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Rats Flee The Sinking Ship As Conflict In Ukraine Looms Ever Closer

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Rats Flee The Sinking Ship As Conflict In Ukraine Looms Ever Closer

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Rats Flee The Sinking Ship As Conflict In Ukraine Looms Ever Closer
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Rats Flee The Sinking Ship As Conflict In Ukraine Looms Ever Closer

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More than 20 private and charter flights, carrying VIP passengers who were involved in the 2014 Maidan and subsequent events in the country, left Ukraine.
Oligarchs Viktor Pinchuk, Vadim Novinsky, Alexander Yaroslavsky, Andrei Stavnitser, Vadim Nesterenko, Vadim Stolar and Vasily Khmelnitsky are fleeing the country.
The 50-seat plane was ordered by a deputy of the “Opposition Platform – For Life party”, Igor Abramovich, in order to get his family and relatives of his business partners out of Ukraine. 37 deputies from the ruling party “Servant of the People” suddenly found their business activities of high priority in Europe.
“The problem is that Ukrainians are being pushed to panic. Airlines are canceling flights and investors are withdrawing their funds. Ukrainians feel abandoned,” Ukraine’s ambassador to Great Britain, Pristayko, told CNBC. – Many cannot leave Ukraine. My family can’t, my mother, my brother and many friends.”
The ambassador’s family and friends have also succumbed to the panic that they are being pushed into and now want to leave Ukraine as well, the ambassador reports, bitter that it is not working out.
One of Israel’s largest high-tech companies, Wix, is evacuating nearly 1,000 of its employees and their families from Ukraine to Turkey for the next two weeks.
At the same time, the Pentagon reports that U.S. troops in Poland will not be deployed to Ukraine, but are ready to help if evacuations are necessary.
Russia may cross the Ukrainian border only in the case of massive aggression against the DPR or LPR, which could lead to numerous victims and the occupation of the republics’ territories in violation of the Minsk agreements.
The beginning of a full-scale war in Eastern Ukraine may benefit only overseas actors. Even in the neo-Ukrainian elite itself, there are few supporters of such a scenario.
Risks are growing as Zelensky seems to be psychologically unstable and who finds himself in a quite complicated political situation today. While the Anglo-Saxon allies put pressure on him from abroad, there is also pressure that he faces from his political rivals inside the country. For example, from the former President of Ukraine and famous oligarch Mr. Poroshenko, who returned to Kiev a month ago, when tensions began to ramp up.
Zelensky, who has appeared in public drugged on more than one occasion, may succumb to external influence and choose the path of war.
A provocation on the battlefield will cause a direct and large-scale response from Russia. Unfortunately, the possibility of armed conflict in Eastern Europe is turning from a hypothetical scenario into a real one.

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Home to London with their stolen billions thanks to Biden.

jens holm

Sure. Biden as routine eat a part of the moon every month and Putin repair it too.


What would Adolf Hitler think of all this if he was still alive? hmmmm.

The Revolution Continues

If Adolf Hitler saw Russia having the greatest nuclear arsenal, would say Putin is a soft pussy.

the end

That his work was of a magnitude of a pauper.

jens holm

He expanded as the Russians and could not keep as well.

He could have taken less and might have kept it.

Maybee Hitler should have made an economic war to defeat Russia taking Ukriane and the Oilfields east of that as number one.

Many of the ones not killed or starved to death even supported Hitler or at least was anticommunist. He could have made an independent state name Ukriane supporting him as friends with food, iron, coal and nikel.

I have made amateur calculasions for that twice. The chances for succes grow close to 50%. Much more would be taken and they most like would loose in a – so to speak – more descent way.

Its calculated from what Hitler in fact knew. None new the Russian industrial zone in the southern parts of Ural. I dont think Hitler could cover the gab between Astrakhan and Moscow.

Rodney Loder.

Well,well,well, a lot of opportunities are there to be had in the outcome of a war between Ukraine and Russian Federation, US wil benefit politically as its propaganda will get a shot in the head, after all who wants to die or be crippled in order to help the US, Russia will crush Ukraine who has yesterday ramped up shelling in the Donbass likely building up to a invasion. I think it’s inevitable for the chasm to deepen between the Atlantic Alliance and the Asian Nations in Alliance with Russia and Iran, because Allah is forcing jew maggots to choose between the US and Russia / China, at the moment their best friends with both sides. Jews incinerated the 10 missingTribes and falsified the Old Testament, not one jew has been listed in Heavenfor over 2,300 years.

jens holm

You write propaganda Yourself right here.

Allah has forbidden the Jihadist selfdetonators to kille more then themself. There are no space for that many deaths up there.




Interesting enough, half of them are Jews and somehow linked to Israel.

Viktor Pinchuk: Ukrainian Jew – partner to the Israeli Presidential Conference “Facing Tomorrow”. Andrey Stavnitser: Russian/Ukrainian Jew – member of the Supervisory Board of Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, which is a part of World Jewish Congress. Vadim Stolar: Ukrainian Jew. Vadim Nesterenko: Presumably Jewish – closely linked to Boris Lozhkin a Ukrainian/Israeli national, President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress, First Vice-President of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

jens holm

If true its says Your kind is nothingh and even insist in it.

We feel fine about Jews here in Denmark. They hardly are visible.

They do the same as us or the other way around. They learn by going to school, they educate, they find their skills and work hard too. That rewarde by high positions in prestige as well as livingstandards. There are lazy bum jews too.

But thats the difference. You are more like we should give You everything because we have stolen from You. You just open Your big mouths and demand steaks to come in for free.

It very visible. In those matters You are an infantile. If You want Our kind of influence and wellfare, You as a start make sober schools and next and next. Thats named as investments, which also pays off.

Her we finance it by high high taxes for owners of companies as well as the employd. The highest tax also give the best wellfare.

You are the problem and not some few million Jews.


Enough with the jooz already. Focusing on a single target instead of the whole enemy, that’s what weak people do when they’re scared.


The big RAT is that g0y clown, Volodymyr Zelensky. Like in Afghanistan the g0y run away with millions in their bags.


tranny troops will remain firm! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!…

Last edited 1 year ago by amalek
Brother Ma

The rats always flee when the going gets tough , and are always first back at the pig’s trough ,when the going gets good. No surprise.

What we need is a Manpad to bring that plane down .

1) it gets rid of the enablers and funders of the Ukronazis

2) socks israel ,the EU and the US in the face ,as it was them who protected these rats.

3) gets rid of leeches who have sucked the country dry and allows hopefully less greedy and malicious leaders /powerbrokers to possibly emerge.

4) saves the EU taxpayer a euro or two from paying to this waste of space ,called Ukraine.

Why hasn’t Someone already done this?

Kills many birds with one stone , in my book.


jens admires rats –he is a member of nazi cheese coop –most members are LGBT rats


Poor Ukraine, with a puppet government pushed against Russia.

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