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JUNE 2021

Qatari Defense Ministry: Qatar Was Forced To Joint Saudi-Led Coalition That Invaded Yemen

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Qatari Defense Ministry: Qatar Was Forced To Joint Saudi-Led Coalition That Invaded Yemen

Khalid Al Attiyah, Qatar’s Minister of State for Defense, visits a Qatari Armed Forces’ detachment. SOURCE: QNA

Qatar was forced to joint the Saudi-led coalition that invaded Yemen, Qatari Defense Minister Khalid Al-Attiyah has said to the Turkish TRT TV channel.

“Qatar has found itself forced to join the Arab Coalition in Yemen,” the defense minister said revealing that Doha had had no will to participate in the invasion in Yemen.

Accoding to Al-Attiyah, Qatar founded itself forced to participate in the Arab Coalition that was waging a war against Yemen.

“Qatar was never inside Yemen, we were on the Saudi border in all our missions,” hea sad adding that “at the beginning of the crisis (with UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt) we were asked to leave the Saudi border and we did so and our armies returned.”

The defense minister stressed that Qatari forces didn’t entered Yemen and were involved only in protecting and guarding the Saudi borders.

Al-Attiyah added that Doha has own vision of settling the crisis in Yemen and believes that the dialogue is the shortest way to solve problems.

The Saudi-led alliance excluded Qatar from the military bloc on June 5 in the awake of the Qatar diplomatic crisis.

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Heh heh … bwahahahahahahaha

solomon mlambo

Qatar should steer clear of the warmongers and move herself to world economic self-aggrandisement instead. Any alliance with vampire empires (western led coalitions) will evaporate before prophecy.

Solomon Krupacek

don´t cry for qatar

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