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Rare Example Of Truth Shakes European Parliament As Russian Foreign Ministry Slams Western Provocations

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Rare Example Of Truth Shakes European Parliament As Russian Foreign Ministry Slams Western Provocations

Clare Daly

In a rare example of the constructive look at the current sate of relations between the EU and Russia, Irish Member of the European Parliament Clare Daly slammed the posture of the union towards Moscow and the hypocrisy in its stance towards developments in the country.

She slammed the European Parliament for its ‘Russophobia’ and reaction to a visit to Moscow by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell.

Earlier, more than 50 members signed a letter last week condemning Borrell for not confronting the Kremlin ‘not enough’ over the Navalny case and other examples of alleged ‘human rights violations’.

“Listening to the relentless Russophobia in this place, why are people surprised that Russia sees no point in engaging with the EU? I am as happy as anybody else to stand up for anybody’s rights including Navalny’s. But let’s be honest about him.

‘He is a vicious, anti-immigrant racist on maybe four percent of the support and rallying hundreds of thousands in cities of millions, hardly a mass movement. And we would not be discussing him at all if he had been arrested anywhere else other than in Russia.’

She added that, meanwhile, Julian Assange has been detained for ‘exposing US war crimes’ and listed other people jailed for political reasons without sanctions on the countries holding them.

She also claimed that there is a ‘geopolitical agenda fuelled by a military-industrial complex that who need an enemy to justify their millions’ and that Borrell was right to go to Moscow because ‘we should be engaged in dialogue not war’.”

Meanwhile, Moscow sent even more signals that it is not going to tolerate no more regular attempts to meddle in its internal affairs.

On February 11, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during a weekly press briefing tat Western countries are making provocations to destabilize the situation inside Russia.

“It is obvious that a large-scale anti-Russian provocation is being carried out with a purpose. And this goal is illusory: it is concentrated on the internal political situation in the country and an attempt to destabilize and shake it,” Zakharova said adding that these attempts are doomed to failure.

A day ago, on February 10, the Russian foreign ministry slammed work of Western IT giants that were spreading fakes and endorsing content to fuel protests in Russia.

Currently, Moscow has been working to establish a legal network and means and measures to counter the permanent foreign meddling of foreign powers and Big Tech in its sovereign affairs.


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johnny rotten

They keep playing with fire, it’s sure as death that they will burn.

Laurent Parodi

The tensions can not rise forever without consequences. The west is always doubling down.
There are 2 questions about the clash which will happen: when and how big.

Laurent Parodi

It is very strange to read an eu parliaments statement which basically says what I thing. Very refreshing.

Jens Holm

NOt AT ALL. We are normal and not barking sheep.

We are not runned in Your primitive one string systems always trying to read thin g in whita and black.

So she has every right to tell here oppinion and work for. The devastating difference here is very visible. We dont jail or put poison on opposition. Instead they are lected into Parlament of the different levels, we have.

Opposition by that has influence, if their argumentations sometimes are the best. They many times also find mistakes and help repairing them.

That system dont exist in Russia.

Democrasy and parlamentarisme of Our kind is a mechanisme very much alive and alive because it can adapt things by better oppinions and make better solutions.

cechas vodobenikov

U r normal automaton….Russian despise parliamentary fascism(dimocracy); we cherish spirit and freedom


The supreme leadership level of the EU body is entirely unelected in any conventional representative democracy terms – the various people’s of the member states don’t elect the leadership council – it is self appointed within the existing (self perpetuating) bureaucratic entity. This is why the UK had the whole Brexit debate, over national parliamentary sovereignty vs subordination to an unelected EU super-state council, and the UK national referendum resulted in choosing to leave – in favor of own national self determination.

Jens Holm

Of course its like that. Thats because its no state.

Maybee Your focus should be the many, which actually are chosen by elections or and by the Parlamants by the Goverment.

Your version for Brixit is true, but its only a part of their partly selfmade quagmire, where others like my Denmark has local exeptions. That confirms EU is no state as well.

UK by the system partly got economic plundered as well as they would not allow that much free entrence among each other – and for the matter from outiside EU as well.

The retreat by the Britts also is about their own infrastructure, which can handle a lot of things. I will say their private capasity for acting for all living there is very low. Its very visible for Covid even they are not the only oners with big problems. If we want to fullfill the intensions written in EU as fx Europeaqn Human rights there has to bee toopls for it.

I allow me to go back to Margret Thacher. She cancelled and eliminated very importtant structures but they also was too big, ineffective and bureaucratic. Here there was made no replacemenet. Thats what Brittian dont have. But the rest of us should not be blamed for that part.

Much like if we take away the Police, there is less crime, because we dont seee it:(

I dont see problems about non elections an fx Leyden and Our Vestager. They are doing well and we anytime can replace them.

My own wishes is from 1991 or something. When we became that many countries and inhabitants, I wished med a little less EU but those decidings by the Parlament and Ministers things are kept better. We needed internal reforms AND less “Demands” for the rest.

Seen from here the Britts are barking mad. They should have worked better with needed reforms with us according critical seize.

Thats my own reflexions about it. Im for EU because most things actually is working very well. Anybody can see it in wellfare and visible in GDP. If we want more military influence in the world we have Nato. Im only for we pay a little more for Ourself and USA by that pay a little less and their influence by thatr is reduced maybee 10%.

We do have elected Merkel, Makron and Britts has elected Johson whatever.

We do have elæectged a big parlament.

So be it.


Nope, the UK electorate made a prudent majority decision. To bail out of an ossified bureaucratic exercise in the transfer of sovereign power, from national parliaments to an un-elected, and self appointed, oversight council, and that council has very clearly shown it seeks to transform and usurp its various member state’s national parliamentary power, into the rubric of a centralized super-state. The whole EU exercise is inherently anti-democratic, in any classical western political-science context, concerning nation-state representative democracy. The various populations of western democracies fought long and hard, through late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to establish popular right to vote for governance by consent, and for universal suffrage. These voting rights were not just benevolently handed down from above by the minority ruling classes – the ruling classes were slowly forced into incremental power concessions, towards electoral based parliamentary power sharing. The proposition that an un-elected body of the EU seeks to reverse those social and political achievements in western states – by usurping and transferring national parliamentary sovereignty – is fundamentally anti-democratic and regressive in any political nation-state terms.

Cheryl Brandon


Jim Allen


Jens Holm

London is not EU.

Band Itkoitko

You should never underestimate an English man’s ability to leave a sinking ship early.

Jens Holm

I dont. I just relate to facts. Eire is EU.

cechas vodobenikov

jens relate to CIA FACTS….LOL

Jens Holm

Britts has rescuebelts for their ferries for cars too:)

Tommy Jensen

We are not meddling in anything. We are exposed to hostile actions and aggression from enemies who wish to do America and its Allies harm.
THAT is precisely why we have the military-industrial complex. To defend ourselves, to defend International waterways of free usury navigation and our way of living, but also for freedom!

Pave Way IV

God bless America! (or we’ll kill you)comment image

erwin vercauteren

ha ha ha nice try but desperation is dripping from your mouth mate

cechas vodobenikov

tammy lies again–1000 US bases in other nations is imperialism


Daly may be a liberal but that won’t stop her ‘allies’ from cancelling her for wrongthink. She may have just ended her career.

Jens Holm

Our systems mainly are not like that at all. She has every right to speak out. Thats in the constitution. You really dont get it.

If her oppinion and other things are representatives for many, she might get more votes at the next election and by that get more seats in their PM.

I sometimes think same thing. If those Russians insist in living in the dark and progrees is 3 hens in the backyard instead of 2, why care at all. Russiand and their fnatics always relate their visible progrees to their nice big town. Those millions and millions even more poor then any american on wellfare dont exist apart from in the well organized censur units.

But I actually do care some. How can it be right so many, kind of semilar to mee, lives like that and the system insist in keeping them them in some frozen habitat adding formaldehyd in a “What You dont see, dont exist”.

cechas vodobenikov

a carrot can comprehend reality better than jens

big lebowski

“Clare Daly is an Irish politician who has been a Member of the European Parliament from Ireland for the Dublin constituency since July 2019. She is a member of Independents 4 Change, part of the European United Left–Nordic Green Left.”

Liberal? Not even Gorbachev would call her that.
Stalin or Lenin perhaps.


Modern liberals and leftists are basically the same thing.

Jens Holm

Im so tired lsitening to the Russian propaganda. Pour decissions in many ways are not we all has the same oppinion about things. We decide and You almost always has opposition to the decissions.

Here its very visible. You have the hard heads as well as the more soft ones according whats going on in Russia. You also are like that in all levels. EU is elected too and by that has administration decided as well as one majority minister from each country.

And in the internal things is the same thing. Denmark fx is very skeptic to use that much gas from Russia, because it most like will delay going from fossiles. The plans for EU is to work hard to replace fossiles.

We are not hostile as USA even we agree in limed sales from Russia. We have priorities much different from them.

In the other hand several countries need that gas or parts of it very much. They have taken up, whats in Europe or parts of it. So they really need something else – relative fast.

So when You read and write in manipulative ways its on many levels and parts of it of course is dirty and other parts are very sober. We dont have good filters for and against that.

Russia has and are able to unite in keeping their own population in dark – and do.

It was here again yesterday making a scenario, where Russia within 5 days would win over the Polish army. Thats not even a qestin here. Poland, EU and Nato iks not like that AT ALL.

So Russia plant things in their own garden and even try to plant it here to make contrast and fear.

Navalnev wish or want to take in western systems because things in Russia dont work and has no own tools for it. Its also very strange Pution, Lavrov and Medvedev in everything defend their own sorruption and nepotisme.

Not even 70% in Krasnodjar is a majortity.

The same for Belarus. Why the FLOCK should any in EU want Belarus to join us. Its full of semi Russians. We argue for countries should decide their own destiny and do help them and not only as help but also as a long time cost benefit relations.

As a EU citicen I see we today already has big problems develloping the rest of the USSR neocolonialistic left overs. We make progres there, but their systems are terrible. Here we even see rusians blame us for their devastating actions by the communist wunderland.

They even every day right here blame us for suppporting Nazis. Every day !!!! So EU and USA support Nazis is news to me. Some here has history books, wheré USA and others here in western Europa actually eliminated Nazism.

The Nazi context is made by contrast to communisme, but progress in Ukraine and other places are none of those but more sober parlamentarisme in own context. It only can be overruled by better systems, which ours are. Russia cant make their old outdated horse into a car by better hay. Russia should not try hard to do that or manipulate with fear.

…And true fairness is not well from us as well.

erwin vercauteren

we are not tired to see your desperate attempts and pathetic long articles about everything that comes out of Russia Europe needs NS2 and not only for their heating but also in the future when they will shift to hydrogen this pipe can be used that is one of the main points of interest and nobody in Europe wants the dirty US fracking gas that destroys and pollute the native Indians waterways so please be our guest and spew your pathetic toxic waste its the best proof Russia is stronger and better whatever how hard you whine or scream and by the way EU is not elected its a backdoor for failed national political figures & tbh a waste of money and resources pure capitalism at his best

Jens Holm

Im not like that. I comment things which I either dont like or I or/and my Goverment is/are against.

I allow me to remind You that Russia already has a pipeline. Sure its through Ukraine.

I have given m reasons in etails and also very well.We dont see opposition to Our Goverments as hostile to Denmark. We see them as a needed supplement for improvements if Our Goverment is not doing well enough – By that mistakes can be corrected.

And in this also is, that if the opposition has better ideas then the Goverment(decided by elections at least every 4th year) so be it.

By thats we dont see Navalny as east, west, nort or south. We see him a working for vital internal very needed changes. Among those Russia has no structure for handling a lot of advanced things, which is routine here.

By that I help You to see, what Your real problems are. Not even statistics and worldmaps can change anything. You are like the stones given to Moses some time ago – THATS WHY Russia is doing things in very low ineffective standards.

And yes, Im certainly hostile to we as EU and Nato should be hostile to You and eve include Russains into Nato or EU. Thats because You are highly incomptent. As long as You even prefare corruption instead of a tax system and cant even finance Your state by that, its far out.

And Yes: Let Your neocolonialistic leftovers in peace. Those are none of Yopur busines unless You have something to offer or need – and of course vice versa. Yopu can help them. We help the EUs a lot but also has helped Belarus as well as Ukraine.

To us its normal behaving for good relations to the rest of the world – at least for us. I admit everything is not perfect and sometimes even bad, But Danes actually has had very good relations to Russia. The last Tzarin was danish. Rus mainly is named as Vikings and in the East You have Bering Straits too. We also has been allied in many wars against Sweden and Preussen.

Thats what we name as normal relations, which has been forbidden to the Baltics since Molotov Ribbentrop and to 1919. Until then the Baltic sea was trading among each other and also disputings as no friends.

The Russia came from the inland and sliced aqnd sliced. Finland still has lost a heavy populated area named Karelen and its second bioggest town named Vippuri.

So here You should see You as You are – and inland state. And its about the same thinking in the black sea. You have expanded into areas, which all has been very hostile to You for very good reasons.

Go and devellop Your own country and give Your own population, what they needed under the Tzars too. It wasnt tanks and nukes but wellfare made by Yoirself by well educated people being clever and flexible and not as Moses sometimes looking like Sodoma and Gomorra.

We dont need those constructed hostilities which only is meant to make fear and mainly among Yourself. And dont say I and we dont know. We sometimes know mpore about Russia then Yourself – sometimes we also know less.

A start would be to mind Your own business, because You dont. Help the millions of poor russians up to some better standards and help them live a little longer and well too. Thats what Im for too.

cechas vodobenikov

u backward uneducated cretin! the UN describes Denmark as “a rape culture” where despite reports of estimated 30,000 per year fewer than 100 convictions per year…you sexually repressed homosexuals now are a fake colony of uneducated fatherless girls where more than half children born out of marriage—your only God is money…Jenny projecting her desperate fear, incompetence. you know nothing about Russia—you are not we: take your own advice and find a boyfriend so that he will give you some attention…your desperation and loneliness must be overwhelming you…an educated human would not post such stupid insecure drivel

Jens Holm

That dont make sense according to Our culture and You dont compare with others as well.

True wehave focus on high income. By that wellfre is shared and we include people well.

If You take other comments about us, Ypu also can see we sometimes are the happiest nation in the whole world, so Ypu are very biased.

Jens Holm

WE also are defined as own persojns and not as family mob structures. By that many are not married even they make children or not.

We are sekulars, which here says Our school, education, and which kind of job we choose is not decided by old men or the familit at all.

They also dont pay !!!! So You can choose and be flexible to fullfill, what You can or cannot.

You here also as old or handicapped has to be helped by Your family. You get pension and the other kinds of needed help.

BY that You as parent even as married get money from the state to help supporting it. Its a lot, when they are vet small and dec line to zero, when they at the age of 18 are their own.

And let me remind You WWEHAVE CHOSEN THAT, because the other systems was not as good as the one, we have oted about. So we are mature in minds choosing Ourself. Some Allah from Aæabam or Groucho Marx dont decide that. WE DO.

Its very normal to live as single and no shame to have one or several children as long as You – sometimes with a lot of help – can take care.

I remember my father working in a bank. He hardly could accept there was a pocket calculatir on a computer. Its not needed. You dont learn to think. He said.

Well I seee the same for You. You have no idea about the real life in Denmark, because You are told a lot profanities and constructed lies of the worst kind. Your life is so differen, which might be fine, but we in many ways dont have Your values.


I take it again about rape. We registrate a lot better then most and by that rape is wider defines here, and we try to make the dark between cuilty and not guilty wider. Thats very difficult. We now use DNA a lot for it. Its forgotten the non guilty ones are victimes too. Now we often can see if they at least was there.

Other things are men are raped to. In Pedofilia only 50% are men but 40% are children or Youngsters at abot the same age and only 10% are vomen – but all exist.

I have been in that once in the old days. The Leaders where I worked not even looked after other then men and even believed 4 girls was raped or something by me.

Here I was lucky. All my 25 colleges said it was impossible, because I never was with those girls at all. So there was proof.

I didnt knew what happend next, but I had to change job and got 3 month extra salery from there. It was hard. I was asked again and again and they hoped they by pressure could make me soft.

For several months I didnt sleep well.

So statistics also has to say what they actually says. I can only agree in r ape in Denmark as well as the rest of the world is too high. WEe do work with it. Its very difficult.

But we actually know that 2 of 3 crimes all over the world is between family and close related to them. So are You safe in the families. No You are easier to control, the more closed and dominant the family is. They dont like we see the dirty laundry and do a lot to hide in in “honor” and for “respect”.

Only 1 of three crimes are from outside Your home.

cechas vodobenikov

your desperate stupidity amuses us…news to jens is always fake LSD news…since 2014 which nations have consistently voted to oppose condemnation of nazi symbolisms and expression in UN? USA, Ukraine—coward nazi Danes abstain—civilized Russia votes no
u despicable fascist—u are not a citizen—u r a client…a colony of USA
typical dumb racist crypto nazi
you are a mere animal—no soul or spirit

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