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Real Number Of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases In Italy Could Be 5,000,0000


Real Number Of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases In Italy Could Be 5,000,0000

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The real number of COVID-19 cases in Intaly could be 5,000,0000, according to a study which polled people with symptoms who have not been tested, and up to 10,000,000 or even 20,0000,000 after taking into account asymptomatic cases, according to Carlo La Vecchia, a Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology at the Statale di Milano University.

This data confirms earlier reports that the real number of COVID-19 cases in the country as much higher than 119,827 confirmed COVID-19 cases (as of April 4). At the same the real death rate % is much lower.

Real Number Of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases In Italy Could Be 5,000,0000

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According to reports, the real number of deaths in Italy could be around 60,000. Thus, the mortality rate from COVID-19  would be much lower (around 25 times less) than the case fatality rate based solely on confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Pandemic Of Fear (28.03.2020):

The world is in panic over the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Most of the states have imposed unprecedented measures, including locking down big cities and halting international flights, to contain the pandemic.

On March 28, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 ceases globaly reached 629,467. 28,963 people died from the desease, while 138,085 others recovered. These numbers show that about 4.6% of people with confirmed COVID-19 cases died, but the real death rate from the new coronavirus remains unclear. In many cases, people go through COVID-19 deasease without a real threat to their health and life like in the case of an acute respiratory viral infection. So, they are not tested for the COVID-19.

According to the study published on February 18 in the China CDC Weekly, the  death rate from COVID-19 is around 2.3% in mainland China. The New England Journal of Medicine published another study of about 1,100 hospitalized patients in China. It found that the overall death rate was slightly lower, around 1.4%.

Furthermore, the death rate for COVID-19 appears to vary by location and an individual’s age. For example, as of March 28 in Italy there were 86,498 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 9,134 people died. Therefore, the death rate there stands at about 10.55%. Such a high number is a result of the fact that many of COVID-19-infected people in Italy is older people (65yo+) that already have health issues and thus remain in the group of risk in the event of any new deasease.

For example, the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report study says that 45% of hospitalizations, 53% of admissions to the intensive care unit (ICU), and 80% of deaths associated with COVID-19 were among adults aged 65 years and older.

Real Number Of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases In Italy Could Be 5,000,0000

IMAGE: worldometers.info/coronavirus/

Igor Alekseevich Gundarov, a Doctor of Medicine, professor, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, candidate of philosophical sciences, a specialist in the field of epidemiology and medical statistics, notes that the new coronavirus expansion may be linked with the previous successes in the field of combating the flue. The new virus just filled the created vacuum. According to him, the current crisis (and the panic) is a result of the specific media coverage and political-motivated decisions of particular actors.

As an example he provides the following numbers. In the 1990s, there were 4-7 million season flue in Russia every year. In the 2000s, the yearly number reuced to 400,000-50,000 cases. Gundarov added that 30,000-35,000 people die from the pneumonitis every year. However, nobody announced a national-wide emergency and locked down then country in the previous years.

The death toll from the COVID-19 is also a result of the pneumonitis, which it causes. Gundarov, says the death toll from the pneumonitis did not grow in 2020 despite the COVID-19 outbreak. Furthemore, 30,000-35,000 people dead in Russia from the pneumonitis every yar is higher than the total current global COVID-19 death toll.


Another Russian expert, Aleksand Evsinin notes that the chaos and administrative collapse because of the COVID-19 outbreak in some European countries and even the US is a result of the wrong organizational decisions (like attempts to move all ptients to a single hospital in the entire country) and the lack of propper anti-pandemic measures. For example, he claims that the concentration of all patients in a very few hospitals led to the expected lack of medical supplies and equipment in this particular area.

President Donald Trump signed an order allowing the Pentagon to call National Guard members and former troops back to active duty to fight the COVID-19 pandemic:

Real Number Of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases In Italy Could Be 5,000,0000

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Real Number Of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases In Italy Could Be 5,000,0000

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Real Number Of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases In Italy Could Be 5,000,0000

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Real Number Of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases In Italy Could Be 5,000,0000

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The COVID-19 outbreak is an apparent threat, which cannot be ignored. However, another threat, which could be even higher than the one from the COVID-19 desease, is the current pandemic of fear fueled and instigated by mainstream media and some governments. 

The modern informational society already evolved to the stage when our world turned into a kind of supernational neuronet. The topology of this is close to the human’s brain. If we build a rough model, it would look this way: neurons – personalities, signals – flows of information that pierce through the modern world, lipoid metabolism – the monetary system. And this supernational neuronet is currently paralyzed by the fear of the death because of the COVID-19 outbreak and the public hysteria over it. If the panic is not overcome and the situation develops in the current direction, it may lead to the irreparable harm to this globa neuronet and instigate the already existing negative tendencies (like the deterioration of the global security, the collapse of the system of international relations, the economic crisis, the threat of new wars). However, if some powers find resources and the political will to overcome the current crisis, they will find themselves on the leading position in the ‘post-COVID-19’ period.




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  • aussiejim

    Quarter of a million die every day across the world all causes. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. 98% were about to die anyway.


      50 k deaths vs 125k deaths for infuenza,chances are mpst likely are victims of the latter

      to suit the nwo agenda,but that too will fail and nations will be far more self reliant afterwards!

    • Wayne Nicholson

      First this virus is just getting started. This week the number of dead in the USA doubles every three days. yesterday it was at 6000, three days earlier it was at 3000, three days before that it was 1500. Do the math …. if this pattern holds by the end of April you won’t have 100,000 deaths or 240,000 …. you’re going to have 1.6 million deaths.

      Second the number of deaths isn’t the problem. The mortality rate is only like 2% of those infected but the hospitalization rate is 16% and 40% of those that get the virus and it doesn’t result in hospitalization are laid low by a fever that completely incapacitates them for 10 to 14 days. If you’ve never suffered from a severe fever you can’t sleep, you shake so uncontrollable that you chip your teeth and have vivid hallucinations during the night when the fever is at it’s highest then during the day you can’t do anything but sleep.

      • Good poast… also something troubling is the probability of crippling long term sequelae from severe infections, like lung fibrosis.

        • ke4ram

          It’s who counts the votes that determine the outcome

          It’s WHO counts the case deaths that determine the outcome.

  • Redadmiral
  • Damien C

    Dear Team Southfront,

    For a progressive new media you’re displaying the symptoms of caveman reporting!
    Please do not repeatedly dismiss or diminish the threat of Covid-19 like you have been doing.

    Nurses and Doctors do not die from treating the seasonal flu!
    13% of the deaths in Italy are Medical professionals
    10% of the deaths in China were Medical professionals
    9% of the deaths in France Medical professionals
    11% of the deaths in Spain Medical professionals
    The UK lost another 2 nurses yesterday and haven’t revealed their NHS death tally in full for medical staff.

    The gut-wrenching numbskulls on here blabbering about this being a hoax or overhyped or Government scare tactic need to do one of two things.

    Either they can spend an hour or so examining the mathematics of the early data from Italy Spain France or Belgium that will give you the trends and then redo the math for next week.
    Or disable the typing ability of their keyboard because their far too stupid to be allowed to convey a message over the internet that could influence others equally low on intelligence.

    Yes it is mainly older people dying I accept that but that is because older people are susceptible to all illness due to being weaker. But older people have a right to life too just because they’re older you can’t brush this under the carpet. Does a murder victim cease to be a murder victim because they are over a certain age?

    However what you and your ill informed posters fail to add is this is taking diabetics, heart conditions, over weight people, asthma sufferers, and all category A and B respiratory conditions.

    Doctors Nurses and frontline staff in daily or heavy contact are being killed as well many because while they were healthy they were exhausted doing 14 -18 hour shifts


    • BMWA1

      Interesting stats…of course disease is stronger at pneumonia stage than flu…but stats on med workers also reflect s proactive response to current virus…thus much higher dose rate.. also see shortages if ppe

    • Hasbara Hunter

      Yeah it’s only the beginning…

    • Daniel Vogel

      Don’t worry about the “virus”, worry about what will happen because of the lock down. You are of course welcome to lock yourself up in the bathroom with 100 packages of toilet paper out of fear.

    • ke4ram

      So we will put tens of millions out of work, soon to be homeless and starving in order to stop an alleged virus that hasn’t even come close to the yearly flu.

      We ignore the fact that the PCR tests have never been proven and are unreliable giving lots of false positives.

      We ignore the fact that hospitals are no more busy then they were pre-panic. All you have to do is drive by,,, no ambulances, no rushing medics,,, no bodies stacked like cordwood and all quiet
      We ignore the fact that the CDC and WHO are the only ones charged with keeping the numbers are the ones pushing the panic button at every opportunity.

      We ignore the fact that many diseases cause pneumonia,,, even the horrid pollution of Wuhan China causes thousands of cases every year.

      We ignore the fact that China only did cat scans of the lungs and everyone with pneumonia was marked Covid 19.

      We ignore the fact that hospitals are firing staff which is why nurses are working long shifts.

      We ignore the fact that the Elmhurst New York hospital pics of bodies stacked and refrigerated trucks was due to a simulation being done by a Dr. Collen Smith. A simulation specialist.

      We ignore the fat that we do not hear ambulances sirens all day and night long.

      We ignore the fact that if people were dropping dead everywhere like they say most would not need a government order to stay in their homes and go out when necessary.

      I could put another dozen facts up but all anyone believes are the quasi government agencies like the CDC which has lied through every supposed epidemic/pandemic. The Swine flu was their greatest achievement up until this alleged virus.

  • Al Ge

    ” polled people with symptoms who have not been tested,” yeah OK bud sure whatever you say

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    And I bet that the majority would vote Lega Nord if capable of voting.

  • ke4ram

    They destroyed the worlds economy,,, they better get the numbers up way past what they have.