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Queen Elizabeth-Class Aircraft Carrier (Infographics)

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Queen Elizabeth-Class Aircraft Carrier (Infographics)

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The Queen Elizabeth is the class of two aircraft carriers, which are currently in service with the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy.


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Flooding Threatens To Put New British Carrier Out Of Action For Six Months flooding incident aboard the British Royal Navy’s second Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier, HMS Prince of Wales, will reportedly prevent the warship from going to sea for at least six months. Repairing the damage will mean a delay for the carrier’s planned sailing to the United States, where it is due to carry out the Westlant 21 trials with the F-35B Lightning short takeoff and vertical landing fighter jet.

——————– In other words when starts functioning finally, air-carrier will have US F-35B. So UK has spent so much for two carriers that they do not have enough money for buying F-35’s.

Lone Ranger

The ship is ok but its rendered useless with the Flop-35s. They should have went with the naval version of the Typhoon but the UK is a cia colony nowdays. Poor Queen Victoria is rotating in his grave.


Not to mention it has hardly any defences of its own. Just 3 CIWS against air threats… no missiles.

Lone Ranger

I bet on Uncle Sams order. They dont want anything what could rival them not even from their own vassals. Highly counterproductive…

cechas vodobenikov

hopefully will reduce their drug addiction—the most addicts in Europe now in Glasgow—overdose deaths may catchup to those in USA


These ships are imperial baubles. Nothing more. They can’t be used in anger without the protection of a US task force (the Royal Navy is not up to the job) and they have no proper defense against cheap anti-ship missiles which can be launched as a swarm.

The pompous British have, as usual, chosen hubris over common sense. Still, it’ll give the plebs something to wave their plastic, Chinese-made Union Jack flags about as they sing ‘Rule Britannia’ during royal regattas.


LOL!! spot on.


I saw it last year as i was sailing out of Portsmouth for Normandy France,it looks ok but i don’t think many aircraft carriers would survive a conflict with a serious foe,i believe aircraft carriers are obsolete,okfor bulying small Countries that can’t fight back.https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/792fa4caad45da8eae6ccc6b74494fe89a850bf1be53b71fe26ba408dd5b1dfb.jpg

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