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Real Democracy Says No To Justice: 27 Police Officers Injured In Kiev By Supporters Of Well-Known Nazi Lover And Criminal

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Real Democracy Says No To Justice: 27 Police Officers Injured In Kiev By Supporters Of Well-Known Nazi Lover And Criminal

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On February 23rd, supporters of Sergei Sternenko, sentenced to seven years in prison, staged fights outside the Ukrainian President’s Office in Kiev.

They actively attacked the police officers, who did not allow them to approach the Zelensky administration building.

27 security officers were injured, the press service of the Kiev police said.

Sergei Sternenko is the former head of the Odessa cell of the Neo-Nazi group Right Sector.

One of the main provocateurs during the protest was the former member of Ukrainian Parliament Vladimir Parasyuk. He personally tore off the helmet from the police officer and, apparently, inspired many attacks on law enforcement.

Vladimir Parasyuk is infamous for his calls for an armed assault on Bankova, disrupting the peace accords between the Western ambassadors and former President Viktor Yanukovych back in 2014.

Sternenko was recently sentenced to seven years in prison over kidnapping charges and more.

As one of the Ukrainian “patriots” (read here nationalists), he was openly supported by the Kiev government for years. But at one point the line had to be drawn.

The plot of the case against Sternenko is as follows, as Strana described it.

In 2015, Sergei Shcherbich, a deputy of the Liman village council, reported a crime to the police. According to the official, it was a kidnapping carried out by Sternenko. The man was forcibly kept in the center of Odessa, in the basement of the former base of the “Right Sector”, the cell of which was then headed by a radical.

The victim Shcherbich claims that he was tortured in sophisticated ways: they tied him up, beat him, squeezed his fingers with pliers, shot in the back and legs with an impact round pistol. For all this to stop, they demanded 300 thousand hryvnias in cash. As a result, the deputy was taken out blindfolded and thrown out near the Suvorov court in Odessa.

Sergei Shcherbich immediately wrote a statement. Criminal proceedings were opened but remained frozen – apparently for political reasons – until 2019.

On January 29th, Sergei Sternenko was released on bail on charges of another resonant crime – the murder of a man in Odessa in the spring of 2018.

He was ultimately found guilty for kidnapping. But he is, apparently, absolved for the murder.

Sergei Sternenko stabbed a man in May 2018. It happened late at night, when the ex-head of the Odessa “Right Sector” was returning home with the girl.

On the street, he had a conflict with two men – Ivan Kuznetsov and Alexander Isaikul. As a result, a fight ensued. During which Sternenko took out a knife, wounded one and killed the second stranger.

The versions of the investigation and of Sternenko himself differ. He said that it was self-defense, and the attackers were going to kill him. True, it is not clear why they went to the murder unarmed, while their “victim” was armed.

The police claimed that the nationalist himself had aggressive intentions. And, during the fight, he caught up and struck Kuznetsov a strong blow to the heart. That is, the murder was qualified as premeditated.

This was confirmed by the examination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which was published by “Strana”. Later, the SBU agreed with these arguments, which, as a result, made Sternenko suspicious.

But this only happened in the summer of 2020. Prior to that, Sternenko was a witness in the case. Intervention from above helped him stay in this status (and at large). The Prosecutor General’s Office took the murder case to Kiev, after which Lutsenko wrote it down to the SBU, where the story was buried until the time.

After all, he was an “Ukrainian hero” who was defending the values of modern Ukraine, how could he end up in prison.

Well, it turns out that “too much of a good thing” can sometimes be true.


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johnny rotten

The revolution of unworthiness continues to go on in the land of the mad.

Supreme Blyat

It could be prevented but some people were so busy guarding luxury assests.


What police? there are no real police in Ukraine since the Coup,any police officer with any balls would have joined the DPR or taken his uniform off and walked away when the fascists were on a rampage,as for Odessa its time it was liberated from the Nazi vermin.

John Brown

Yes you are right, there are not good guys here. Zio Nazi police from one Zio Nazi faction, fighting with Zio Nazi protesters of another Zio Nazi faction.


Smoke and mirrors:Irrespective law of the land,do the crime,then do the time,no ifs no buts (period)

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