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JUNE 2021

Radical Saudi Cleric Muhaysini Survives Assassination Attempt In Idlib

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Radical Saudi Cleric Muhaysini Survives Assassination Attempt In Idlib

Abdullah al-Muhaysini armored pickup truck after the attack, via Enab Baladi

On April 27, an IED targeted an armored pickup truck was carrying radical Saudi cleric Abdullah al-Muhaysini near the town of Saraqib in the southwestern Idlib countryside, according to several Syrian oppositions sources.

Minutes after the failed assassination attempt, al-Muhaysini confirmed through his official Telegram channel that he had not been injured in the IED attack. The Saudi cleric also revealed that he had been targeted when he was on his way back from a reconciliation meeting among several armed groups.

Al-Muhaysini, who is well linked to al-Qaeda, had survived several attacks since 2015, including two airstrikes of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) and the Russian Aerospace Force.

The Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported that Idlib governorate had witnessed more than 20 assassinations over the last 24 hours. Two commanders of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Syrian Liberation Front (SLF) were among the the casualties of these attacks.

The assassination wave began only one day after HTS and the SLF had reached a “permanent ceasefire,” which suggests that the attackers are aimed at sabotaging the new agreement. According to Syrian opposition sources, ISIS is the prime suspect.

HTS and several other armed groups in Idlib governorate have stepped up their security measures on their checkpoints in Idlib to counter these attacks. However, local observers doubt that the assassinations will stop as they appear to be well planned.

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ISIS in Idlib? It’s more likely that both groups decided to take a quick breather to reposition their forces, while taking assassination potshots at each other. They’re both determined to wipe each other out

Al kuffar

I guess it’s JTS funded by Turkey trying to take over Idlib , In short Qatar,Turkey vs saudi

Mohammed Asim

Wow that’s what we want keep on killing each other until the Syrian army arrives in idlib


Love that Wahhabi civil war

why do they fight? there are enough goats for all wahhabis

Assad should target goat and sheep herds to make salafi terrorists sexually frustrated


Why they fight? Probably the correct interpretation of how to fuck goats. Maybe one side says that proper foreplay should be applied, which the other side considers this as heresy?


What is proper foreplay in goat bestiality? Does a Wahhabi have to bathe a goat’s genitals with his tongue before spitting on the goat’s anus prior to sticking their manhood in?

klove and light

syrian special forces with the help of russia..what did the bastards think will happen in idlib.Jihadi paradise?LOL…the SAA and russia made those agreements to get the rats all in one basket called idlib.LOL.now they are fetching out the fattest…make the rats kill each other, and keep on fetching.LOL
True paradise for these takfiri scum terrorists.lol

Roger Snellman

My money is on Turkey’s JTS. Turkey needs to keep expanding along it’s border all the way to the Mediterranean. Looks like Turkey is aiming for 25% of what was once Syria’s territory. Kurdistan already has the 25% with the most oil. Iran is bringing in 80,000 Shia fighters using their new base on the road from Damascus to Lebanon. They will start at the Lebanon border and cleanse the country side of all terrorists (Sunni) fighters. Not sure how much Iran will end up with but they are determined to convert what ever is left of Syria to Shia control.


Yet more of your fraudulent, and sectarian, anti-Shia/anti-Iranian claims. Syria is a secular state, with a majority Sunni Muslim population, and the SAA fighting the Islamist militants is equally a majority Sunni institution. Syria is allied to Iran – and Iran is assisting Syria to fight a foreign NATO and Gulf State sponsored armed insurgency against the existing Syrian secular state and its secular institutions. Iran is not attempting to ‘convert’ anybody in Syria. Calling you out again, on this anti-Shia/anti-Iranian, would-be, sectarian fear mongering.

Mauro Craizer

Israel’s Zionists pushing propaganda as there is Shia vs Sunni battle at ME. It’s not. We don’t need MSM talking points here in comment section like yours. Educate yourself, or you like Goldman Sachs/Raytheon Petrodollar “democracy” agenda?

Roger Snellman

Iran is fighting Sunnis in other parts of the Middle East. You believe they want Sunni’s to control Syria. I have read Iran wants what is left of Syria to be under Shia control. We have a difference of opinion.

Mauro Craizer

Damascus Gov under Assad is SECULAR, not THEOCRACY like KSA.
Iran is not secular like Syria, but they are not fanatics like wahhabis.
End of discussuon, Syria and Iran didn’t start a war, so drop it.

Mahmoud Larfi

Being barred from entering Saudi Arabia, his only way to survive till the next season (if he does cherish his life) is to surrender to the Turks and issue a fatwa to his followers (HTS & Co.) to unite under Turkish banner.

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