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Radical Militants Continue Their Attacks On Aleppo

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Radical Militants Continue Their Attacks On Aleppo

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On October 26, unknown militants launched several improvised rocket-assisted munitions (IRAMs) at civilian buildings in the district of al-Nil in the northern part of the city of Aleppo in a clear violation of the Russian-Turkish deconfliction agreement, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

“The attack resulted in the injury of one woman and caused material damage,” the SANA’s reporter in Aleppo said.

In another violation, the “Wa Harid al-Muminin” operations room announced that its snipers targeted two soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the district of al-Zahra in the northern part of Aleppo. The operation room, which was formed earlier this month, includes several radical groups such as al-Qaeda-affiliated Horas al-Din.

The Turkish military claimed that all heavy weapons had been withdrawn from the demilitarized zone, which covers the militants’ positions around Aleppo. However, the militants are still launching rockets from there.

The SAA and its allies will likely respond to these new violations in the upcoming few hours by shelling the militants’ positions north and west of Aleppo.

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no shit smartass……… i still remember all these morons here “great idea, great agreement, russia controls erodgan”, and all other bs here.
From day 1 i told everyone, that turkey is THE NUMBER 1 ENEMY of SYRIA…donks here….how the fuck do I know that?? because I listen to the 2 most important players in this equation, erdogan and assad.
Erdogan “there will be no future for syria with ASSAD.Assad is a criminal who will be brought to justice”
ASSAD ” turkey is the main enemy of syria.We dont neogiate with criminals, and either they leave syria on its own, or we will force them to”

So i wonder why so many morons here believed this bs agreement when the 2 players tell u the truth.
Turkey was the country where 99% of all jihadi pricks came through into syria.
Turkey suppiled ALL jihadi groups with arms and ammu and logistics from day1.
turkey was the country buying 99% of ISIS oil, hence bankrolling the islamic state.
Turkey is the problem.If the problem turkey is handled this war is over.
but on the contrary.russia keeps coozing in erdogans ass.If russia´s gameplan was and is to use turkey to get rid of the YPG in n. syria and eastern syria…man what a dumb ass plan, and how it backfired already bigtime.The result of this unholy russian-turkey alliance is beyond believe.
Turkey , a nato member, was “allowed” to inavde afrin, and have in the meantime changed the demographics in afrin in such a wide extent, including changing strret names,town names,language spoken in schools,change to turkish lira etc… they had great teachers..the fucking satanic jews have been changing the demographics in palestine for 70 years now, and look what they got…dozens of “jiddish” towns , jiddish street names, jiddish money,jiddish language etc…they changed the demographics for good, i´m sure most here have seeen the palestine maps next to each other from 1945 to this day.
In idlib sam story, natice population gets kicked out, and their belonging including their farms and houses are given by the turkish to their islamist brothers…here at southfront was a great article about how the terrorists from east ghouta, ALL got houses and farms to resettle by the turkish forces, and the natives just got kicked out.
There is no other solution but WAR!!! I told u tthis months agao already, but not because i have some magic enlightment, but because I LISTEN TO THE PLAYERS.Erdogan and assad.Like water and oil.
Back to the russsians and their plan of usinf the turks to get rid of the YPG.
The YPG is a laughable little bs group.They are lightyears away of beiing something remotely close to an army such as the SAA is.In short, if the russians provide air cover, the SAA would take out the YPG in less than a week.They are no match what so ever, as everybody in the world saw in afrin and can still watch and see in east deir e zoor as the fucking useless YPG jew slaves cant handle 300-500 terrorists of IS in their fucking 5 towns with the help of nato airforce.
Russia, if it really wants to solve this syrian crisis should slowly get its act together, and rather than coozing up to the dirty turk bastard erdogan, who created 99% of this mess in the first place, they should n1. give air cover for the LONG OVERDUE attack on idlibn2. russia should make clear that turkey HAS to leave syria.n3 russia gives air cover for battle in afrin.n4. russia gives air cover for the SAA battle against YPG.
The question is will they.all this bs girly talk of lavrov and petrov on how illegal the occupation by foreign forces is…. are u fucking kidding me..NO SHIT.. its like small boys crying and telling the world how a bully stole his sweeties and thats not fare.lol.
Turkey is illegal in syria. france and uk and usa are illegal in syria.All mentiioned nations are nato members!! including turkey.
time to act russia and not time to sit with LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
Germany(occupied stupid fucked up by moslems raped nation lol) and france(an illegal occupier in syria) to talk about political settlements??? are u on drugs putin.wtf ..germany and france?? insane truly insane…so germany decides about the poitical settlement in syria?? insane absoltuley insane.is this the same germany that gives asylum to hundereds of daesh terrorists??where young yassisdi captive women meet their rapists on the streets of hamburs and munich, where the police say ” sorry he got plotical asylum there is nothing we can do” and these yound yassidi women then choose to go back to iraq, where it is safer….LOL u folks belive what u want but i´m telling u the truth.
All nations that recognize the iilegal entity named israel are part of a bigger agenda.
A one world governmnet with jeruslaem as its capital, under satanic jewish leadership.
Only those nations can be trusted that do not recognize israel.
And how do the two power nations of this world react to israel and its atrocities including genocide,torture and murder of kids in the thousands ???
Trump”Israel is our greatets friend”
Putin”we are great friends of israel”
Two sides of the same coin.usa and russia.and both nations controlled 100% by satanic jews(some call them zionists, but thats just a scapegoat..satanic jews they all beliebe in their holy book the talmud which clearly reads “all non jews are GOJIM, all non jewish women are WHORES”

as long as u folks dont see through the mist, and still believe in good russia or bad russia or good usa or bad usa, u r just scratching the surface, the surface that they want u to see.but that aint the truth of the matter.so sad that u folks after 2000 years of war,genocide,rape and theft on our planet still dont catch the drift.
peace love and harmony to all with 1 exeption.satanic jews!evil of mankind and planet earth.

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