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Qatar Foreign Minister Denounces Saudi Threats Over S-400 Deal

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Qatar Foreign Minister Denounces Saudi Threats Over S-400 Deal

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On June 5, Qatar’s Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani has denounced Saudi Arabia’s alleged threats of military action if Doha decides to buy Russian S-400 air defense systems. The foreign minister said that his country can decide for itself what weapons to buy.

“The purchase of any military equipment is a sovereign decision that no country has anything to do with,” he told Qatari TV channel Al Jazeera adding that any external pressure on the nation would violate international law.

Al Thani’s remarks were a response to the letter the Saudi King had reportedly sent to French President Emmanuel Macron.

In letter quoted by French Le Monde, the King was claiming that the purchase of Russian-made air defense systems by Qatar will undermine “national security” of its Gulf neighbors. In this case, the King threatened that Saudi Arabia will take any needed measeures, including a “military action” to defend its security.

Despite this, Al Thani also said that Qatar’s decision to buy the S-400 systems will not be influenced by Riyadh.

“Qatar made all the options open for its defense procurement. We are seeking the best quality to defend our country,” he said.

Qatar signed a military cooperation agreement with Russia in 2017. In January Qatar’s envoy to Russia said that the negotiations to buy S-400 systems are “in the advanced stage.”

At the same time, Qatar is still in deep diplomatic crisis with Saudi Arabia.

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Prince Teutonic

Russia made disagreement between US and Turkey and now betweeen SA and Qatar over procurement of S-400 systems and all that without a single bullet or rocket fired…


Air superiority remains it’s biggest advantages against any smaller and militarily undeveloped country so as their worries. Soon the sky would be much deadlier as country keep advancing in the warplanes design and missiles.
It’s not getting a lot of highlight but country like Pakistan are now capable to built it’s own lightweight multirole fighters much more cheaper as well as readily available than western MIC can offers them.
Near future any color revolution and relevant regime change operations wouldn’t be as sufficient using merely men equipped with small arms in the ground. No matter how organized it can be.


One need to have a closer look how Pakistan tackles the threat of Air superiority of foreign nations. I had this on my radar for some time. here an older link for the interested. https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/pakistan-air-defense.320923/
in the last two years Pakistan is increasing the speed to get its capabilities improved. Upgrades of short and medium range systems are more frequent, and I guess there is a cooperation with other nations to get state of the art capability (its not the US).


Ah, a jewish troll who doesn’t care to point out that Putin BANS the sale of the s-400 to Syria, Iran and N Korea, yet sells it to all the allies of the USA and Israel.

NO- there is no dispute between the USA and Turkey. What is played in public (that this troll tells you to believe, like it would tell you to believe the public story of 911 and the skripal ‘poisoning’) is for appearance alone- typical psy-op conditioning.

KSA (not SA) and Qatar? That is ‘real’ but only in the sense of a PALACE DISPUTE- a fight between wahhabi would-be leaders as to which prince has the greater right to serve Israel.

You’ll see trolls here constantly telling you to believe the zionist press version of events- when those psy-op lies make thickie losers on our side feel a little better about a situation. These trolls hope you do NOT know about Putin/Russia’s voting records at the UN since Blair’s Kosovo war and after.

Putin has sold out Iran and Lebanon- as we witness in the partition of Syria today. All Putin now cares about is that HIS part of Syria might survive this September’s Iran War, when under the cover of that war Israel applies its long standing FINAL SOLUTION plan for neighbouring states.Putin is currently trying to persuade Israel to stick to genocide in Gaza and Lebanon, and leave the Russia sector of Syria in ‘peace’.


Iran was offered an upgraded version of the original S300 system they ordered when the nuclear deal was established, but Iran refused and went with the original order.

Every country only cares about it’s own business, if countries work together then because both benefit from it. And there is absolutely no problem with the world being like that.
Why should Russia care about Irans or Lebanons problems? They have no alliance, no special trade deals, if any of those countries want protection from Russia they have to ask for it and offer something in return.
Russia definitely will not ruin itself for somebody else for no reason, that would be a betrayal against it’s own citizens.

Anyway I predict there will be no war against Iran, Iran is too strong, the USA can’t afford another all out war and they don’t need one, their defence companies already make huge profit by selling over expensive weapon systems.
And Israel, Iran is too far for them, they have no navy that can bring the war there, no carriers for their air force. They’d be dependent on other countries and it’s not like they are loved among their neighbours.


Navy they have but is a flaw in what they have, when they attack countries that actualy can defend themselves. And navy it has the bad habit to sink when you have the tools to hit back and Iran has more than enough to sink what ever is send against them.


Probably why they wanted that independent Kurdistan so much, as it would sit right along Iran’s borders. And I reckon if both Israel and Saudi Arabia were that desperate then the latter would allow the use of its bases for the IDF against Iran.


let us make a reality check. israel can not attack Iran using foot soldiers this is a given, so having bases in what they attempt to create, kourdistan, already have those. They can also use SA airports for refueling. That is a given.

The question is simple will they survive the cost of what they will lose attacking Iran? Because I am certain not only Iran will know well in advance is been attacked and will retaliate, but also israelis will lose more than, 70% of their airforce attacking Iran if not more, not to mention what will actually happen to thier cities and their nuclear plants in sidona.

Why you think for the past 40 years israel is farting and demanding from others to attack iran on their behalf? have you follow what happen when they convince Iraq to attack Iran? Or you think then was not all NATO behind Iraq and they have not participated into the 8 years war if memory serve me well. And at that time Iran had absolute no help against the attackers. Today they have their own war industry and the full support of China.


Well, I wasn’t expecting them to use any ground troops in such a scenario. Would be kind of hard too as Saudi Arabia has no land border with Iran. Plus the Israelis have a massive hard on fetish for using air power. A ground war has become too messy for them.

As for the war with Iraq, at the time the Israelis were one of the few countries who backed Iran, because at that time they considered Saddam the greater of two evils. When the Americans exchanged money and weapons to the Iranians for the release of hostages held in Iran they did so via Israel. And Israel continued to get riled up over getting rid of Saddam until he was finally toppled in 2003. It was only then that they started the ‘the US should bomb Iran’ beat.

Which is why I have often said, the Israelis have no long term foreign policy other then getting rid of their current biggest thread, completely oblivious and not interested in what happens after that. Which is usually the emergence of an even greater, even more fanatical enemy. When often they would have been so much better of if they had reached an agreement with their old adversary instead. Often they have even encouraged the rise of this new adversary as they see it as a means to get rid of the old one. They’ve gone through cycle endlessly and for some strange reason they just refuse to see the pattern.


you have your info not correct. Israel was a big ally to Iran when the Shah was in control and supply them with oil in very special prices.

After the revolutionary army took over Iran, not only become usraels deadly enemy, but also usrael was the main force behind the iraq attack against iran, following the two attempts to free the hostage in the american embassy. The world knows of one, that become public knowledge but was two attempts.


China makes the S300 under license, and when Russia refused to deliver the S300 to Iran because of American pressure, China stepped in and supplied Iran with control modules. Much cheaper than an S300, but it makes Iranian missiles better than S200’s, and we have all seen how S200’s and Pantsirs shoot down American missiles with ease.

If any of the axis powers attack Iran, Iran will hit their most vulnerable point, the Saudi oil wells.
Without Saudi petrodollars, the US economy would collapse, and without American money Israel would collapse.

The axis powers are just shooting their mouths off, they know Iran can bring them down, that’s why the US is returning to economic warfare, but that will also fail.

Wise Gandalf

S200 and Pantsir are NOT anti missile sytems. Also S-300 is anti aicraft system. Only one version is combined, has 2+2 different launchers. 2 rockets agains aircrafts and 2 rockets against missiles.


“S200 and Pantsir are NOT anti missile sytems.”

The Pantsir-S1 was designed to provide point air defence of military/industrial/administrative installations against aircraft, helicopters, precision munitions, cruise missiles and UAVs

The wise read before shooting off.

Wise Gandalf

Be sure, the anti missile effect is weak. There is no universal rocket.


Hi word salad. Prince Teutonic made a valid point. How’s the weather at Langley?


I am sure you confuse tel aviv with langley.


Same shit different pile :)


Are you not tired describing yourself and accuse others for the pityfull clone you are? Stop looking your self in the mirror and jerking off.


Don’t you get tired of constantly posting the same thing, like a modern day Cato the Elder? Or are you just copy pasting the same post all over again? I would no longer notice as I reckon, like most people here, we’re no longer reading them.


What you expect of a single cell, intelligense or variety?

I think you ask too much, from an amoeba.


Well, what Putin does there looks … “very BRITISH” if I may say so.. The guy you criticize, has some right in what he says, I’m afraid! (OK, it’s NOT so brutal and Master-Slave relation how he presents it, but some coquetting with the REAL Enemy is there)
Please read THIS and maybe it clears some “foggy parts” of PUTIN’s love-story with Bibi:
It’s short and .. Jewish HA’ARETZ, that means it tells frankly as a MASTER’s decree, what is from second-placed leaders to be expected.
At least it says much more than the foggy NWO or self-named “Independent Anti-globalist Opposition Press”:



Thing is though, at some point he became immensely disappointed with Putin and ever since he’s been posting these immense tirades against Putin under EVERY GODDAMN ARTICLE. There’s this poster named Rob who posts similar immense rants against Israel. And they’re all the same. So after a while you stop caring and no longer read them, and after a while even having to scroll past them to get to the other posts becomes tiresome, so why not activate ignore on those posters?

If you want to convince other readers getting ignored and even blocked seems hardly a good return on all the effort you’re putting in to it.


Noticed this too. Maybe this is the real power of the s400…


“… and now between SA and Qatar”
Sorry but that skirmish between the Saudis and the Qataris was started by the Saudis long before Putin arranged the S-400-deals with each of them.

Qatar was in the “anti-Assad-coalition” only to sell its GAS-reserves thru a pipe-line that would have crossed Assad’s Syria. But QATAR isn’t an enemy of IRAN ( like the SAUDIS) and endorses GAZA and HAMAS ( the enemies of the NEW-FRIEND of the Saudis, the ISRAEL).
But the MAIN-issues remain the quotes on the Energy- market of Qatar’s GAS-reservoirs, that bother the Saudis, the UAE and the rest of the greedy Camel-dvngs in the region.


The world is going crazy when the S-400 are been sold, the literary know that the S-400 can shot down anything from the sky anything, stealth is just an imaginary option for the Neocons and the Zionists with their ugly F-35.


The question is not if Quatar want to buy S400. The question is when Russia will deliver them if ever. Lesson with russians is they always sell but never deliver when they are needed and if they ever do is after the party is over, or when they no longer needed.


Why would Russia sell its most potent weapons to the corrupt ME countries, they know the US would end up getting them, and reverse engineer them.
The US doesn’t have an effective anti missile system, the last thing Russia would do is give them one.


I reckon without a good integrated radar network, and back up by medium and short range air defense systems the S-400 by itself would be of questionable use. What use is a long range air defense system when it can be attacked by short range weapons.

Of course against the Saudis it wouldn’t matter that much, as they have the worst army in the world. But then again I suspect that the Qatari’s are way better at letting others fight then do the actual fighting themselves as well.

Brother Ma

I agree. Long range is useless unless the whole plan is to scare Israel and make it tone down its rhetoric with Russia.


Whether Russia sells the S400 to this country does not matter, what matters is the fear these weapons instill in the USA Israel and Saudi Arabia.
i wouldn’t be at all surprised if Russia agrees to supply these weapons, just to watch the axis powers foam at the mouth.
I doubt they will supply them to Qatar, because Qatar is a US vassal state, but it’s entertaining to make Bibi and Prince Salamander fly to Moscow to beg Putin.
Will this draw Prince Salamander out of his cell at the US base?

Brother Ma

Excellent reasoning! I agree Russia will never deliver to those Qatari vermin. It is good to see these zionatoyanquis squirm.


so US try to dissuade turkey , india, qatar and other nations from buying S400… unlike the cowardly japs who bought american junk which cant even stop NK ancient rockets , these nations knew the S400 missile complex will prevent US regime change and illegal invasion..

somewhere in pentagon , the wailing of anguish can still be heard over the loss of US technological lead in missiles , as indicated by the grumbling of USAF officers in Qatar CAOC when they saw almost all F/UK/US missiles got intercepted and jammed by “backward” russian technology..

the easy war of lobbing tomahawks into 3rd world country is now gone , anyone can buy russian A2AD tech and become instantly capable of defending their nation from US agression..


Israeli migrants should keep their forces 40 miles away from Golan Heights……

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