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Qatari Crisis: Behind the Scene

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Qatari Crisis: Behind the Scene

FILE – In this May 14, 2010 file photo, a Qatari woman walks in front of the city skyline in Doha, Qatar. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili, File)

The ongoing Qatari crisis followed a high number of diplomatic negotiations as well as political and economic deals by powers involved in the Middle Eastern geopolitical standoff.

  • US President Donald Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov behind closed doors at the White House on May 10. The sides discussed a wide range of issues, including “Ukraine, Syria, and bilateral issues.”
  • On May 20, Trump arrived Riyadh where he participated in establishing of a larger anti-Iranian front in the Middle East and made a $750 million military sale to Saudi Arabia.
  • On June 5, the Qatari crisis started in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia and some other countries cutting ties with the gulf state. Following the start of the crisis, Trump confirmed that he supports the anti-Qatari actions and believes that “Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!”

All these developments took place amid the collapse of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. There is little doubt that Qatar provided funds and support to ISIS. However, Doha would not be able to do this without at least formal coordination with the US and its special services. Qatar hosts the largest US military base in the Middle East.

According to some experts, the whole story could take its start during the Lavrov-Trump meeting in Washington. The Russian side could provide hard evidence of the involvement of the US-led Middle Eastern bloc (not only Qatar) in supporting of terrorism.

In this situation, Qatar was chosen to be a whipping boy for the international community. Furthermore, almost all involved sides have own reasons to blame Qatar.

  • The US is interested in a public effect of the ongoing war of terror. The Obama administration had made major efforts in order to get a label of the state-sponsor of terrorism. Now, the Trump administration has to deal with it.
  • Saudi Arabia and Israel have a joint interests. They both oppose to the Palestinian organization “Hamas” and to the Muslim Brotherhood supported by Qatar. Riyadh and Tel Aviv keep a joint front against the so-called Iranian threat. In turn, Qatar has more freedom of action in this case and maintains relatively close ties with Iran.
  • Russia may be interested in removing Qatar as a source of funds for terrorists operating in Syria. Qatar supports various jihadi factions in the country. Furthermore, Doha is the source of funding for radicals operating near the southern Russian borders.

Probably, Turkey is the only power interested in defending Qatar. On Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan voiced disapproval of the sanctions on Qatar. But who cares?

Thus, the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey already revealed their positions over the Qatari crisis. Russia and Iran remained relatively neutral. Moreover, there is a possibility that Moscow has contributed some efforts to create the current situation.

Qatar could respond to the crisis with to steps:

  • To boost ties with Iran in order to obtain its military and diplomatic support in case a full-scale diplomatic and economic confrontation with neighboring countries. Doha deeply depends on its energy sector and Tehran may help with logistics of the gas and oil trade via the Persian Gulf.
  • To follow the Turkish approach and to boost relations with the Russian-oriented block in the region.

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Nigel Maund

There’s a global re – alignment underway where the Globalist International Bankster – Corporatist Cabal dominated States are now well understood in their brazen quest for world domination. Those who prefer freedom and bilateral national approach are aligning with China, Russia and Iran. The writing for us all is clearly on the wall. If we don’t vote for freedom and self determination, and break way from the Globalists, then we will all be serfs to, or killed by, the evil Globalists in their endless wars and live in their Military Industial Complex dominated Police States were only the selected few will be allowed to live.

George King

“Furthermore, Doha is the source of funding for radicals operating near the southern Russian borders.”
Chechenya is an example of what Russian multi polar world can produce and that is the path Qatar will now take or rather is being forced into by the current situation. It will be a good thing for Qatar’s future. Stay tuned…….

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

If the present crisis forces Qatar to look for an alliance with Iran, the situation will get better for Russia’s objectives. Qatar would then be forced to stop financing terrorism in the ME making it easier to defeat the main terrorist forces. And it could become an important base for a future war of Iran against Saudi Arabia. Not least, it could also lead to the expulsion of US forces from its Qatar base.


Qatar is a typical case of backstabbing. Qatar, Saudi, UAE and Kuwait are all involved in destablizing Iraq and Syria. All support ISIS/Daesh and terrorist organizations. Now that their desired dream in Syria are in shamble.. they are turning their eyes among each other. Qatar if it wants to survive should go Iran/Russia. no other way.


Saudis threatened military action against qatar. Let this sink in. They wanted to install a puppet dictator and plunder qatar’s $700 billion sovereign wealth fund. This is impossible to do without first getting approval from the United states. We know now that trump gave them this approval based on trump’s tweets encouraging the saudis threats. He probably gave approval during his visit when he joined the saudis in a war dance.

This is an unexpected gift for russia. Qatar had been the second biggest financiers of foreign fighters in syria and closely partnered with turkey in the war on syria. This is perhaps as big a blunder as the failed US-saudi coup attempt on turkey last year. And make no mistake, it’s a blunder. The qatar regime change attempt failed. Other GCC states, Kuwait and oman, are dumbfounded by saudi aggression against a fellow member of the alliance. An invasion would end the GCC treaty and Kuwait and Oman will no longer see iran as their greatest security threat.

Furthermore, every sunni muslim in saudi arabia are scratching their wondering why their king is threatening to go to war with another sunni ally, qatar, and make demands that they end all further support for palestinians in gaza. This has nothing to do with saudi arabia’s security. Everyone is asking, who’s interests is their king serving? With his list of demands The saudi king might as well be announcing loyalty to israel.

At this point, to prevent chaos in saudi arabia, trump has changed his mind and told the saudis to shelve the invasion. Now he wants to negotiate with qatar , pretending invasion is still an option. But qatar is getting closer to turkey and even began talking to iran, a nation they’ve long condemned up till now. A regime change in qatar would have further isolated turkey. Now they are closer to qatar than ever. This is a major blunder by saudi-trump administration.


It is only a blunder if the Qatar royals live , invasion is still an option , Trumps “negotiate” , is obey or die . The Qatari royals have only two options , Turkey and / or Iran .
Turkey is an immediate answer , time for a holiday in Turkey , with a transfer of assets as well . We will see if Erdogan is smart enough to deploy more than three thousand troops , and instead deploy thirty thousand .
Ironically , in the long run , Iran might be safer .

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