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Rafael Reveals New “Sea Breaker” Maritime and Land-Based Autonomous Precision Missile

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Rafael Reveals New "Sea Breaker" Maritime and Land-Based Autonomous Precision Missile

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On June 29th, Israeli company Rafael unveiled its “Sea Breaker”, which is a Maritime & Land-Based, Long-Range Autonomous Weapon System.

It is essentially a new precision missile, with 300 km range. It can operate from ships at sea, and also ground-based launchers.

The Sea Breaker is a naval and artillery unit “force multiplier, designed to overcome the challenges of the modern warfare arena,” Rafael said in a statement.

The four-meter-long missile weighs less than 400 kilograms and flies at high subsonic speeds towards its target.

With infrared homing and automatic target recognition capabilities, it can be launched both during the day or night and in all weather conditions.

“It’s smart and to the point,” a senior Rafael official told reporters, adding that the Sea Breaker brings all the capabilities of the Israeli company into one precision strike fifth-generation missile.

It can be used for various purposes including sea-to-sea, sea-land, land-sea or land-land missions against high-value targets and can be launched from a naval platform of varying sizes from fast attack missile ships to corvettes and frigates.

According to the company, the battery architecture supports standalone launchers, or operates as an integrated solution with a command-and-control Unit (CCU) and various sensors.

It has an advanced IIR seeker, and can reportedly be used effectively in A2/AD areas.

It can hit targets in littoral or brown water, including archipelagos and also strike targets where previous “generation RF-seeker-based missiles are not effective,” Rafael said.

According to senior Rafael officials, the company took the capabilities of both the SPIKE NLOS and SPICE missiles and combined them to make the Sea Breaker.

Using artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies like deep-learning and big data-based scene matching, the missile is able to automatically acquire and track targets.

It also has a datalink-support system that allows the operator to make decisions and tactical updates.

The missile can be used in GPS-denied arenas and is immune to electronic countermeasures (ECM) and is jam-resilient. The Sea Breaker also has a mid-flight abort capability and battle damage assessment for operators to see the target after firing the missile.

“It’s mission effective,” said the official, adding that it can strike targets “when you want, how you want and from where you want.”


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None of you

Brilliant let use some of them on Iranian warships or tankers

A clown like you

LMFAO kiddo, when was the last time Zion dare to attack Iran?
They use MEK terrorists, Wahhabi terrorists, and yanquis like you. They fight to last yanquis…not Zion moron, just have a look at yanquis – getting kick left and right by China the next superpower – Russia, a country the holding and making NATO and yanquis to piss themselves 24/7.

Ignorance is your power foolish child.


its a true clownshow by now and i repeat their iron dome system is a paper dome system and it miserably failed its a laughable excuse of a defense system and it cant be put on the same level of serious defense systems because its more on the level of american laughable excuse of systems which americans didnt use and dumped on these idiots XD

Chess Master

Sepastopol is clogged of such rusty junk anyway.

Lone Ranger

You spelled Pearl Harbor wrong Shlomo…


And tho whom they will use these gaming scenarios, to whom? Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria that’s the maximum they can go and use these gaming scenarios. Oh and finally Israhell invented a Cruise Missile. Hah, damn too late into the game. I love how all that looks so easy in a game simulation. Cheers. With your new Cruise Missiles.

Lone Ranger

Short range and sub sonic, already obsolete.


its not obsolete dumbass,learn something about anti-ship missiles clueless Hungarian pretending to be russian.You are lost again in slavian narrative,cheap disinformation.

Lone Ranger

Its obsolete.
And I never pretended to be Russian contrary to you Shlomo…


Oy vey


Iranians have better missiles – even with sanctions. If Israel steals rusian missile tech, then we’ll take note, otherwise its a big yawn. They’ll still lose against Hamas.

Yamil Perez

You mean as long as Hamas isn’t crying and begging Egypt for a ceasefire?


Urban Moving Systems has a new instrument with which to produce false-flags with.



A clown like you

(99%) paid and stolen from yanquis and I’m (99%) sure they going to sell it to yanquis as well, just like how at the start of each year they get billions from the US and put it back in yanqui’s banks for interest.


Israeli tech and innovation are why smart Arabs and others are siding with Israel against the loser Pals.

A clown like you

LMFAO, American tech first of all not Zion, UAE don’t care about some Zion, they are rich Arabs and have full support from the US – The “peace deal” was to attack China trade road and UAE getting F-35 jets…might I add that UAE people LOVE Iran and work with Iran. Most of the sanctions Iran getting away from is thanks to their neighbors, Iraq-Turkey-UAE-Qatar-Kuwait <- all of those countries are rich and powerful and have a long history with each other.

Child let me tell you something…in this world no-one side with anyone if they is nothing for them…the Arabs countries such as UAE/SA/etc…don't care about Zion, they want weapons from the US and getting away from war crimes…which the US do for them.


the zionists have miserable capabilities and its easy to say that they 100% depend on others to get their idiotic lazy ruinous and radical project forward and generally its a big show about nothing as we did see with the iron dome who miserably failed against the most simple low speed rockets btw what is up with this nonsense “The missile can be used in GPS-denied arenas and is immune to electronic countermeasures (ECM) and is jam-resilient.” what an absurd and laughable claim which doesnt work in combination with the other claims such as “It also has a datalink-support system that allows the operator to make decisions and tactical updates.”

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
Simon Ndiritu

They will now proceed to create a war to market it


So they basically made a cruise missile.. nothing new there.

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