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JUNE 2021

Qatar Praises Russia Constructive Role In Syrian Peace Process, Turns Away From Former Allies Within Anti-Assad Coalition

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Qatar Praises Russia Constructive Role In Syrian Peace Process, Turns Away From Former Allies Within Anti-Assad Coalition

Qatar has allegedly joined Turkey in an attempt to cooperate with Russia and Iran in the ongoing Middle Eastern standoff. Following the ongoing diplomatic crisis over Doha, the Qatari government has choosen to follow up Ankara and to built closer ties with Russia instead of directly following the inconsistent US cource over conflicts in the Middle East.

Just in 2015, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other US “partners” were blaming Russian airstrikes in Syria and were calling on Moscow to drop support to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Now, Doha is direclty prasing the Russian constructive role in the Syrian conflict and in the whole Middle East.

We back the Astana process, we back the Geneva process, we continue to support Russia’s efforts in resolving the crisis. I think Russia is leading a very constructive process, is trying to bring all the opposition and government to come and sit around the negotiating table. This takes time, it takes effort, but it also takes collective will by all the parties who are engaged in this process, both the United States, Europe, the Arab countries — Qatar, Saudi and Egypt, and of course Iran and Turkey and Russia,” Qatari Ambassador to Russia Fahad Mohammed Attiyah said on Sunday according to the Russian state-run news agency Sputniknews.

The ambassador added that Doha believes that the ongoing Gulf crisis (over Qatar) will not affect Qatar’s attitude towards the intra-Syrian talks. However, he added that some countries may use it.

“No, I don’t think the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] crisis will affect this process, although the blockading countries might want to. Qatar stands firm that the crisis should not have any spillover effects on Syrian file or any other file,” Sputnik quoted the Qatari official. “What we cannot guarantee is what blockading nations are going to do, what Saudi really is going to do, what the Emirates are going to do, because they could act as spoiler nations. And they have indeed been acting in that way in the past.

Fahad Mohammed Attiyah also supported the Russian efforts over the ongoing Qatar diplomatic crisis.

“Russia has backed the Kuwaiti mediator and has asked all the people to come around the table of dialogue. And if needed, Russia is ready to come and support any effort for a speedy resolution,” he said. “Russia as a permanent member of the Security Council, as one of the founding nations for the UN system altogether, is and has been over the years a protector of the main principles of sovereignty, non-interference, non-regime change. And everything that these four blockading countries have been doing is the very violations that Russia is trying to prevent.”

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Qatar seems is not lacking in common sense , there may be a path to peace , as they have the money to make it happen .

Shylo Duffy

There’s going to come a time when all those who think about pulling regime change has serious 2nd thought! The sooner the better for humanity..

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

I mean who wouldn’t want to become a democratic paradise like Libya&Iraq after democracy was introduced to them?

Scarooni Recruit

I wish you were right but our american government unfortunately is working regime change right now in Venezuela. They want to install a puppet government that would answer to the oil industry


Qatari praising Russian peace efforts in Syria and showing willingness to side with the Russian side against the anti Assad axis of evil, is a compelling and a clear political win for Putin.

John Whitehot

it’s a victory for peace and justice over zionist imposed chaos and war, above all.


Putin gradually dismantled the coalition of the axis of evil, bringing Turkey and now Qatar within his coalition.


Iran you’re all forgetting about the influential role of Iran.


I did not mention Iran, even though Iran was influential as well, it is a polarized matter involving two major powers.


Iran , Qatar and Russia could form their own gas “OPEC” , and really control the gas market !


That that works for me, the three producers are strategically located to service Europe and Asia with ease via pipelines or LNG .

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

It’s just awkward that Qatar is backing jihadists in Syria


I fear ISIS maybe coming to Qatar soon. :( Good thing the Americans have a huge base in Qatar to “Fight them” !!!

El Diablo

They would only save their necks by Saudis but is funny :D

Justin Ryan

Jump on the Winning side fellas, there’s plenty of room in the back!

John Whitehot

it’s more like, they lost the gamble and if they don’t recover at least some, they’re fucked for good.
Yet, it’s only good for peace that countries are willing to cooperate. If Qatar had “won its gamble”, Syria would be lost forever in chaos and war.

Justin Ryan

yes i agree with u!


I don’t care much if they praise Russia or not, I do care whether or not there still goes money from Qatar to Al Qaida and ISIS or not. For all the talk of Turkey now being closer to Moscow, there still goes money and arms to headchoppers in Syria from Turkey.

Tudor Miron

Turkey and Katar are perfect example of “turning enemies into neutrals, neutrals into allys, allys into friends” politics that Russia is implementing for several years now.

John Brown

Great news another defection from the racist supremacist Israeli Jewish empire. The empire is now losing everywhere, the Phillipines, Turkey, Qatar etc. etc


Interesting, but not unprecedented….

You could see this coming from a mile away the moment that saudi blockaded quatar over something as stupid as the failure of the syrian operation(between themselves). I’m sure putin is keenly aware of this and is all to happy to help put a wedge between these two idiots…


It woudn’t take much to turn Egypt either. Russia already has good relations with them. Unconfirmed reports suggest small detachment of Russian troops to Egypt. The Egyptians do not trust the Americans, even if they pay them lip service. They remember Morsi and what was done to them.

Its good that all of this is done with baby steps. You see the more the other side strikes out the worst it is for them. This ISIS adventure has been a total disaster for Israel and the Muricans. Far from destroying the so called Shia crescent, it has only strengthened them.

John Brown

Israel and the USSA overthrew the Egyptian government with
the Muslim brotherhood and are still attacking Egypt in Sinai with Israeli
ISIS. Egypt still needs Saudi Judea Arabia’s money because of all the damage
done to Egypt’s economy by racist Jewish supremacists already so they are
no position to rebel yet, but they will once the can prepare their economy for
the inevitable Jewish racist supremacist, USSA, NATO pact economic sanctions
and oil embargo when they do rebel like, Qatar is already experiencing and
paying the price with the embargo, so there is no longer any cost for Qatar to
turn against the racist supremacist Jewish empire, so they have because they are
ready with the Turkish military base there now and can withstand the sanctions,
embargos, and military threats of the racist supremacist Jewish empire.


Wow, what a turnabout. Turkey and Qatar do everything together. This is why. Turkey became an ally of Russia, Qatar does the same. This is thanks to Putin’s quiet hard work and patience.


Iraq may be next, that would be ironic.

Andrew Pate

Yep Iraq wants no more US terrorist help and request they take their troops home now.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Qatar if they want to be safe, contract a base for Iran air defense in your country so they can defend you when the ZOG starts to bomb you for regime change in Qatar.


Yep Qatar is choosing to save its own neck – survival is a powerful motivator.


Saudi-Arabia is weak, everyone sees it now. They have basically failed in every foreign policy action they have thus far tried and just try to throw more weight around in desperation. The already nominal GCC will now become completely non-existent. What is ironic and telling of course is that Qatar also hosts the US central command and hub of terrorist operations in the Middle East. Just moments earlier Iraqi leadership also thanked “Russia for preserving the Middle East”.


A nice article and well said.

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