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Rare Footage Shows Russian Loitering Munitions Targeting Militants In Greater Idlib

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On February 27, the Zvezda TV shared a video highlighting some of the Russian Special Forces recent operations and exercises in Syria.

The Russian Defense Ministry’s channel released the video to celebrate the Special Operations Forces Day, which has been a memorial day in Russia since 2015.

The video shows a series of covert operations by the Russian Special Forces against militants the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib. The operations included ambushes, raids as well as attacks with precision weapons such as sniper rifles and anti-tank guided missiles.

The video also included never seen before footage of at least two attacks with Russian loitering munitions on a vehicle and a post of the militants in Greater Idlib.

Experts said that the loitering munitions seen in the video were likely a variant of the ZALA Lancet, which was revealed by the Kalashnikov Concern around two years ago.

Over the last year, activists in Greater Idlib reported several strikes with loitering munitions on militants in the region. The most recent strike, which took place on February 11, destroy a pickup truck of the Turkistan Islamic Party in northern Lattakia.

The Russian military gained much experience from its anti-terrorism operations in Syria. Several new weapon systems, including loitering munitions, were tested. A number of older systems were also upgraded.


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johnny rotten

How lucky, these Russian soldiers who practice live killing the foreign legion of NATO, and are also paid to do so, when at least 3/4 and more of the world would pay to do so.

Jens Holm

YES YES. they all are jews with 7 armed candelabres trying to bring light in the dark by their last match.


Russian loitering munitions and effective special forces and air strikes can easily disjoint and kill any terrorist network or terrorists sponsor.


Terrorist network, they can kill anything not just terror network or cells, Russia never goes offensive, only for terrorism YES but Russia is in defense mode.

Samuel Vanguard

Russia is a force to reckon with.

WW Conkright

Come and luberate occupied DC

Jens Holm

They are like Tourisme showing only, what they think people will see. The same goes for too many.

erwin vercauteren

get lost pathetic miserable butthurtt Danish idiot


Surprised earlier “experts on Russia lacking drones” find Russia has enough drones after all.. Unfortunately in the top video all I see a War Machine Perpetuated on a beautiful planet that should be enjoyed in peace.


That “War Machine” has preserved Russia from foreign invasion. Planet is much more ” beautiful ” if country is not invaded or bombed by US or NATO.


They used strike drone in 2016, amazing how they managed to do it without anyone noticing, it took 5 years for them to release official footage


Daaaamnn no screwing with Russian Special Forces. They are the best of the best! No jokes, it is serious work, when it comes to CLEANING terrorism.

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