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Racist, Sexist “Diversity Disaster” Looming In AI Thanks To White Male Programmers

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Sorry white males, you’ve done it again.

Racist, Sexist "Diversity Disaster" Looming In AI Thanks To White Male Programmers

According to new research by New York University’s AI Now Institute, we may be in for a future of racist, mansplaining, sexist AIs which are “at risk of replicating or perpetuating historical biases and power imbalances,” reports The Guardian.

Examples cited include image recognition services making offensive classifications of minoritieschatbots adopting hate speech, and Amazon technology failing to recognize users with darker skin colors. The biases of systems built by the AI industry can be largely attributed to the lack of diversity within the field itself, the report said. –The Guardian

“The industry has to acknowledge the gravity of the situation and admit that its existing methods have failed to address these problems,” said report author Kate Crawford. “The use of AI systems for the classification, detection, and prediction of race and gender is in urgent need of re-evaluation.

As the report notes, over 80% of AI professors are men, while ‘progressive’ Silicon Valley’s super-sexism isn’t helping either. Facebook’s AI research team, for example, is only 15% women. Microsoft’s stands at 10%. Nevermind that women comprise just 18% of computer science majors – which is the exact percentage of authors presenting their work at leading AI conferences.

Racist, Sexist "Diversity Disaster" Looming In AI Thanks To White Male Programmers
Via Wired

Big tech’s ‘overt racism’ is also on display – as just 2.5% of Google’s workforce is black, while Facebook and Microsoft are each at 4%. Could this be why Microsoft’s AI, Tay, turned into a raging Holocaust denier after “machine learning” from the internet over the span of 24 hours:

Racist, Sexist "Diversity Disaster" Looming In AI Thanks To White Male Programmers

Why is this happening? According to the report, it’s not the fact that far fewer women are entering computer science despite nearly 20 years of encouraging women to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) majors. It’s issues with “the pipeline” – i.e. the industry (dominated by liberals) is racist and sexist.

Despite many decades of ‘pipeline studies’ that assess the flow of diverse job candidates from school to industry, there has been no substantial progress in diversity in the AI industry. The focus on the pipeline has not addressed deeper issues with workplace cultures, power asymmetries, harassment, exclusionary hiring practices, unfair compensation, and tokenization that are causing people to leave or avoid working in the AI sector altogether. –AI Now Institute

What recommendations does NYU have to save the world from mansplaining AI that don’t respect “historical imbalances”?

1. Publish compensation levels, including bonuses and equity, across all roles and job categories, broken down by race and gender.

2. End pay and opportunity inequality, and set pay and benefit equity goals that include contract workers, temps, and vendors.

3. Publish harassment and discrimination transparency reports, including the number of claims over time, the types of claims submitted, and actions taken.

4. Change hiring practices to maximize diversity: include targeted recruitment beyond elite universities, ensure more equitable focus on under-represented groups, and create more pathways for contractors, temps, and vendors to become full-time employees.

5. Commit to transparency around hiring practices, especially regarding how candidates are leveled, compensated, and promoted.

6. Increase the number of people of color, women and other under-represented groups at senior leadership levels of AI companies across all departments.

7. Ensure executive incentive structures are tied to increases in hiring and retention of underrepresented groups.

8. For academic workplaces, ensure greater diversity in all spaces


And remember, AI industry:

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The charts are the graduates from American universities, naturally due to social economic conditions in America, they are mostly white. Those same social cultural conditions mean that they are mostly white males.

But the American IT workforce is full of Asians and a lot of those Asians are women.

American women don’t want to be computer programmers, and I don’t blame them, it’s so boring and frustrating.

You can call me Al

This has nothing to do with low IQs of certain races.


No not at all, it’s mostly economic.

You can call me Al

OK, fair play.

PS Everton 4 – Manure 0….. and I don’t care even if you don’t care; this needs Worldwide coverage.




I also think that men and women on average are more inclined towards certain tasks and personal interests, most men in primordial times having to set out into the environment in order to forage for food and resources, while most women stayed home (because of their smaller stature and being physically weaker than men) with the kids in order for them to survive.

According to theories of human evolutionary behavior, this can explain a number of neurological and physiological differences between men and women.


New York University and the zGuardian going full throttle marxist here. I wish they would just stick their diversity to where the sun don’t shine. This is a milder version what has been happening in South Africa (ANC is a marxist ruling party), and SA is going down the pan so fast it isn’t funny. 25 years from Mandela rule to present day and South Africa has gone from 1st world economy to 3rd world economy. Julius the “Moron” Malemma even suggested recently that jobs should be given out to people in a raffle! And no qualifications needed if you’re black. It is quite astonishing.
“Diversity” and forced “equality” as well as “feminism” are marxist concepts designed to vilify the talented and the intelligent and the male. Marxists throughout their history have always tried to politically activate the intellectually challenged. That is their strength and the basic reason of their persistent failures in the long run. On top of that they don’t understand economy, and they don’t have a firm and credible moral code that could be universally applied. They are designed to fail.

You can call me Al

Ref https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Soros ….. look who his brother is …..= Paul Soros.

NYU = https://www.nyu.edu/academics/awards-and-highlights/global-awards/scholarships/paul-and-daisy-soros-foundation.html

Guardian = https://www.facebook.com/theguardian/posts/well-who-funds-you-farage-says-the-observer-funds-me-i-saygeorge-soros-is-iti-ca/10157374654906323/

> Ref the Guardian, Soros did fund it, basically to keep it alive, but and try and find theproof now !!!!, very difficult.


Detective Al “Happy Easter” Monk.

Carlos Correia

the guardian: that epic moment when you start to understand social Engineering and how they divide the cattle to keep the powers in place perpetual, funding universitys to show studies to steer numbers and words against each other, the pleb must never known the truth

Dick Von Dast'Ard

In other words destroy Western Civilization for the benefit of the elite billionaire class, futurist cultists to keep control and eventually introduce synthetic androids to phase out the serfs in one or two centuries timeline.

We all know where this politically correct crap is leading.

If you can’t bad mouth comment, or have anything negative to say, about society and societal trends (for fear of losing income) where does this all lead?

Keep abusing either your brother or sister neighbor, it is in fact actually healthy.

You can call me Al

No, I am sick of this bollocks. If these browns and blacks don’t like it, send the fuckers to a Country with a majority of their colour, religion or culture.

Whoops, have I fallen into the trap ?, ah well Happy Easter.


The Guardian should be banned for being a SJW hate speech rag. At the very least never be taken serious by anyone.


The Guardian was last taken seriously as ‘left wing’ back in the 1990’s. Now there are actual websites dedicated to trolling The Guardian’s establishment editorial agenda – their gratuitous micro focus on identity politics, presented as the bastion of left activism, whilst in reality they are in complete macro compliance with the dominant neo-liberal economic world order.


Saddam Hussein

This is why I love the Arab World, they dont care about this diversity crap. Youre either a male or a female in the Arab World, there is nothing in between.

You can call me Al

Could I be a Arab please, a Christian one ?.

Saddam Hussein

Of course. If you speak the language and respect Arabic culture, then youre more than welcome.

You can call me Al

OH !!.


send in the NAACP???

Congo rebels are eating pygmies, UN says. The UN had sent six officials to investigate the accusation as well as other human rights abuses, he said. Other UN officials in the capital, Kinshasa, and the eastern city of Goma said that widespread cannibalism had already been established.

R PLobo

So its not jews running everything? Oh wait it is!

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