses: its military, money, talent, voting system and its fear of adversaries.

Admiral Lou hold an academic rank, not a service one. He said China should “use its strength to attack the enemy’s shortcomings. Attack wherever the enemy is afraid of being hit. Wherever the enemy is weak …”

Earlier, on December 9th, the Chinese state outlet Global Times published a piece expressing the views of other hawkish Chinese military commentators. Admiral Lou was one of the cited people.

“If the US naval fleet dares to stop in Taiwan, it is time for the People’s Liberation Army to deploy troops to promote national unity on (invade) the island,” he was cited as saying. “Achieving China’s complete unity is a necessary requirement. The achievement of the past 40 years of reform and opening-up has given us the capability and confidence to safeguard our sovereignty. Those who are trying to stir up trouble in the South China Sea and Taiwan should be careful about their future.”

There were other hawkish voices too:

“The PLA is capable of taking over Taiwan within 100 hours with only a few dozen casualties,” said retired lieutenant general Wang Hongguang. “2018 is a year of turmoil for Taiwan, and a possible military conflict may take place in Taiwan soon. (But) As long as the US doesn’t attack China-built islands and reefs in the South China Sea, no war will take place in the area.”

Furthermore, to add fuel to the fire, on December 31st, US President Donald Trump signed a bill that is aimed at enhancing US influence in the Indo-Pacific region and reaffirming Washington’s commitment to arms sales to Taiwan.

The Asia Reassurance Initiative Act of 2018 purports “to dictate the policy of the United States in external military and foreign affairs, or to require the executive branch to undertake certain diplomatic initiatives with international partners.”

The bill was initially introduced in April 2018 by senators Cory Gardner, Ed Markey, Marco Rubio and Ben Cardin.

It serves as a policy framework to enhance U.S. leadership in the Indo-Pacific region and to demonstrate a commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific and the rules-based international order, according to Gardner.

In Section 209, the bill states that it is the policy of the U.S. to support the close economic, political and security relationship with Taiwan.

That should include “supporting the efforts of Taiwan to develop and integrate asymmetric capabilities, as appropriate, including mobile and cost-effective capabilities, into its military forces,” the bill says.

Taiwan’s Foreign Affairs Ministry welcomed the US support coming from both parties in the Congress. China continues to condemn all announcements of and actual weapon sales to Taiwan by the US.

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Hasbara Hunter



Nuke the San Andreas Fault and 50% of US loonies would be fish food. :)

Hasbara Hunter

The Yellowstonecaldera……thin crust… Large Vulcano….


That would be a real Holocaust :)


Wow !!!! A bold statement and if they expect the USA to take that shot on the chin without a strong reply is a fool.

Hasbara Hunter

The U.S. are Loudmouthed Chickenshit Cowards….only Hollow Phrases & Empty Threats…to afraid to commit Nuclear-Seppuku….they don’t have the Balls for it….Bring it on….


The leaders are coward pieces of crap,I agree with that but those they hind behind most of them not.. War are fought by the poor kids who knows hard time and who gave fire in they chest to remove themself from nightmare and it turn they quick to show the enemies they nightmare.

Hasbara Hunter

I know…. I’m waiting for the American People to wake up….. once they Do….Washington is Gone & IsraHell will be Flattened….I expected the U.S.Marines would already have solved that Matter after 911…..but there will come a day Americans will fully understand the Situation…it will hurt a bit in the Beginning….and then Absolute Rage will set in….that is IF Americans wake up….


I live in the USA ,I don’t agree with the history or the things the US do,my people suffer under these white supremacists and they puppet white races . As much I don’t agree with this nation but is has been my home for the last 20 years,I don’t seek to see in fall into disaster that will effect me and my family but you right this country need a big awakening toward righteous and humanity. I also don’t agree with they foreign policy cause it will back fire and it obvious the old USA haven’t change and it bothers me cause I’m a human and I want to stay that way instead being a wild beast want its citizen to be.

Hasbara Hunter

Well change is coming for sure….it will be Common People who can Change the Course of History…. For they Represent True Power….Puppeticians are there for the People…. not the other way around….Power is mostly the illusion of power


Do to them what was done to an Indian warlord who was captured with his vast vault of gold and gems. He was locked inside according to reports at the time , with only his gold and gems to eat and drink.


Agatha Christie used to say, “never two without three”.

Promitheas Apollonious

what they going to do? fart even louder, because is all they can do….. amerifarts and sia.


The US will fart louder I suspect and blame the Chinese for the smell :)

Promitheas Apollonious

At least china call her enemies…… enemies and not partners.

Tudor Miron

Yes, China talks a lot :)


nah completely wrong – the talkative idiots are all in the white house or foggy bottom or pentagon and the chines calmly awaits what will happen and find no need to expose the verbal diarrhea them idiots of the dis-organised moronic states of a all seem to suffer from. so tudor whatever, when you start pushing a message on this site, please at least try do be correct and not a thoughtless and non-reflecting moron!!!

Promitheas Apollonious

do they? Compare to whom china talks a lot?

Tudor Miron

They talk tough but barely do anything militarily other than boasting that they defend their internal (as they claim) waters while US is sailing there freely. At the same time Moscow is saying “partners” while actually defeating irregular armed forces of US in Syria. See the difference? Words are cheap and actual actions are much more important. I said it many times – it’s not in Russian culture to be calling names.

Promitheas Apollonious

k……… do anything military where exactly beside starting a WW3? We also hear russia claiming many things and then do, a back flip. I haven’t seen the chinese do the same and I am watching.

Promitheas Apollonious

Friend we are in the same side but you seem to let emotion lead your judgement on this one and where your loyalty lays and is understandable. We dont agree on this one.

I wish you happy new year and what ever you wish for yourself ten times as much to come to you and your family.

Tudor Miron

Happy New Year and all the best in 2019 to you and yours!

Estranghero Arafat

Communist China will be feared by other country’s, if they have the Balls to do it…that would be a great fight to watch..

Real Anti-Racist Action

More talking. Men of action never say what they can do or what they are about to do. Those who make statements, lack the responsibility to take the action. They are emotion bases people. The emotion they feel of speaking about the action, fulfills their need inside of their brain. The person who takes the action, will never speak of it. Either before nor after. They simply do the actions without any words.

Albert Pike

Taiwan seams to be the Admirals ‘place of fear’: ‘During the 1970s, the Republic of China had an active program to produce plutonium using heavy water reactors. However, after the International Atomic Energy Agency found evidence of the Republic of China’s efforts to produce weapons-grade plutonium, Taipei agreed in September 1976 under U.S. pressure to dismantle its nuclear weapons program.[5] A study by the Mitre Corporation in 1977 included Taiwan in a list of “insecure” nuclear threshold states—states with the technical capability to develop nuclear weapons and the security motivations to seriously contemplate such an option. The other states were Israel, South Africa, South Korea, and Yugoslavia.[6] U.S. intelligence believed that the Republic of China also had designed devices suitable for nuclear testing.[7] A secret program was revealed when Colonel Chang Hsien-yi, deputy director of nuclear research at INER, who was secretly working for the CIA, defected to the U.S. in December 1987 and produced a cache of incriminating documents. General Hau Pei-tsun claimed that scientists in Taiwan had already produced a controlled nuclear reaction. Under pressure from the U.S., the program was halted. A study into the secret program concluded that at the time of Chang’s defection, Taiwan was one or two years away from being able to complete a nuclear bomb.[1] During the 1995–1996 Taiwan Strait crisis, then Republic of China President Lee Teng-hui proposed to reactivate the program, but was forced to back down a few days later after drawing intense criticism.[8]’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiwan_and_weapons_of_mass_destruction

Till 1991 or 93 Taiwan was part of the cooperation between South Africa and Israel. The nuclear capabilities -and results- were shared between those three nations. If Israels nuclear weapons are real – then so were, or are, those of Taiwan. Those bombs might be old technologie, but still deadly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Africa_and_weapons_of_mass_destruction


sue, I agree with the admiral, sink one or two of the carriers, they will be perfect as artificial reefs for the future and since it’s next door to china, the dis-organised morons of the moronic states will be at a disadvantage and will regret the hubris which caused them to be so friggin arrogant – but as the saying goes – good friggin riddance.


Yes sink the carriers, then make the US pay to remove the contamination. For the sake of all people in the South China sea area, they should be sunk whilst in port in the US, so only Americans die from the radiation.


>>“What the United States fears the most is taking casualties,” Admiral Lou declared.<<

Yeah, but only when there is not much enthusiasm for a war. If the Chinese were to be the ones who initiate war first, out of the blue, akin to how Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, a sleeping dragon will be awakened. One that bays for blood. So the Chinese would do well to let Washington put its head into a noose and initiate a war against China instead. And even then there exists a chance that the loss of an aircraft carrier with all hands might have the opposite effect and awake the sleeping dragon again. American can be funny in that way. So the Chinese would do well and make it as hard as possible for the Americans to go to war. As in politically hard. The Chinese would have to look as reasonable as possible and the American political establishment as hawkish as possible.

Empire's Frontiers

What a tragedy it would be to watch millions of young American men go toward a great culling organized by their owners when that same cohort could end the fight without leaving the country.

I can’t imagine fighting a war against foreigners so some senators son can inherit my would-be women and property without killing the senator and his son first.


Yeah well the burdens of the war only fall on a small portion of the US population. Often the underclass. Most young American men never join, American women are ghastly anyway thanks to decades of feminism and if you’re from the underclass that serves, like the black population, chances are you never get to experience a family anyway, as the black family has imploded decades ago. Most are born into single parent families. Most grow up without a male role model. A fact that social justice warriors and black lives matter activist do very hard to ignore. Much more easier to blame the problems of American blacks on white racism instead.

Empire's Frontiers

You know the place.


The US at war 21st century style.



I think its more like a magician, who tries to misdirect the attention of the public to one spot, while his assistants put the elephant in place elsewhere. On the one hand its not that hard as thanks to the all volunteer army the burden of war falls only on a small segment of the population, on the other hand it doesn’t want the public to notice that the elephant is being wheeled into place. Because Americans don’t like losers, and a bad magician is a loser.

Just look at the Iraq war. It seemed like Bush was a good magician, he won the war quickly, Iraq caved in, mission accomplished. Good magician Bush. Then the insurgency happened. It wasn’t like the casualty rate was that big, most people hardly noticed thanks to the volunteer army. But it was more why can’t we beat these guys? Why is there a big elephant suddenly standing? Bad magician Bush! Same with Afghanistan. Why can’t we beat these Taliban guys? Why is there an elephant standing? Bad magician mr. President!

To most Americans war is as that picture you showed, something they see on the evening news before they switch over to America’s Got Talent. Which is a far cry from the days of WW2, when the whole of America was mobilized to fight Hitler and Tojo. You either fought, you worked, or at least saved for war bonds or you rationed. Everybody was made to feel to do their part. And when the troops came home they returned to an America that knew that they had done something big. Society may not have understood the horrors of war that they had seen, but they understood that something had happened, as at least the homefront had participated in its own right. So the vets settled back and picked up their lives.

Contrast to today, where vets return home to a country that thinks they are special, just because they wear a uniform. Like before the people home have no clue as to the horrors vets have seen, but unlike before there is no homefront, and the only way the people home have participated in the war is if they watch a Hollywood movie or played a Call of Duty game. There is no shared homefront experience to bond vets to the people back home again, the people back home just lived their lives like nothing happened. Often they hardly realized there had been a war in the first place. Is it such a wonder that despite the American public worshiping anyone in a uniform, actual vets feel alienated, end up with PTSD traumas, become homeless or end up killing someone? Loved ones, or just random strangers?

Tommy Jensen

Exactly as I said it to China two years ago!

Finally a high level intelligent Chinese General got the courage to tell in public the idea he saw in Southfront´s comment section 2 years ago.

Two US Aircraft-Carriers on the bottom of the Chinese/Japanese/Indian Sea and its over, and I did it!


The Swat team is on its way Tommy :)


The Jewish socialist economist Jeffrey Sachs is in favor of developing trade relations with China. Jewish Freemasons neocon against secular socialist Jews.

Lee Evans

Matthew 24 is unfolding at break neck speed: We need to know that the FINAL REALITIES OF THE LAST DAYS are here. FINAL REALITIES OF LAST DAYS https://youtu.be/7wtcXXbBjmM

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