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JUNE 2021

Rastan Pocket Deal: Militants Hand Over More Weapons. HTS Members To Withdraw Sooner Than Expected

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More than 250 fighters of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and their families will be evacuated from the northern Homs countryside pocket to Idlib governorate on May 6 under the reconciliation agreement, which was reached on May 2, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported on May 5.

Earlier Syrian oppositions sources revealed that the evacuation of the militants from the northern Homs countryside pocket had been delayed until May 7. However, it appears that the evacuation of HTS fighters was not delayed, likely because they are against the reconciliation agreement.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) are still removing the barriers from the Hama-Aleppo highway in the northern Homs countryside pocket as a part of the reconciliation agreement. The SANA added that the Free Syrian Army (SAA) had handed over more heavy weapons to the SAA including two tanks and a Shilka vehicle on May 5.

The SAA recovered three BMP-1 vehicles, two battle tanks, a Shilka vehicle and an artillery piece from the FSA on May 3 and 4, according to the Hezbollah media wing.

So far, the militants in the northern Homs countryside pocket have appeared to be respecting the reconciliation agreement, despite that many Syrian opposition activists have claimed that most of the militants are against the agreement.

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Michał Hunicz


matew ivanson

rebels are horse shit, they left Qalamoun, Ghouta, Yalda, Babbila, northern Homs, what the fcuk is going, where is resistance? FSA is shit, they surrender all pockets without fight, what a shame


Could be the Jihadist rats are no longer getting their paychecks.
So another pocket bites the dust. Great news for the Syrian people. :)


When you’re fighting for money, you’re fighting while there’s money. When you fight for the ideals, you fight to the end.
They are not fighting to the end, which means they are paid; and what further implies – they are not revolutionaries, which leading to conclusion – there is no uprising because the dissatisfaction of the people. There is a clean attempt of coup, the destruction of the state and the seizure of all its goods.
Fortunately, they failed. Your heroes will have to settle their greed elsewhere.


Yes, and anyone who fights only for money is keen to get home in one piece to enjoy the money.


Either they are no longer getting their paychecks, as some said, or even they are realizing that the war they are fighting is lost and no longer worth dying for. Even the fanatical Waffen-SS realized this towards the end of WWII. I’m not surprised that headchoppers, isolated in pockets for quite some time now, are started to think on making it out in once piece, rather then waiting to see if those 72 virgins in the afterlife are actually true.


Why any sane man would want 72 virgins mystifies me. Even one woman is a headache most of the time :)

Rex drabble

This 72 virgins is what the MEDIA keep saying.
Its bullshit that a man would be so stupid to believe it.
If a virgin is so precious what are they after you have had sex with them?


‘Flawed ‘ ? :)


IDF just can’t get a decent proxy army together anywhere….

alejandro casalegno

“To make the war, do you need three things……money. money and more money”. Napoleon Bonaparte

The money for the “Jihad” is over………………..billons wasted………and Syria won!!!



Feudalism Victory

Slowly at first then all at once.


Jeez, surrendering left and right. The so called opposition is demoralized. apparently those who evacuated to Idlib are facing dire sanitary situations. Idlib is next in my opinion. It might be an easy fight, the population is rioting against the jihadists. And the ones who relocated will probably settle, they are tired of fighting.

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