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JUNE 2021

Raqqah-Damascus Highway Reached by Syrian Democratic Forces, More Details

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Yesterday Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters reached the strategic Damascus-Raqqah highway west of Tabqah city as a result of the rapid advance supported by the US collation fighter jets. The highway is not in use by now. The operation began as SDF successfully repelled ISIS attempt to break the siege of Tabqah.

1km away from Tabqah.

According to SDF its fighters were able to kill 14 ISIS terrorists during the operation. A lot of weapons and ammunition have been captured. Furthermore SDF evacuated many people from ISIS controlled areas in Raqqah countryside and provided immediate medical emergency care to a number of civilians who were injured by ISIS mines while escaping.

From the other side ISIS claimed that the one of its suicide attackers successfully targeted a joint operational room of SDF and US officers in Al-Qadsiah farms in the eastern countryside of Raqqah. 20 SDF and US ranking serviceman were killed, according to the statement. Such a number of casualties carry little conviction.

Meanwhile the US Marines artillery and the US collation fighter jets continue to pound ISIS position in the besieged Tabqah city. SDF sources claim that the operation to capture Tabqah is coming soon while other Syrian opposition sources claim that SDF may head to southern Raqqah countryside first to lay a siege on Raqqah city before attacking Tabqah.

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