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Raytheon’s SM-3 Intercepts Ballistic Missile Target Outside Of Earth’s Atmosphere For First Time Ever

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Raytheon's SM-3 Intercepts Ballistic Missile Target Outside Of Earth's Atmosphere For First Time Ever

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For the first time in world history, an intercontinental ballistic missile target was intercepted outside of the Earth’s atmosphere via Raytheon’s SM-3 Block IIA ballistic missile defense interceptor.

“This first-of-its-kind test shows that our nation has a viable option for a new layer of defense against long-range threats,” said Bryan Rosselli, vice president of Strategic Missile Defense at Raytheon Missiles & Defense.

The SM-3 family of ballistic missile defense interceptors has executed more exo-atmospheric intercepts than all other missiles combined and is the only weapon of its kind employed from both ships and land. The number sits at 30.

Raytheon's SM-3 Intercepts Ballistic Missile Target Outside Of Earth's Atmosphere For First Time Ever

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The interceptor uses sheer force, rather than an explosive warhead, to destroy its target. Its “kill vehicle” hits threats with the force of a 10-ton truck traveling 600 mph.

This technique, referred to as “hit-to-kill,” has been likened to intercepting a bullet with another bullet

Raytheon's SM-3 Intercepts Ballistic Missile Target Outside Of Earth's Atmosphere For First Time Ever

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In December 2019, the MDA awarded Raytheon a $1 billion SM-3 Block IIA contract. Earlier that year, the U.S. State Department approved a possible Foreign Military Sale to Japan of up to 73 SM-3 Block IIA missiles for an estimated cost of $3.295 billion. In Japan, the missile will equip the AEGIS Ashore and new Maya-class destroyers.

Raytheon Intelligence & Space sensors were also part of the historic test from low-earth orbit. The sensors detected and tracked the target and relayed the data to decision makers in a demonstration of space-based early warning.

The video below shows an intercept being carried out, inside the atmosphere back in 2018.

This one is being launched from a ship, while the one below is being launched from land.


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cechas vodobenikov

US female interceptors try to mate w homosexual missile at agreed upon date at Macdonald nut missile demolishes Burger King—google map geolocation hacked by Macedonian teenager in basement


don’t worry, soon america will sell these to russia at very low prices when they are desperate to buy food if biden steals the election. america will entirely crumble


Funny seens,there no decent heterosexual scientists in usa this century,other than fake x!

Oliver Eitel

a ballistic missile = ballistic trajectory….nice maybe now they are save from north korea……..but Russia and Chinas hypersonic misseles that travel on no ballistic trajectories can’t be caught that way…..why do they conduct exercises like that with outdated weapons? To impress 3rd World countries? Or are they afriad that Iran will build ICBMs?

Assad must stay

They are way behind militarily now hehe

Антон С

I doubt it saves even from korean missiles, because the shortest path from NK to significant targets in USA (Anchorage) is at least 6000 km. Seattle – over 8000 km, San-Francisco – almost 9000, Los-Angeles – over 9000. The video of “Raytheon” says about interception of intermediate missile (3000-5500 km range). It works against submarine-launched missiles only.

johnny rotten

If wars could be won with the press releases of MIC companies the fucking Yankees would win them all, too bad for them that the reality of war is very different, that their systems do not work is a fact, proven wherever they are used, period.


Is that so? It’s amazing then how they defeated Iraq in a few weeks with non-functional weapons. Also on the list: Libya, Serbia, etc. And Israel miraculously is able to use those useless weapons to strike Syria time and again, without being shot down by Russian defenses.

If that is your standard of non-functioning weapons, please, why don’t you show us whose weapons work? Were you so impressed with the Russian adventures in Chechnya, or the invasion of Georgia? Was that the pinnacle of “excellent weapons” on display?


They pay musk billions for fake x,cia staged the fake moon landings too,good for taxpayers spin:

chris chuba

That’s it. We just won the second Cold War. China, Russia, and Iran will now have to scrap all of their ICBM’s and surrender to the U.S. or risk Trump’s going out of office war.

Tommy Jensen

US intercepting ICBM’s from Aliens in outer space. I already told you, but nobody would believe it was true.
US can now defend all innocent Americans against any hostile forces who wish to do us harm, everywhere!

Ryan Glantz
Антон С

“an intercontinental ballistic missile target was intercepted”
“A launch of intermediate-range ballistic missile target,” – said in the beginning of last video.
Intermediate – 3000-5500 km range. Intercontinental – over 8000 km.

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