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Raqqa Residents Live In Dire Conditions: Russian Reconciliation Center

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Raqqa Residents Live In Dire Conditions: Russian Reconciliation Center

Raqqa. IMAGE: Zohra Bensemra/Reuters

Civilians in the Syrian city of Raqqa controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) suffer from a dire humanitarian situation, Lieutenant General Vladimir Savchenko, the chief of the Russian center for reconciliation of conflicting sides in Syria, said on September 15.

He pointed out that civilians lack of safe drinking water, so cases of cholera have already been registered.

“The Center for Reconciliation of Conflicting Sides continues receiving reports about a difficult humanitarian situation in the city of Raqqa. Local residents, who have been forcibly returned from the camps for temporarily displaced persons, have no access to pure drinking water and suffer deeply from the shortage of food and daily necessities,” he said. “Dysentery is raging in the city. There have been cases of cholera.”

According to Savchenko, the two-day-long rallies and protests of Raqqa residents have been suppressed by the SDF.

“In Raqqa and nearby populated localities, militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces detained several dozens of residents. Out of those, at least 16 people are candidates at local elections in the Syrian Arab Republic scheduled for October 10,” the general said.

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FOX, NBC, CBS, etc. are worse and complete CIA nationalist propaganda machines. https://fair.org/take-action/action-alerts/why-were-government-propaganda-experts-working-on-news-at-cnn/


I agree


And this is probably why ISIS still finds allies and hiding places in this area to conduct attacks at the YPG.

It is a smart thing for Russia to focus on aid relief and rebuilding in the liberated areas of East Ghouta and Daraa. People who feel that Russia and Damascus will look out for them are less likely to give support again to headchoppers.

Tudor Miron

First of all, thats the right thing to do. That fact that it does gain Damascus support is nice too.


You know F.uk.us and evil friends sponsor these regime change, color revolutions around the world, often a core group of “exceptional” psychopaths profit, often with exile to a friendlier locale, part of the deal. But usually those stuck trying to put things back together wind up like Raqqa, Mosul, Fallujah, Baghdad. I could spend a whole day compiling places destroyed by F.uk.us.

Do they ever put them back together? You know when a wedding or a funeral gets laser bombed, it’s just so preposterous, that of course it “seems” like a mistake, or desperate cowardice. But when you destroy power grids, waste sewage treatment plants, and the water supply systems for civilian areas, cholera and dysentery will result. I don’t care if the place is infested with terrorists bombing these facilities is an automatic you must rebuild it and war crimes tribunal. Automatic!

It is a known, purposeful, long term, biological attack. Oh, a couple hundred terrorists had to drive for water, meanwhile hundreds of thousands are now, perhaps permanently, without water, sanitation, cooking stoves, etc…,

The “War of Terror” is a War on Children, Women and Old folks!


Syrians in US occupied areas are not guest rather hostages.

Gregory Casey

Time for them all to get Armed and to Rise Up!!

Gregory Casey

Syrian “Democratic” Forces my ass ……. they are Kurds acting in concert with US-led Coalition & Wahhabi Scum and they intend, fully to allow Residents of Raqqa to fester and die: time for those Residents and the Displaced People re-located to Raqqa to rise up and overthrow the American-Salafist sleazeballs. This is no more and no less than a blatant attempt to continue with their project of Shatter Syria.

Bill Wilson

Sounds like more drunken Russian propaganda.


Shut the fuck up dumbass American patriot Foxbot.

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