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Qatar Showcases Its New Chinese-Made Ballistic Missiles (Photos)

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Qatar Showcases Its New Chinese-Made Ballistic Missiles (Photos)

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During the Qatari National Day parade on December 18, the Qatari Army revealed its newly acquired Chinese-made SY-400 missile systems. The Qatari-Chinese deal was not announced beofre and its unknown when exactly Qatar received the advanced missile system.

Photos from the Qatari National Day parade showed that each of the Qatari SY-400 systems was armed with two BP-12A solid-fueled short-range ballistic missiles (SRBMs), that have the range of 300-400km, and 480 high explosive warheads. The BP-12A SRBM is guided by an Internal Navigation System (INS) that’s aided by a satellite navigation system.

Qatar Showcases Its New Chinese-Made Ballistic Missiles (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

The SY-400 can be also armed with up to eight SY-400 missiles, that have the range of 180km. The SY-400 is also guided by INS and a satellite navigation system. The SY-400 can also carry up to twelve PH-03 heavy rockets that have the range of 90km. However, it’s unknown if Qatar bought these rockets too, or only BP-12A SRBMs.

The Qatari decision to purchase and then publicly showcase the SY-400 missile system is a clear message to Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies, that placed a siege and strict sanctions on Qatar on June 5.

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Richard M

Launch them into Mordor. See how the Wahhabi Orcs like it!


The world need more opposition to fucking Juesej ! Kongres usa is dead of us !!


Like the Qatari style , buy them , but only tell the world after you have them . Wonder if Iran has some on order , or they are making their own version .


What happens to Gadafi and Libya must happen for Qatar to show them how it feels to be targeted by his “allies”.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I hope they have at minimum 300-400 of these. They should take a lesson from Yemen, that if you go to war against the Zionist forces of Saudi Arabia, the only thing you could own to strike back is missiles.
I am sure looking back that the people of Yemen regret not increasing their missile count by at least ten times.
And take lesson from Iran. The only reason Israel and the UK and Saudi Arabia have not attacked is because they have sufficient numbers of good performing missiles.
Lebanon is not occupied by Jew’s right now, because they have lots of defensive missiles.
If any nation wishes to survive evil-NATO and Israel, they need lots of missiles just as Best-Korea has.


Qatar trying very hard to please everyone except the russians. They buy f-15 from the US, Sy-400 from China, meanwhile Al-Jazeera is still bashing Assad and Russia. Their political maneuvering is stil in search of coherence.

Steve Bell

Perhaps something to do with giving Israel the s-300 codes it sold to Iran, which Iran discovered and changed.

Arthur Smith

Qatar bought a piece of Rosneft’ and with help of Gasprom smuggles LNG into Egypt, bypassing the sanctions. It’s already pleasant enough.

chris chuba

Sure, everyone is allowed to have ballistic missiles except Iran.

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