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Rare Look At Russian Naval Forces Deployed In Syria’s Tartus (Satellite Image)

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On June 30, Observer IL, a Twitter account observing defense developments, shared a satellite image providing a rare look at Russian naval forces currently deployed in the Tartus naval base in Syria.

The image shows that the base is currently hosting at least two diesel-electric attack submarines of the Improved-Kilo class, Stary Oskol and Krasnodar, as well as Orehovo-Zyevo, a Buyan-M corvette of the Caspian Fleet, and Admiral Grigorovich, a Grigorovich class frigate of Sea Fleet.

All the vessels seen in the image are all capable of launching Kalibr cruise missiles against sea and land-based targets. This type of missiles was effectively used against high-value terrorists’ positions throughout Syria.

The Russian Naval base is located in the northern part of Tartus’ port. Earlier this year, Syria agreed to lease the port to Russia’s Stroytransgaz for 49 years. The Russian company will be spending up to $500 million in the development of the aging port, which will benefit the Russian base.

The Russian naval presence in Tartus pre-dates the recent anti-terrorism campaign. The Russian Navy relayed on a Soviet technical support point in Tartus before up-scaling the facility into a full naval base after 2015.

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Nice target for the jihadists…

Tudor Miron

Those and other ships are always there from 2015 on. If terrorist rats could do something about them they would already do it but their “hands are too short” and weak.


Terrorist FAIL all theirs attack at this Russian base…


You too go back to sewer you Hasbara bitch!


I am pro-Assad, I wrote it out of desperation…

Natalia T.

Many ducks in a little pond.


Go back to sewer you bitch-rats!


One day all those Kalibr missiles would be on their way to turn tel aviv into hell aviv… ☕

Joe Dickson

At the rate Russian made submarines go up in smoke it will more likely end up at the bottom of the sea.

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