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Real Faces Of ISIS: Security Forces Arrest ISIS ‘Religious Official’ In Eastern Mosul

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Real Faces Of ISIS: Security Forces Arrest ISIS 'Religious Official' In Eastern Mosul

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On January 16th, Iraqi security forces announced the arrest of an ISIS religious leader in the city of Mosul.

Iraq’s Security Media Cell said in a statement that the Nineveh Police Command’s SWAT team arrested “a so-called sharia official and mufti of ISIS called Abu Abd al-Bari” in the Mansour neighborhood after continuous investigations and “accurate information.”

Shifa Al-Neama, nicknamed Abu Abd Al-Bari, was allegedly working as a preacher at several mosques in the city of Mosul.

“He is known for his provocative speeches against the [Iraqi] security forces, and he was inciting affiliation and allegiance to ISIS and educating extremist ideology during ISIS’ control over Mosul,” the Security Media Cell said.

“He is considered one of the leaders in the first row of ISIS gangs, and he is responsible for issuing fatwas regarding the execution of a number of scholars and clerics who refrained from pledging allegiance to ISIS.”

He was charged for encouraging the bombing of the Prophet Yunus mosque in July 2014.

He was known for his incitement speeches against the Iraqi security forces, and he was inciting affiliation and allegiance to ISIS and educating terrorist ideology during ISIS’ control over Mosul.

It is interesting how the “Mufti of ISIS” traveled to the mosques to incite the violence, as the photographs show that he is morbidly obese. Also it is puzzling how security forces weren’t aware of his whereabouts, clearly a man such as him couldn’t quite, run, nor hide effectively.

Real Faces Of ISIS: Security Forces Arrest ISIS 'Religious Official' In Eastern Mosul

Click to see full-size image

Real Faces Of ISIS: Security Forces Arrest ISIS 'Religious Official' In Eastern Mosul

Click to see full-size image

Iraqi security forces also arrested a “prominent terrorist” in southern Mosul, the country’s Interior Ministry announced on January 14th.

“A force from the Nineveh Police Directorate, based on accurate information, was able to arrest a terrorist known by the acronym FZE in the Tal Abata district, south of Mosul city,” the statement read.

According to the ministry, the suspect was allegedly working in the so-called ISIS’ health bureau and was in charge of medicine and ammunition for the terror group during its control of Mosul.

On January 16th, joint US-Iraqi operations against ISIS continued in the country, after they were stopped for a while, due to the tensions in the Middle East, after the US bombed positions of Kata’ib Hezbollah, as well as assassinated Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and other Iranian and Iraqi officials.


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Huge sack of s**t should be dumped where s**t belongs.


lmao, that a guy is only a ‘threat’ to himself if we’re being honest.

Black Waters

No!! you are wrong my friend. He’s a threat to every burger or pasta in the region, every inch of food in the area isn’t safe from this little man.


He alone will implement the great fast-food JIHAD!!!

Truly Allahu Snack-bar lmao.


Lol, is this all ISIS has leading it these days? …Jabba the Hutt wannabes. Could have just left him to his own devices and diabetes would have killed him soon enough.

Black Waters

He’s the perfect wahhabi prince that was promised to the U.S, it’s a mix of american way of life and wahhabi terrorist fake muslim!

Edit: I can’t stop laughing if this shit is real or not but oooohh man, this made my day.

Hasbara Hunter



Even better,
I would turn him into food for PIGS (including his bones) !
And I would try to explain to him that infidels will eat those pigs (him) and s**t him outside again as ex-pig.

Zionism = EVIL

haha looks like his Americunt lardass masters have opened a McDonalds and Burger King for their ISIS pals.


mac donalds uber delivery on !

hahaha probaly by drone ! hahaha


It appears that the fat twat had a large stock of
American food aid, HH.

My cats would refuse to eat any of him.
They have more taste. :)

Hasbara Hunter

Either way that Fat Lump of Headchopping Vermin will make a lot of animals very very happy… including Vultures & Worms…Ashes to Ashes…


The Green alternative would be to use the fat of the ISIS creature to make Bio- Diesel of course.


…or soap, but would you want to wash with it?


Bio diesel is the safest option I think as it actually gets destroyed in the explosion during the internal combustion process :)


Not sure I’d run my car on it TBF :)


A good thing that the Americans are still hitting ISIL.


GlobalResearch? Thank you, no. I’m off junk food.

Who captured the ISIL Friar Tuck?

Hasbara Hunter

comment image comment image comment imagecomment image


Set aside your odd and childish games for the moment and answer the question.

Who captured the fat phuque?

Hasbara Hunter

Who do you think you are mister Aäron? What is your goal? It was the Nineveh Police SWAT team Iraq for your information…


Iraqi and American SWAT teams, to be exact.

Hasbara Hunter

BWAHAHAHAHA…Do you really think AngloZioNazis can escape their Filthy Warcrimes??!!! They are the Fucking Childraping Massmurdering Terrorists!!!


You are one truly odd child.

Reality check, kiddo: Your petulant tantrums will not erase the fact that the Americans smashed the ISIL capitals in both Mosul and Raqqa and, more to the point, captured the fat Friar of which this article is about.

Less game playing and more research, young one. Oh…and drop GlobalResearch. The site is garbage for the more gullible among us.

Hasbara Hunter

USraHell is my Enemy…you Kidkilling & Honeytrapping Paedophile Epstein-AngloZioNazis will pay the price very soon…your Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is looming on the Horizon…


Learn authentic research techniques, kid.

Hasbara Hunter

I don’t have to read anything anymore…I know enough of the past 500 years


Learn some authentic research techniques, kid.


Or soap bars….

AM Hants

Don’t the Ukraine Nanzis work closely with ISIS. No doubt, will make them easier to spot, if they follow the same diet as the ISIS Religious Leader, when moving around in Russia.

Ukrainian “Azov” Neo-Nazis Will Receive State Funding for the Introduction of Agents in Russia… https://www.stalkerzone.org/ukrainian-azov-neo-nazis-will-receive-state-funding-for-the-introduction-of-agents-in-russia/

AM Hants

‘… They will have the right and resources to introduce agents abroad, to organise special operations abroad, in particular, to introduce agents in foreign embassies of Ukraine and foreign missions in Ukraine, in foreign governments, defence structures of other states, and international organisations…’


How do you get a Soros/NED regime change script to run?

Remember why so many Ukrainians were turned away, when they turned up in Hong Kong, to join the protesters?

Remember Victoria Nuland and John McCain, turning up in Ukraine, with that $5 billion, basket of cookies?

Victoria Nuland, who sits on the Board of Directors of the NED, and is married to Robert Kagan, who set up PNAC, along with Bill Kristol and Elliott Abrahms. Elliot Abrahms, the US Ambassador to Venezuala and who also sits on the Board of Directors of the NED. Together with so many US Ambassadors and no doubt, the UK has a similar version, judging by the UK Ambassador to Iran, who got caught inciting the rioters. Anne Applebaum, also sits on the Board of Directors of the NED and also works with Bill Browder (remember why he had to leave both Russia and the US?), over with Integrity Intiative, now known as the Open Information Policy, run by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Now what were the roles of Nuland, Applebaum and Browder, with regards the Ukrainian Maidan? Funny, how the NED works so closely with Soros Open Society Foundation, including how they implement the scripts. Remember, Common Purpose, created by David Bell, the CEO of the Pearson Group, at one time, who work closely with regime change programmes. David Bell, who controls the Cambridge University Press and runs the UK Media Standards Committee and for some reason runs Common Purpose, where so many UK Prime Ministers and politicians flock.

John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Theresa May, all members of Common Purpose. Chris Pattan, also a member of Common Purpose and John Major made him Governor of Hong Kong, when John Major decided to politicalise the position, before the UK handed Hong Kong over to China, back in 1996. The CIA were being kicked out of Hong Kong, owing to their shoddy workmanship and being replaced by the NED. The US tax payer funded, NGO, which runs in parallel with Soros’ Open Society Foundation, whether in the ‘7 nations’, the US and NATO were going to invade in 5 years, or other nations, that find themselves with NED/Open Society Regime Change Programmes, being forced on them. Such as Venezuela, Hong Kong, Iran, Libya, Syria and so many others.

So how does a regime change script run and why are the Ukrainian Nanzis, so suited for such a role? In fact, what did the Jewish leader of the European Jewish Community over in Ukraine, set up the Nanzi ‘Azov’ Battalion to accomplish?


Soros 5 Step Plan to Regime Change


Use these groups to build a “home” for the development of leaders / followers and allow the movement of money. The people involved in these foundations and nonprofit organizations work to slowly infiltrate the government, working simultaneously in the government and for the foundations. That creates a shadow government structure in which individuals are a kind of double agents loyal to both their government position and Soros groups.


Use these foundations established in step 1 to steadily gain control of media companies and personalities of those media. That provides influence on the general population and helps to frame the necessary narratives in the future. The primary objective of controlling the means is to be able to FORMULATE AND PROVIDE NARRATIVES.


In this process, the objective is not so much to weaken the government but rather to weaken the government structures. The objective of this process is to make people doubt the credibility of government structures. This tends to include doubt about the credibility of law enforcement, the credibility of the rulers, and the credibility of the electoral process.


The cause or atmosphere of the crisis does not matter. All that matters is that the core of democracy, the credibility of the voting process, be questioned to the point of anger and frustration.


An electoral crisis leads directly to protests that increase until finally the government responds with force and with a change in the state of affairs.


UKRAINE – Ground Zero For The CIA Coup Upon America (coming to a nation near you)… https://www.brighteon.com/f54f59f0-58a3-4ffc-831f-a007846d3379


” Use these groups to build a “home” for the development of leaders / followers and allow the movement of money. The people involved in these foundations and nonprofit organizations work to slowly infiltrate the government, working simultaneously in the government and for the foundations.”

I would think that this is why President Putin ‘upended’ the political structures in Russia this week, in order to frustrate the ‘ Zio-Liberal 5th Column ‘ within Russia, AM.

AM Hants

Hopefully he got in just in time.

There is a good article over on Zero Hedge, by Tom Luongo, who I like, with regards President Putin sorting out Russia before he goes and based on removing the power of the 5th Column, who no doubt were not expecting it. Wish him well.

Putin’s Now Purged The West From The Kremlin… https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/putins-now-purged-west-kremlin

Cannot wait for the next biography, that will cover all his Presidency, as well as the early years. One of the good things that comes with our birth dates. We were awake enough, to notice history and legends in the making.


Putins ‘Polite People’ are neutering the oligarchic ‘mongrels’ of Russia, whilst empowering all of the patriotic citizens with differing political views with a voice in the decision making process.

The mongrels who control the West should me mindful of history and to temper their greed.
If they do not the resultant economic chaos will see the elite confined to an area marked out with ‘pales’ to restrict their movements. And rightly so.


On a common thread, the Brookings Institute Report titled “Which Way to Persia”
the full report,
or a preview,
The Path To Persia And The Ongoing Plot To Destroy Iran – The Daily Coin

AM Hants

Cheers, not a Brookings Institute fan, but, will go and check out the full report, owing to it being nice to have different versions of a story, for motivation.


Not a fan myself, but it is a detailed laid out plan for another “Regime Change” CIA operation, with similar components to what you just listed.
And a Big Cheers to you, and Happy New Year Too !

AM Hants

Thank you Ronald and a belated Happy New Year to you as well. Looking forward to reading the Brooking report as they can never help themselves from explaining exactly what they wish to do.

AM Hants

Just started reading it, but, like the introduction, in a very black way.

‘…Crafting a new policy toward Iran is a complicated, uncertain, and perilous challenge. Since it is an extremely complex society, with an opaque political system, it is no wonder that the United States has not yet figured out the puzzle that is Iran. With the clock ticking on Iran’s pursuit of nuclear capabilities, solving this puzzle is more urgent than ever…’

Guess that is why it has taken longer than the estimated 5 years to invade those 7 nations, ending in Iran?

AM Hants

Interesting who wrote the book and why do so many researcher’s with no experience of their subject, end up in Government funded ‘think tank’ positions. Guess I answered that myself. Government and No Experience – being the clue.


Kenneth M. Pollack is director of research at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution. His books include A Path out of the Desert: A Grand Strategy for America in the Middle East (Random House). Daniel L. Byman is a senior fellow at the Saban Center, director of the Center for Peace and Security Studies at Georgetown University, and author of The Five Front War: The Better Way to Fight Global Jihad (Wiley). Martin Indyk is director of the Saban Center, former U.S. ambassador to Israel, and the author of Innocent Abroad: An Intimate Account of American Peace Diplomacy in the Middle East (Simon & Schuster). Suzanne Maloney is a senior fellow at the Saban Center. She has worked on the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff where she provided analysis of Middle East issues. Michael E. O’Hanlon is a senior fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at Brookings and author of Budgeting for Hard Power (Brookings).

Saban Center Senior Fellow Bruce Riedel served as chairman of President Obama’s Strategic Review of U.S. Policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan and is the author of The Search for al Qaeda (Brookings).

AM Hants

Decided not to go ahead and buy the book, or even bother uploading an E version, just in case the authors take it as a form of encouragement.

However, mega thanks, because happily reading a few of their articles. Especially liking this one, whilst laughing at how blatent they are. They actually get more intelligence from these Treaties, then without them.

Deterrence Modernization and Alliance Cohesion The Case For Extending New START With Russia


‘…If New START were to expire in 2021, it could provide Russia a near-term military advantage over the United States… “at least initially the Russians would have the advantage because of the capabilities of the existing systems that they have … and the state of their nuclear weapons infrastructure.” Preventing Russia from gaining such a military advantage over the United States should be a priority. New START will help do that…

…since the treaty was signed in 2010. However, extending New START by five years would enhance the U.S. ability to address those concerns by ensuring it maintains a modern and effective strategic deterrent, and the cohesion of its alliances…

Through its notification and inspection regime, New START provides the United States insights into Russian strategic nuclear forces that it wouldn’t necessarily get without the treaty. A recent State Department report noted that “without the data exchanges and access through on-site inspections to Russian facilities, the overall effect would be a decrease in our knowledge of Russian strategic nuclear forces.” While the United States certainly possesses robust national technical means to monitor Russian strategic forces, it would be difficult — and certainly more expensive — to get that data otherwise. Without the treaty, those national technical means would be stretched even thinner, which could hamper U.S. efforts to monitor other potential adversaries…

The State Department has confirmed Russia’s compliance every year the treaty has been in force.

…Furthermore, New START means we’re more likely to detect noncompliant activity, which deters possible Russian cheating. And the fact is that the State Department has confirmed Russia’s compliance every year the treaty has been in force…

…New START has also played an important role in developing a bipartisan political consensus to modernize the U.S. strategic nuclear deterrent. As I have written elsewhere, New START helped build support among Democrats in Congress for the strategic modernization program. If New START expires without a replacement, it could lead to the continued fraying of the fragile bipartisan consensus in favor of the existing strategic modernization program…

…U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command, made a similar point in July 2019, arguing that “at least initially the Russians would have the advantage because of the capabilities of the existing systems that they have … and the state of their nuclear weapons infrastructure.” Preventing Russia from gaining such a military advantage over the United States should be a priority. New START will help do that…

…Finally, modernizing the U.S. strategic deterrent will be expensive. A January 2019 Congressional Budget Office report estimates that the Trump administration’s current plans for U.S. strategic forces would cost $494 billion between the 2019 and 2028 — $94 billion more than the CBO’s 2017 estimate for the 2017-26 period, “in part because modernization programs continue to ramp up,” and these costs are certain to grow. The size and scope of the U.S. strategic modernization program is closely linked to New START…’

Lazy Gamer

He must be stress eating from all the defeats of ISIS. lol


Just Eat Mosul has filed for bankruptcy I am told by an unidentified source close to President Trump, who is also a long time gold member of the Lardarse Club.

Assad must stay



Now we know where Syria’s grain reserves went.


“Jan., 16th joint US-Iraqi operations against ISIS continued”.
That was denied on PressTV, all Iraqi cooperation has stopped. We will see if that is just American propaganda, or Iranian. My bet is it’s US.


The result being that without US interference, the fat ISIS scumbag was arrested after being in plain sight for many months.

He certainly was not able to run :)


A PIG without a doubt. But the point I was trying to make was the Iraqi government has stated there will be no more JOINT,… US-Iraqi operations.


Yes, and that being the case, the result was that the Iraqi forces were able to do their duty and arrest the fat ISIS pig.


Wow, they arrested the Penguin from “Batman”. :O

Ziønist šhill

Holy shit they found an average American in Iraq. Amazing!

Assad must stay

jesus christ lmao hahahahahaha i could not stop laughing when i saw this


Arrest him – you need a fork lift just to move that guy.

Assad must stay



bread and water for the next 6 month only.


No bread.

Harry Smith

Maybe I am wrong but it looks like edema. He can have some cardiac insufficiency or problems with kidney or liver.


It’s side effect of Wahhabism.


Cut his legs, he cant move anyway, and feed it to him.
Then his arms.
And then throw him out in the desert.
He is not worth a bullet in the head.


What a bunch of shit. They needed a pick-up-vehicle to move his ass somewhere…
I hope the Iraqi justice will have a tough way to give him the sentence that he deserves. A big garbage hole in the desert included, after henchman’s job….


Looks like a stuffed turkey. That is quite some leadership to look up to.



There I fixed it for you.


This has made my day you have to ask who put that guy into a position of Power

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