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JUNE 2023

Qassem Soleimani’s letter to the US: Leave Syria or else! Could Al-Hasaka 2018 become Beirut 1983?

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Written by Elijah J. Magnier; Originally appeared in English in HIS BLOG

Well informed sources have said the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp Brigadier General Haj Qassem Soleimani sent a verbal letter, via Russia, to the head of the US forces commander in Syria, advising him to pull out all US forces to the last soldier “or the doors of hell will open up”.

Qassem Soleimani’s letter to the US: Leave Syria or else! Could Al-Hasaka 2018 become Beirut 1983?

“My message to the US military command: when the battle against ISIS (the Islamic State group) will end, no American soldier will be tolerated in Syria. I advise you to leave by your own will or you will be forced to it”, said Soleimani to a Russian officer. Soleimani asked the Russian responsible to expose the Iranian intentions towards the US: that they will be considered as forces of occupation if these decide to stay in north-east Syria where Kurds and Arab tribes cohabit together.

The Russians are not against the US presence and can adapt to this after defining the demarcation lines to avoid any clash. But Iran has a clear position and has decided not to abandon the Syrian President alone to face the US forces, if these stay behind.

Soleimani’s letter to the US clearly indicated the promise of ‘surprise measures’ against the US: ” You shall face soldiers and forces you have not experienced before in Syria and you will leave the country sooner or later”.

Russia conveyed to the US that Iran will stay in Syria as long as President Assad decides, he who insists in liberating the entire territory from all forces without exception. Russia confirmed to the US its intention to refrain from offering any air support to Iran and its allies in the case of attacks on US forces. From the Russian perspective, the Iran-US dispute is not its concern nor on its agenda.

Mike Pompeo, the US central Agency Director, said last week that he had sent a letter to Soleimani expressing his concern about Iran’s intention to attack American interests and “will hold Soleimani and Iran accountable for any attack in Iraq”.

Mohammad Mohammadi Golpayegani, a senior aid to the Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei confirmed Pompeo’s attempt to send a letter but said  “Soleimani refused to read it or to take it because he has nothing further to add”.

Sources in the area believe it is not unlikely that Kurdish groups – operating in al-Hasaka and who are faithful to the government of Damascus – are willing to be spearheaded against the US forces. Many of these groups remained loyal to Syria: they reject any occupation forces on its land or the partition of the country.

Al-Hasaka 2018 is being widely referred to, those 1983 events where hundreds of US Marines and French paratroopers were killed following double suicide attacks by Islamists in Beirut. The multinational forces became hostile rather than peacekeepers and were pushed to leave Lebanon in a rush as a consequence of this attack. The future could well mirror these past events.

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yeah! grab Trump by his pussy!!


Biology 1.01 seems advisable here.

Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under

I don’t think Lupus is being literal! :)


Saudi government could join Iran, Russia and China. Saudi government should not make it too late like Ex president of Iraq Saddam Hussain, M Qadafi of Libya etc. Otherwise the damages to the Saudis government and whole nation that caused by America and Israhell will be too difficult to recovered.

Asking for help from enemies of Muslims is not wise. United they can win and divided they will fall. Till this time what America have given to Saudi government just ready made military hardware and false promises. That is nothing. Saudi government could get military hardware manufacturing facilities.

Their scientists can join research and development projects together with chines and Russian projects in nuclear power generation, military hardware technologies and in space delivery and exploration technologies etc. Then in this way Saudis can lead the world and not the American and Israhell.


Saudis are evil, they can join Russia and Iran just as much as Izrael or USA can suddenly become good guys and join them too. :D lmao




Kushner is a great friend of Saidi new King, so they are using US intel and are joined at the hip with Israel and its objectives. It will be very difficult for saudi to go to a weaker position.


You have no knowledge that who are weaker and who are stronger. America has been destroyed by their own corrupt politicians. Look to their debts. Please update your knowledge.

Boris Kazlov

Saudis are too stupid and filthy to lead the world. Are you in a pipe dream?


What do you think Saudis are not humans. If they a little fine tune their brains then you will see that Saudis are a great nation in the whole world and the world communities will learn the way of life from them but at the current movement they are sick and they need proper treatment.

Tommy Jensen

Fine tuning the Saudi brains with cocaine. https://nypost.com/2015/10/28/saudi-prince-busted-with-two-tons-of-isis-drug-and-cocaine-on-his-private-plane-officials/


Of course, I have other things to do in life besides being overly fascinated with skirmishes that are and will be taking place in this mired geography. But I must admit, I feel that what is happening is truly a prelude to what the world will become in the too not to distant future (It’s unfolding now). My key reference is the Book of Revelation including the prophetic writing throughout the Bible and other authentic religious manuscripts as ‘desolations’ are changing the landscape of the world continue to happen.


A.R.S.E. – Which Bible, King James? or another doctored manuscript. I love the bit in the bible (Garden of Getsamanie) where Jesus (God) is talking to God (Jesus) and its all recorded by a man who wasnt born for a hundred years! Oh yes your on the right track, HaHaHaHa!


Anyone can pick a line out, and condemn it. However, overall the Bible makes for interesting reading, and it’s a good historical reference. Don’t try to interpret it; read it for what it is, and if it sounds too weird to be true it’s probably just a folk tale.

Melotte 22

Russia should stay behind its allies and not backing off. This gives wrong signals to American criminals who are illegally in Syria and need to get out, otherwise peace will never prevail in Syria.


Yes, but the Iranians have already proven their ability to dispatch Americans by the hundreds per month. Is that the price an exhausted USA is willing to pay?


U$A is a ROGUE state!

Little Sip

Of course we would, wwinsti. As Americans, we will dispatch 1,000 Iranians for every one of ours. We are NEVER so exhausted as a nation that we would not defend ourselves far out of proportion to the offense. America will leave Syria soon enough, under its own power and motivation. Iran and a bleating, impotent general of its armed forces won’t speed up that process by a single. Solitary. Day.

Tommy Jensen

Sure. Leaving purely by their own American power and motivation. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7d579923897e2d8375fe6fc0b09105df09f906088e54199201ddf784cb6e7810.jpg

Little Sip

Ummmm…I’m gonna bet that your name is Tommy Jensen like my name is Qassem Soleimani. Anyway…had there been an actual shooting war with Iran, the sailors you see above would not be prisoners. They would be doing search patterns, zigzagging over the surface of the Persian Gulf, looking for any survivors of the Iranian gunboat(s) who dared to approach the SAG on station.


While your numbers are exaggerated for effect, it’s certainly true to say that the US military’s ability to inflict a huge body count remains completely intact, and might be the only thing it’s still good at in fact. Just look at the killsdeaths ratios in the Vietnam, Lebanon, Korean Nationalist Chinese conflicts, or simply read the leaked Pentagon papers from 68′ and you’ll see it’s always has been and always will be about body count. It’s still a monumental sacrifice however, to knowingly send ones youngest and brightest adults into a conflict where the greatest send-home injury is severe head trauma. I mean, if filling Walmarts through out the country with drooling, flag draped vets in wheelchairs (33,000 vets from Iraq/Afghan wars with permanent head injury) isn’t a sign of dedication to the doctrine of full spectrum dominance, Then I don’t know what is.

As for “leaving of our own accord.”, well that’s just a romantic projection. The US doesn’t leave anywhere without good cause. Hell, when Obama first commented on the rise of ISIS in Iraq, He said he hoped Pres. Maliki “would learn a valuable lesson” about kicking the Americans out of Iraq. So no, exceptionalism narratives aside, The US will have to leave Syria due to an unsustainable position- thanks largely to Iran, despite having it’s precious higher body count.

Little Sip

Wwinsti…full spectrum dominance ROCKS. If you have ever been on the flip side…of NOT having it? You’d know it’s a good thing. And I’d rather our troops take a chance with PTSD than MIA or KIA. Body counts are important…because bodies don’t fight back. Body count means that so many less troops ARE COMING TO KILL YOU. I support that all-in doctrine of war…you either fight a war, or you don’t. I don’t like war, glorify it or even prefer it. But if we are gonna do it…we have to do it full throttle.

Ron Wheeler

And you can be stationed in the front-forward position when war breaks out. You state: “Syria soon enough, under its own power and motivation” like we did in Vietnam and Somalia? Dude you have watching Americans at War movies and I bet you are also a football fan.

Little Sip

“Front-forward”? You can just say “in the front lines”, my man. And when did I make the statement you make above? Yes, I watch war movies, and yes I am a diehard Cowboys fan. You must not be an American citizen, right? ;)


You are absolutely right! Thank God for Gen. Suleimani.


Iran and allies can easily handle 2000 US soldiers in the midst of nowhere without Russia going into WW3.

Putin the chess master.

888mladen .


Ron Wheeler

What relevance is that link you give? You make no sense here.

Pat Mc Ginley

Empires never settle for anything less than total world domination. JFK was opting for it. So, he had to be eliminated. They already have military installations in over 140 countries. Only another 50+ left to seize unless the world fights back against The Empire.


It’s maskirovka in my opinion. Russia wants the aggressors to think they won’t help, forcing America to make mistakes once they’re surprised with several Su-35s and S-400s shooting down their planes.


Has Russia abandoned Syria in face of Israel and Saidi pressure?


I wonder that myself? No Christian nation has ever stood against Israel, and if the Russians do they will be the first. Time will tell.


Our Pop Francis has stood against Israhell. I am Chrisian and I am against Israhell. UK PM May, French PM Macron and German Chancellor Angela Markell have expressed their concerned against Israhell and Trump. I think your knowledge has not updated.

Tony B.

This phony Israel is very young, a Rothschild project. It cannot last. Leaches always destroy their host. If they cannot find a new one they perish. The U.S. has been the host for Israel since it’s murderous beginning. The leaches have just about killed that host. Who will be dumb enough to be a next one?


Why Russia abandon Syria when there is an agreement between Russia and Syrian government.

Tony B.

No, that’s not the agreement. Russia agreed to get rid of ISIS, not to be Syria’s armed forces.

Rex drabble

No they didnt,They went to help Syria and at the same time stop ISIS who without a doubt would target Russia next.Your comments are usually well thought out Rob,you got this one wrong.


Russia knows USA is quickly becoming naked in Syria. USA ground forces can’t handle a straight fight with the battle hardened Iran, Iraqi, Syrian and Hezbollah militias. They can win without Russia anyway.

Either way Russia still hopes that USA will leave peacefully as they are running out of cards to remain.

Tommy Jensen

The Jews told Putin to leave Syria. Putin just did what he was told to do. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b523ac84ae89612005d913af896793fac266c4c4ea705cf6d77317a937dbf491.jpg

Fritz Otto

IT was quite time that anybody finally put the US-occupation and demolition forces in the right corner and on the right way! Such words I was awaiting for since weeks… Lets hope, that the events will be sheduled in a matter, that there will be no fight back after…


The U$ is just waiting for the Russians to leave Syria. After Russia is gone the U$ expects free reign over the skies of Syria, and they will attack, and murder at their convenience. Obviously that’s not acceptable to Iran nor should it be. Hopefully the U$ will strut, bluster, declare victory, and go home.


Kind of funny how Syria, Iran etc. were the US of their day, turning majority Christian Lebanon into a war zone by supporting tens of thousands of Islamists. And still do. Hypocrites.


U$ is NO friend for Christians in the ME. Hezbollah did more to help Christians of Lebanon and Syria than Nato and the U$ ever did. In fact, U$ and Nato back the genocidal jihadists that murdering and evicting Christians from the ME.

888mladen .

May God bless you my brother you’ve said it as it is. How much are RU oligarchs friends of Christians?


God bless you too in this holy season!


That is perfectly correct


I had no idea about Iran + Syria backing Islamists in Christian Lebanon. I’m not totally surprised though. Could you recommend something for me to read to learn more about this?? Up until you just said that I’ve been a staunch supporter of Iran and Syria because I thought they where protective of Christians against rabbid Islamists. I’d like to know if i’m right or wrong in thinking that, I’d be real appreciative if anyone can point me in the right direction.


Read up on the Lebanon civil war, how Syria funnelled in Palestinian terrorist into Lebanon, instigating a war that overthrew the Christian majority. Beirut used to be the Paris of the Middle East with Christians in charge, now the country’s predominant military force are Hezbollah, Islamists funded by Iran (who are hypocritically getting involved in nations far away from where they live; why should they give a damn about countries on the Med?).


Before Hezbollah, how did Christian fared against attacks by Israel?

20000 died per invasion.

Basically , the Christians are not that fighting type.

Anyway, power is shared now in Lebanon if you do not know.

Even in Syria, how good were Christian in fighting terrorists or rather have to be saved by Hez and friends.


That’s a weird statement, considering that when Hezbollah start wars with Israel by attacking first, they then bunker up in the Christian south of Lebanon, using, as Islamists do, human shields that just happen to be Christian.

Christians fought hard in the civil war (well, invasion by Muslims), but the likes of Syria and Iran’s intervention was too overwhelming.

“Shared”. Christians have rightly been fleeing the country over the decades because it’s fast becoming an antagonist (again, Hezbollah started 2 wars with Israel) nightmare, give it a few more decades and Christians will be as numerous and badly persecuted as Egyptian Coptics.

Makes a change then, Hezbollah not using Christians as human shields, but even then, notice how easily your good guys just let the Islamists walk into Christian towns and cities and massacre them. Qaryatayn anyone? They fought a bit harder for Muslim areas, didn’t they!


Hez bunkered in all areas not just Christian areas . Shoe me a like to justify your statement.

In fact Hez warned Israel not to attack Beirut or the Israeli Tel Avi would be targeted. Israel obeyed.

Read many times Syrian Soldiers saving Christian townships but have not read a single Christian unit formed to fight the terrorists in Syria?

Have you known of one? Let me know.

Stupid and silly to say Hez used Christians as human shield when they have to be invisible from the air.

Typical Israeli excuse for their failures.

Try not to use F16 or F22 to fight Hez and see if they have to fight by being invisible from the air. Then you can say they hide behind human shields


In all areas in the south, which is Christian. Firing rockets at Israel and hiding, letting innocent civilians open to the fallout.

“Shoe me a like to justify your statement.”


Would Christian units even be tolerated? Besides, they’re far less tribal and spread out than Muslim contemporaries, hence why they integrate well, unlike the Muslim tribes, which constitute a fractured sham of a country.

Not at all stupid and silly, if you initiate a conflict, maybe evacuate the civilians you’re hiding around first? Typical Muslim justification for being cowards and hiding behind innocents.


Well you confirmed, Christians played very little part on the fighting .

Saying Muslims are cowards is surely the mortgage stupid thing to say….. Is a suicide bombers a coward?

No I am not their supporter but just to refute your statement.

They makes the famous Japanese kamakazi pilots of WW2 child play.

Cowards are those who run from battles and fight safely high high in the air… You know what I mean.

Your post about evacuating, gosh I can a book how civilians we’re trapped and bombed in Gaza aND Lebanon but no time to go into details..

3000 Hez vs 30,000 Israelis that fought face to face , you say Muslims are cowards?



I don’t know why you’re fixating on this, they assimilate, aren’t tribal, fractured and aggressive, unlike Muslims, hardly a bad thing.

Of course! Killing innocents is exceptionally cowardly. Are you mentally ill??

Gaza, the most humane war in history, where Israel would airdrop LEAFLETS to areas where Hamas had launch sites in civilian areas, telling the people to leave before the rocket sites were targeted. And Hamas forced them to stay, so they died and left wing idiots worldwide denounced Israel! Go figure. You support the wrong side.

Hiding in caves? Using human shields? Yes, cowardly.


Dropping leaflets but not providing any safe place to go to you say it was humane?

It was on record that civilians were trapped and many killed in the bombing.

Was there a safe area provided for civilian to ho in Gaza which is a very small place!

Fact is you do not know your faults and only see from your side. We outsiders can see the cruelty .

In fact the next war was to hit civilians even harder to force the fighters not to fight. Can’t remember what it is called .. Something doctrine whatever.

That to the world is cowardice not courage or glory.

You are so naive to say Hamas forced their families to stay . Really stupid. They have no where to go. Bombs falling all over the places even UzN building got bombed.

Now tell me why Israeli tanks did not go into the cities where Hamas were waiting but Israel prefer to wait outside and then went back for all the Gaza wars I know so far. Why?

I can tell you, hamas or Hez can be anything, cowardice is not one of them


The safe places to go to were anywhere but those launch sites that they said they were targeting! Are you serious??

The civilian numbers killed compared to insurgents is proof that it was the most humane war probably in history. I am an outsider and this ^^^ is a fact. I see the cruelty is Islamists using human shields to target civilians, you don’t. It’s pretty black and white really.

Gaza is supposedly on its knees, but how much money and effort does it spend on useless rockets to target civilians, as well as concrete to build tunnels into Israel, for which they use child labour and children dying in those tunnels as a result? That’s cowardice.

They did force their families to stay, these radical Islamists didn’t allow these civilians to leave the area. They forced them to stay, to garner sympathy. This information is easily verifiable, google it (but you won’t).


Because tanks have ample collateral damage attached to them, they destroy utterly and cowards using human shields will only see to mass civilian casualties. And this war was more surgical than that. It was to destroy rocket launching sites and pacify these aggressors. And it worked. It was extremely effective and the most humane war in history.


From your post, I can confirm you are a typical Western MSM zombie reader or an Israeli.

You are blind to reality.

Seems I have to teach whatever you are what is reality.

Yes , the ONLY excuse you kind if people has to justify your inability to defeat not just Hez but Hamas as well is this lame excuse “hiding behind ” civilians.

How about you stop hiding behind your F16s/ F35s? Go in with your powerful army that could defeat all the Arab armies? Why we see you dared not take Hez head on Soldiers to soldiers even in Gaza where all your tanks surrounded their cities with Hamas ready to do battle Syrian style. Why then in every Gaza war not once you entered the cities?

You are nuts to expect Hez to fight the war in the open while you use F16s to finish them off.

They have to operate hidden from the air.

About another brainless post is you are saying the civilians should go to areas where there are no Hezbollah fighters after you dropped the leaflets. Are you say at that moment of leaflets dropped with lest Tha 10 minute to run ,you expect the civilians are to check which places are safe?

This clearly showed you were not able to refute my post and comes up with your brainless excuse

Another brainless post about surgical strike by planes and killing people are humane when the most humane thing was to provide a safe haven where all civilians can go. But no . No once given Any more excuse?


And I can confirm that you’re a typical dhimmi, ignoring all facts that don’t support your views.

“About another brainless post is you are saying the civilians should go to areas where there are no Hezbollah fighters after you dropped the leaflets”

I said Hamas, pay attention.

10 minutes is plenty of time to flee! 10 more minutes than the likes of Hamas give! Might be more time, I don’t know if you were just stating a random number, either way, it’s unprecedented and there’s no way that a sane person could side with Hamas on this, or any issue.

Where would this safe haven even be? And could you guarantee that Hamas wouldn’t just again use these people as human shields for their launch sites again?

Alan Foo Ho Kok

Either you are immature or just plain ignorant, to say you are humane giving civilians 10 minutes to leave the area to be bombed when no one exactly know the precise spot that the bomb will fall is just not only stupid but dumb.

To say again to provide a safe haven where all civilians can go so as not to be bombed and Hamas will take advantage is even dumber. Such areas can be prior controlled by say UN

You guys are just not inhuman. Love to kill civilians so as to discourage Hamas to fight.

Don’t try to justify . Fact is the only way you can fight is to bomb indescriminately and to this day yet to read about major face to face battle with Hamas in the cities.

Alan Foo Ho Kok



We don’t know that it was only 10 minutes and how can you say that it’s inhumane to give civilians a warning when THAT IS UNPRECEDENTED? No other military force does that, they were targeting rocket sites, not civilians as Hezbollah/Hamas do, who you support. They sent leaflets directly on the target area, not in a kilometer wide radius. Of course everything sounds dumb when you remove context and facts, as is the Muslim/dhimmi way.

Where would this safe zone be? How could it possibly work and endure? That’s dumb.

I know that I’m not inhuman.

As I said, lowest civilian/fighter death ratio of any war. Civilians suffering should stop Hamas from fighting, considering that they were gifted Gaza and would thrive if they didn’t spend their aid money on rockets and concrete, to build tunnels into Israel using child labour, many of whom perish. THAT is inhumane.

They didn’t want to takeover the cities, the point of the way was to weaken Hamas’ capabilities, which they did.

Tommy Jensen

Bs. Christian units betrayed Lebanon and did dirty jobs for Israel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabra_and_Shatila_massacre

So sorry, but the moslems are the heroes in every way in Lebanon war history. The Christians not……….LOL.


Tommy Jensen, a very Muslim name; you dhimmi….

You’re right, Lebanon is a utopia now and totally wasn’t a gem of the Middle East under Christian rule.


For your information , the Maronite Christians are most in the North not south.

The south is Hezbollah territory.

It had been established that Hez did started it not to start a war but rather to capture and exchange for the many abductions of their people in Israeli jails . It was Israel that wanted to make it a war and got a taste of Hezbollah steel that is feared to this day.

You have not provided me one article that mentions of Christian contribution to the war efforts but rather I have read mostly be saved by the bravery of Hez and Assad’s soldiers which your kind and Trump love to kill

We Christians should be grateful to Assad for without him Christians would not exist in Syria.

Yet Israel and Trump loves to klll these heroes


And they didn’t think that attacking and trying to capture Israelis would start a war? That’s justification for you? So Israel wanted a war, which it did by… getting attacked?? Hezbollah casualties were massive compared to Israel’s something like 5/6:1. If Israel wasn’t so humane militarily, those odds would’ve been much worse.

Once again, you’re acting like Christian factions in Syria are a part of my argument, you’re playing the straw man.

Hezbollah, whose mandate is the destruction of Israel, which would involve millions of civilians, women, children, killed? What wonderful people they are.

You’re not a Christian, you’re a fraud, a dhimmi, evidently. Assad does protect Christians in Syria, but his slavishness to Iran (a necessity now, no doubt), funnelling money, weapons, rockets to Hezbollah/Hamas is intended for the genocide of Israel, which suffice to say, is very bad. Evil.


First and foremost, l have proved you post rubbish about Christian south.

Next your your lack of knowledge about Israel preparedness for war to destroy Hez the first rood to iran. You obviously are too ignorant to know that Israel o ly needed an excuse.

Israel had before kidnapped Lebanese too then but would not go into details.

Hezbollah was formed to resist Israelis yearly never ending attacks into Lebanon if your biased brain do not comprehend

Before 2006 , every year at least 20k people died for each of Israeli attacks into Lebanon.

After Hezbollah thrashed Israel, no more attacks on Lebanon Howany lives have been saved hence?

Now Hez has not to this day invaded Israel so is this talk about destruction of Israel? While Israel had constantly attack them.

I think with your biased view of who are the dangerous ones, you will still say it is Hez.

One thing, you pride in the numbers of Lebanese which included civilians dead vs mostly Israeli soldiers died on battle but s very lame.

Fact is very few Hez fighters died.

To me it is good that since then Israel has not attacked Lebanon since.

The facts are there between Hez and Israelis who cared more about civilians by the number of civilians killed in wars so far

Blind to your own weakness.


Protecting Christian factions in the south of the major cities then, where they were, you’re fixating on semantics.

“Next your your lack of knowledge about Israel preparedness for war to destroy Hez the first rood to iran.”

Try English; what the hell is a “rood”?? Couldn’t even guess. That’s not semantics, that’s genuine perplexion.

Of course they did…

After the likes of Syria, Iran etc. Islamised Lebanon, after trying TWICE to invade and wipe out Israel, so shocking that Israel would be defensive!

Again, Hezbollah deaths were something like 6:1, what kind of thrashing involves having 6 times as many deaths as your foe?? Dhimmi Djoe logic.

Hezbollah have one of the biggest rocket arsenals in the world, talk endlessly about wiping out Israel, support Hamas, who also target civilians, do you really blame Israel for being defensive, seriously?

Islamists are dangerous, far more so than Jews. Jews don’t talk about wiping out Muslims in their millions, do they.

Nope, go to wikipedia, it will say Hezbollah deaths, that’s not the civvy number. Sorry to land a truth bomb on you there.

Why are so adamantly in favour of all of the Muslims?? They consider you a useful idiot you know. I personally think that those who regard a mass murdering paedophile as the perfect human being are severely deranged and should not be supported, for obvious reasons. Plus their contempt for freedoms, women, gays, apostates etc.


One thing , if you cannot even know a mistype from mobile “rood” for “road” you are responding with desperation to my post which as I read are all rubbish posts from one who sees from his own personal warped view of real events and sanity.

You said Israel was invaded twice , and you imply Israel did not invade others? Really silly . The one attacking and invading has been Israel not Hez , iran or Syria!!

Yom Kippur war, where Israel literally was defeated and saved by america was not invasion by Arabs but to recover lost land lost through a cheat preemptive war of 1967.

Where did you get your 6:1 figure? ooooh I know from your Israeli news… they included Lebanese civilians+Hez fighters vs Mainly Israeli soldiers.

You guys using civilians as justification for victory. Fact is the ratio is more like 1:1 … and for heaven’s sake don’t try to spin that it was an Israeli victory when the odds was 3000 hez vs 30000 Israels plus planes, ships tanks etc etc etc you name it.

Hez may have the largest rocket arsenal… if you say so. Israel has the F35s, F16s , nukes, nuke subs etc etc etc need me to say anymore? and you fear Hez with some rockets. Who has been attacking who will answer your question. Has Hez ever invaded Israel? So why so scared?

First do not even compare how dangerous are the Islamists. No one dispute the atrocities of ISIs islamists.

Now you are talking about Hez… do they kill like the Israelis or ISIS ? Do they on record been seen to kill civilians like you do?

Have they attacked you compared to the many attacks on them including the Senior commanders? Who then are the more dangerous.

About why as a Christian I favour the Muslims. To group all Muslims like ISIS is wrong. Hezbollah are defenders of their land.

Tommy Jensen

I think I remember Christian Falangist Milits loyal to Israel making massacres in refugee camps. So maybe Christians in Lebanon are not that innocents as someone would like them to be?


That was in a response to a Muslim massacre though, wasn’t it. When you’re fighting a war and beset by foreign invaders who massacre your people, quid pro quo does apply.


Hm. Yeah thanks I will read up on it. Just reading your other comments, I’m pretty sure though that south of Lebabnon is the Shia majority section of the country. But when you say Iran funds Islamists, you make it sound like they’re funding ISIS or some other psychos, but to my knowledge Hez/Iran aren’t like that at all, but in fact are somwhat liked/respected by Christian Lebanese – Not to say that they are wonderful, protective friends willing to lay their lives down for Christians, of course not! They could just as easily turn on them. It’s smartest for Christians in the ME not to trust ANYBODY but eachother. Anyway, cheers for the comments, you’ve got me thinking.


You’re welcome, knowledge is power. I was of your mindset a couple of years ago, thinking that Syria/Iran were the good guys in this war, and they are (I guess), but they won’t be once the war is won. They’ll continue giving Hezbollah rockets, whose sole use is to kill Israeli civilians. They’re hypocrites considering what they did to Lebanon and again have no right to interfere in a foreign country solely because they want Islam to be dominant.

Isn’t it a part of Hezbollah’s mandate to see Israel destroyed? That’s pretty radical.

Hezbollah are the dominant military (and now becoming political) faction in Lebanon, more so than the toothless Lebanese army. They’re funded by Iran, who also want Israel wiped off the map, also radical.


Yes I agree, we’ll have to wait and see what Hez/Iran get upto after this war has concluded, and see if they really are the responsible world citizens they’d have us believe they are.

Donnie Palmer

What is said in the above is just crap – Syria has never backed Islamists – The Saudis stuck their noses into the Lebanon and were eventually expelled. As for the rest – get your facts right…..


Those ‘Atquatertoseven’ comments are leading you right up the garden path. The conflict in Lebanon was the consequence of a demographic and political crisis in Lebanon due the huge influx of PLO fighters arriving in Lebanon after their ousting from Jordan in the ‘Black September’ of 1970 between PLO and Jordanian army. The sudden arrival of masses of armed militant non-state PLO radical fighters, who wanted to continue their operations from inside Lebanon, had huge social and political impact on Lebanon that ultimate led to internal conflict.


Actually, it was the sudden mass influx of PLO fighters, forced out of Jordan after 1970, that both destabilized the demographics and politics of Lebanon and lead to the outbreak of civil conflict.


PLO fighters who were funnelled into Lebanon by Syria and supported in their efforts in the war by these Muslim countries.


Well-said. The Yankees should care this warning from Gen. Suleimani.

Tommy Jensen

Russia has done what it could do, stopping ISIS in the war against terror. Job is done and time to leave and go home with all the S-400. Hereafter its up to Assad to defend his country with the S-200 from 1976. Russia cant be responsible for everything.


Russia will have to keep some of its forces in Syria to monitor the situation and deter the terrorists.No doubt, the Yankees, Nato and their jihadist proxies will try to keep pushing their bloody agenda on Syria in the foreseeable future.


“After terrorism is defeated, the first step should be the pullout of those who stay illegitimately in Syria.”

Russia’s Sergey Lavrov calls for ‘pullout’ of US forces from Syria http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/russias-sergey-lavrov-calls-for-pullout-of-us-forces-from-syria/article/2635385

Tommy Jensen

Someone has to protect Syrian civilians against aggression from HitlerPutin and ButcherAssad. We cant leave now because we Americans have an obligation to protect civilians.


Disinfo troll much?

Boris Kazlov

Shame on Russia not to partner with Iran, sometimes I wonder what is Putin thinking.

Rüdiger Preiss

You don’t win a fight by just running against the enemy ;)


Russia is an inherently defensively minded county. Even Russia’s willingness to aid the Syrian gov. was a decision ultimately linked to its own security. The relationship has changed, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. Some Russian defense elements will be staying, the Russians will continue to work closely with Iran to increase Syria’s security.

888mladen .

Out of pure selfish motives I would say. RU ruling elite still hopes that Trump might remove sanctions which is pure wishful thinking. RU is capable of destroying US many times militarily however it’s powerless when it comes to controlling and issuing credit. In terms of money it’s too small fish compared to US juggernaut. That’s reality. It’s economy is approximately of a size of Italian economy. RU has never proved to be trustworthy ally. No wonder it hasn’t been trusted by others. Lavrov and Putin’s oligarchs sent Slobodan Milosevic to Hague for defending his country from US NATO aggression in 1999. It seems like Soleimani has fed up with RU condoning of Zionist aggression against Syria. I don’t blame him. I would probably do the same. Lot of precious Hezbolah fighters have lost their lives due to Zionist aggression against Syria to which RU ruling elite has turned blind eye.


My opinion is Russia is right for not interfering to risk the bigger picture of WW3 in general.

2000 soldiers in the middle of nowhere and with the Kurds on Syria’s sides as loyal Syrians is not going to last very long. Air power cannot do much least of all F22’s

888mladen .

My friend to be honest I wouldn’t like to have you in charge of my army neither I would dare to be a soldier under your command.


Hahaha…. Neither do I dare to be under my command too .

Your point of Russia’s sending generals is out of point to my post anyway

888mladen .

How you can be sure there are not more than 2000 US soldier? And remember those soldiers enjoy state of art CAS.


Well you have to ask the Iranians.

Put it 10,000 US soldiers then. Iran and allies can field 50,000 as there would be no more fighting elsewhere.

If not enough many more can come from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, the entire Syria…

So how many you say US has?

Hey, Iran and Syria have enough missiles just to flatten the US base even before one US planes fly ok . Without losing a single soldier.

US forces are just militarily unsustainable in the midst of Syria

….maybe Israel can help to defeat the Iranians.

Anyway these are silly talks . US to my opinion has no option.

John Mason

You are not wrong. The Iranians can muster the local tribes and it is best that Russia goes against the US legally, through the UNSC even though it is pointless but it does show up the US and other UN members will start to demand that the US abides by International law which is what Russia is strictly following.


The exact US military numbers in Syria, ie the non disclosed SOF, and their having heavy air support capacity are irrelevant in this context – seem to be missing the whole point of reference to Beirut Marine barracks in 1983. The US has bases, logistics lines and depots and airstrip bases, illegally, across north east Syria. In a post-ISIS Syria these could be very vulnerable to range of asymmetrical attacks – the shock on US public of the Beirut mass Marine casualties was enough to force the US leadership to politically review their whole military presence in Lebanon.

888mladen .

Somebody still lives in the past I would say. The only real threat to Coalition forces are RU cruise missiles and Beirut is not a desert land but urban aria. CAS capacity totally irrelevant?


Far out – apparently am going to have to explain this all to you. CAS against what or who? Look up Beirut Marines attack in 1983 – and while at it the definition of asymmetrical warfare. The Iranian threat suggested here is not a conventional military one, that can even have any form of CAS response, it would come in form of asymmetrical warfare. In near future, continued and very forward/isolated US occupation bases within Syria could draw hostile responses from number of factions – a range of actions from Syrian based factions snatching US personnel as hostages or Syrian based factions ambushing isolated personnel etc. Far from living in past – take a look at present US political landscape – based on last US election result – do you believe US general public is in mood for an extended and unsustainable illegal occupation in Syria that could escalate into asymmetrical US casualties? That is what the Iranians are talking about here.

Little Sip

I think the point is missed, Bob. The US has no interest in staying in Syria in any sort of significant force, but certainly not because of Iranian saber-rattling. The US has a warm place in its heart for the current incarnation of the Persian Empire after the kidnappings of our embassy staff nearly 40 years ago…rest assured we have not forgotten about that. There are a good number of folks in our military establishment that would like to turn Iran into a parking lot.

But Iran isn’t why the US won’t stay in Syria. Put quite simply, there’s nothing for us there. If there were, you’d see a lot more than a token force of US troops in-country, and the Syrian government would be ground underfoot in short order. Syria, however, isn’t worth our TOTAL commitment, given the lack of strategic resources helpful to the US, its close governmental ties with Russia, and its status as nothing more than a moderate regional power.

Regardless of whether or not Assad holds on in Syria, the US won’t commit sizeable forces to any conflict there for any extended period of time unless Israel somehow gets dragged into the conflict in significant fashion. We don’t need anything there, its strategic value isn’t high enough to fight over, and it’s just a way for US troops to gain more experience in the field.

The Iranian general who spouted this nonsense (to a Russian officer, no less LOL) knows all of this quite well. It makes him look tough in a situation where there is actually no chance of what he is referring to coming to pass. Good for him. Maybe he’ll get a few extra rials in his next check for it :)


The US is illegally, without UN resolution, occupying all of Syria east of the Euphrates River, and have literally just announced they are planning on building an illegal military base right next to the, again illegally occupied, primary Syrian hydrocarbon resource zone in the south-east of Dier Ezzore Governate – the Omar Fields. This is very, very, far south of any ethnic Kurdish north-eastern territories that US claims to be protecting. This is about holding the Syrian state to ransom – Syria’s own hydrocarbon resource assets are being militarily held by a foreign power who are determined to try and dictate the political outcome of the war. This is shameless aggression, invasion and occupation of Syrian territory. Furthermore, the US-SOF are also currently illegally occupy the Syrian-Iraqi border crossing at al-Tanf, even further south, an act of aggression designed to blockade the Damascus-Baghdad main highway. The US-SOF use warplanes to attack any Syrian forces near a US self declared ‘exclusion zone’ around al-Tanf – again actually inside of Syrian territory.

Tommy Jensen

US always want it the hard way and will be waiting until a hundred Americans in Syria are dead.

Little Sip

America won’t occupy Syria once the conflict is done. No interest in it. Maybe a few advisers and such. Hopefully Assad will step down and give Syria a shot at a non-dictatorial way of governing.


Are you crazy? Removing Assad was the whole objective of the foreign sponsored Syrian war – to remove the existing Syrian state leadership and create a vassal and fractured sectarian based Syria that could easily be dominated by Israel and Saudi Arabia. If the US were remotely, genuinely, concerned about encouraging non-dictatorial state leaderships in middle east, then why are their closes allies in middle east, and co-sponsors of regime change chaos in Syria, the absolute repressive dictatorships of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar?

Little Sip

Bob…can I call ya Bob? Or are you really Ali, or Hassem, or Quraysh? Anyway, I digress. Yes, Assad’s removal was important. Yes, the U.S. wanted to see that happen. But the U.S. has little interest in basing in Syria when there are so many options around it. Denying it to the Russians, and perhaps helping the Turks sleep better at night, are the more immediately pressing needs.

And why are the dictatorships you speak of our allies, Bob? Let me answer that for you: OIL. LOCATION. The oil makes us allies, and the strategic location makes us allies also.

Oh…and we like gambling in Dubai. That too.


It took you three months to formulate that response? Wasn’t worth it.

Little Sip

Nah, formulated that in my sleep. Took three months to decide if this forum was worth my time. I think I’ve gotten my answer on that, thanks.


Oh yeah – because it’s this global based forum – and not you. Epic lol.

Little Sip

I’ve got time, Bob. If you want to come up with a better response, I’ll wait. Oh, and by the way, it’s “globally based forum”, just to help you with your diction.

If this thread is the best the world has to offer…I DEFINITELY don’t need this collection of somnabulent tropes. You’re right, Bob, I AM epic…but I need opinions worthy of my epic responses, and I’m just not seeing them. Have fun here though.


Wow, that’s all rather desperate – do drift away, no one will much care.

Little Sip

Oh Bob, I just want to give you a big hug. It’ll be ok…wipe those tears from your adorable dewy eyes.

This is the INTERNET, Bob. No one cares about anyone here. For all we know, we are two sentient robots having a conversation here in the ether about something that people in 100 years will have no desire or care to know of. Assuming there is a world here in 100 years to worry about, that is.

But thanks for caring enough to reply, Bob. I knew you cared ;)


If Assad were a dictator, the US would have no problem with him. It’s the fact that he is supported by his people, because he supports them, that the US has issue with. Anyway, your US leaning blather means nothing, history and logic are not your strong points. If the US was really interested in ridding the ME of dictators and criminals, Bibi would be in the crosshairs. But he’s not is he? He’s right there in bed next to them, spouting the same BS as you stated…and quit up-voting your own comments, it’s childish.

Little Sip

Supported by the people he gasses? Do you mean supported by the tens of thousands of Syrian citizens that he tosses into hellhole prisons? Or you mean supported by the people who are terrified of disappearing if they are critical of the Syrian government? Apparently, clear vision and pulling your head out of the sand you live in are not your strong points. i also wasn’t aware that you knew Israel’s leaders well enough to refer to them colloquially.

That’s why I up-vote my own comment…I’m apparently the only one of the two of us who is choosing to make any sense. Just because I speak past your understanding does not make my comments blather. Please don’t take it as US-leaning…I don’t lean US. I am an American, and there’s a tower in Pisa than leans a lot less than I lean American. It may not be perfect, but the US is the greatest and most free nation on Earth. God bless the USA!

Little Sip

Zman! My main man! Is the Z for zebra? Zipper? Zippy? Zenobia? Zechariah? (Oh, probably not the Old Testament Zechariah lol). Ok, so let me get this straight: the people support Assad. The guy who gasses his own folks. THAT Assad. Alright, sure. That makes sense. Do SOME support Assad? No doubt. A lot of folks supported Hitler too, right?

We won’t get rid of Israel for two reasons: 1.) we are ALLIES. Israel isn’t always our pal…but they are our ally, and we theirs. 2.) the Israelis, unlike the rest of the region’s military forces, kicks ARSE. The U.S. keeps Israel from dominating the region more than it does already.

And I LIKE up voting my own comments. If you can’t up vote your OWN comment…how good is your comment, really?


You miss a point here. While your reference to Beirut is correct, in north east Syria has a US friendly population and a large local military guarding those bases, a military with extensive experience in coping with suicide attacks of all kinds. Furthermore, all locals know that those bases are a shield against Turkish and Syrian attacks, so they will shield those bases in their turn.


For now – but as ISIS threat dissolves so to will the forced unity of the more mixed population areas, and the foreign US military occupation presence will become more stark to the non-Kurds.


Look again … which side Iraq is. US or Iran . You are surrounded and Assad forces and allies can easily block all sides. You just do not have sufficient forces to prevent a total blackage.

This is Syria, Iran territory with battle hardened fighters vs US newbies and few in numbers … it would be 1000 worse than Afghanistan.

The point is , it is an established fact that the Kurds will have to get the best deal from Assad and no one else. They are already trying to do so if you do not know. The kurds would have to even join Assad to make sure you leave as they are SYRIANS.

The Kurds will leave US as sure as the sun sets tomorrow because Kurds are in the long haul in Syria while US soldiers are just temporary occupiers that are surrounded.

Btw .. if you expect US forces in Iraq is sufficient to take on Iran, Syria , Hez assuming Russia stands aside.. you surely are delusional .

888mladen .

Recently Kremlin Siloviki increased RU standing army to 2mil soldiers. How does that compare to 2000. Instead of sending soldiers they sent generals to fight and die on Syrian soil. Good strategy.


Sorry disagree totally with your views about Putin.

888mladen .

Read this and then you tell me if you still disagree.



You have your point there. I believe Putin is playing chess to protect his country playing with different players in ME.

It is accepted that Russia do have a mutual agreement with Israel and Iran was furious when one of their commanders were killed some time ago.

Syria still need Russia and Russia still need Syria . So it is up to how they play politics .

That’s why you see Putin befriend everyone including the Kurds so that he can be the mediator to the benefits of Russia.

To trust Putin or not depends on who and what circumstances

888mladen .

“Russia will not back down from helping Syria or Iran” A future behavior is determined by the past one

Ron Wheeler

Unfortunately Russia allows Syrian and Hamas to be bombed.


No , it is not needed to risk Ww3 over 2000 US soldiers who are surrounded and no basis to leave.

It is correct in this case Russia stays out.

No number of planes can prevent completely annihilation of the small force really and doing so by SAA forces would not bring about WW3 but would be a pill too bitter to swallow by US forces to be defeated by Iran backed forces.

So this is most likely result in peaceful withdrawal.

No sane commander want to risk lives of his precious soldiers for nothing or be blamed.

Putin’s strategy. …that cunning fox

John Mason

Turkey is preparing its’ military to confront the YPG. US is surrounded and in a no win situation.


Yes, so the Kurds only salvation is to be under the protection of Syria as Syrians

US has no one to protect from ‘ISIS’ except protecting the Iranian soldiers ?

That would be the day

Tommy Jensen

USA and Israel will be carpet bombing Iran and Turkey if they touch the Kurds. Kurdistan is their friend and ally, and USA and Israel will never leave an ally.


The most childish post here so far


US encouraged and then completely abandoned Kurds before – in Iraq post Gulf War 1.0 – no reason why won’t do it again if Kurds no longer of utility to US Geo-strategic ambitions.


No, they won’t. Your projections for the US defending the Kurds are becoming more emotional and fanciful with time. If there’s a limit to what Putin will do for Assad, then there’s a similar limit for a US defense of the Kurds as well. Carpet bombing will bring the x-101 missiles down on there heads, so salvaging the Rojova project will have to be a more subtle affair. Would you like me to link you to the Israeli analyst who shows why Russian missiles can’t be shot down? It’s a little bit hard to hear, but otherwise it’s a good presentation.

jim crowland

Christian West use your military might!! wipe out these Iranian terrorists from the face of the World!! We used to be the rulers of the world!! Just give a piece to Russia and we are done!

Alejandro Bonifacio

you’re mentally ill

888mladen .

No he has just return to UK from Syria where he has been fighting for ISIS. What’s the color of your helmet may I ask you?


Such an assclown comment

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Funny how the “Christian West” sacrificed the Christians of Syria on the alter of their crusades to remove Assad. Have you ever asked why the vast majority of Syrian Christians support President Assad and the Syrian Arab Army? Or is your head so far up the ass of US/EU/NATO expansion that you don’t hear the screams of Syrian Christians as they are thrown to the IS lions by the US/EU/NATO wolves? As a “Christian” (I am a British Indian Hindu), you should collect your 20 pieces of silver from your lying US/EU/NATO leaders and media.

888mladen .

He doesn’t ask questions he just flows the orders.


Thank you Iran and General Soleimani for saying that which must be said. While the taking of human life and the threat thereof is always a tragedy, the unfortunate realities of human nature sometimes require such grotesque abilities to be showcased. Human rights are worth fighting for, as are sovereignty and dignity. It is with shame that I and other US citizens are forced to watch American/NATO policy makers shown the door by someone baring a weapon. It should not be this way.

Tudor Miron

This article says that Russia left his ally Bashar Assad behind… when in fact RuAF is conducting some of of its most intence air support since the start of this compaign.


I doubt that Russians are bombing ISIL to show Americans how strong it can be?


Russians are good cops, and Iranians are bad ones!

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

As a nuclear power, Russia must have “plausible deniability” in operations.

888mladen .

Exactly and nobody asked IR whether they would be happy with their role assigned to them by the members of UNSC.


Ok, sure you will, big guy, lol… If soleimani is such a badass, why doesn’t he just attack the Americans right now??

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

How many US/UK/NATO soldiers died in Iraq? Iran has the capability and intention to carry out this threat. Once IS is cleared out of Syria the US should arrange an immediate evacuation or Iran will make their stay extremely uncomfortable. This is the reality that the “exceptionally” violent nation built on stolen lands and the sweat of slaves cannot ignore.


US haven’t come to Syria in order to fight against ISIL, but to protect them. In a fact – they came to conquer the oil and gas fields.


I think the ex-SDF spokesmen recently revealed that USA wasn’t interested in the oil fields. They wanted to capture Iraqi border to cordon off Syria and Iraq from each other, and prevent the Tehran supply road. The oil fields just happened to be in the way.

Either way ISIS is dead and the cover of SDF fraud as a US controlled paper entity will eventually be exposed. The situation IMO is untenable. In the longer term I hope we will be seeing some Chinese investments in Syria.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

These US troops should heed this warning from Iran. They are a long way from home in the other side of the world and invading an ancient country which has a history of civilization. It is time to go home for Christmas or the ride back will be in coffins, sadly. The corrupt, expansionist and lying US elite should have no right to use these soldiers as pawns in their disgusting games. The US brings only death and destruction in Syria, just like in Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine and a string of other countries around the world. They should be thankful that Iran has given a warning and should remember their toll in Iraq.


The US doesn’t have the resources to run around playing whack a mole with IRGC troops and allies. Iran is completely imbedded in the region and the US is merely a tourist. Intel sources, for example, can be snipped almost at will by Iranian operators, with little blowback for them.. If the US wants to stay in Syria, it will could get extremely pricey.

As far as trust goes, Russia has a ton of street cred now and the US/Coalition not much. What happened to the Iraqi Kurds is just one example. Iran can nip away at the US, just like the Taliban is doing in Afghanistan and there is nothing that can be done about that. The US public is casualty averse and budgets are getting tighter all the time in the US.

I think this is why some of the official chatter from the WH/DoD et al, reflects the very weak hand on staying in Syria has in the long run. Nobody on the North American side on the pond wants to get stuck in another bleeder situation, against determined and formidable locals. My take on things as such.


Now we hear at last a solid statement from Iran but still nothing from the owner… SAA.

Russia dare not face off US as Russian planes arc no match for the F22 s being deployed.

However in the end it is the ground forces that matters in this case as US forces are surrounded and doubt Kurds want to fight their own country.

US forces are alone and unattainable and my prediction is they will withdraw without a fight

Syria will be one again and all religions can again live in peace as examples to the other Arab nations.

Only need those EU nations to come to their senses to lift sanctions against Syria .

John Brown

Russia is never leaving Syria they now have 2 larger permanent bases there as agreed to with Syria. They may reduce their presence Syria but Russia is not leaving. Russia is not so stupid as to tell the USSA / Israel what their plans are as the Iranians have done if this article is true. They will still guarantee the territorial integrity of Syria as they have said


After the myth of the “SDF” is dismantled, and YPG starts negotiating with its neighbors without US influence, the US forces in Syria become completely naked. They will be fighting all alone, they have no allies, as they have repeatedly betrayed even their subjects. This they won’t want to do, because they are cowards and have been used to fighting through proxies throughout history.


fuck yeah, finally, kill alll american terrorists

Blas de Lezo

This reminds me of the invasion of Iraq. George W Bush had 168,000 US troops plus the coalition of the willing and yet Iran still managed to turn Iraq into its puppet and had the Iraqi Shiite led government kick US troops out in 2011. those 2000 troops in Syria are in imminent danger of EFP-IEDs. President Trump please bring our troops home.

Brad Isherwood

Until Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp Brigadier General Haj Qassem Soleimani …gets RIP Of Traitor Muqtada al Sadr in South Iraq,… These supposed boasts of Intent are just Fiction.

Sadr went public against Assad and the Iraqi PMU. Then he went and did Bromance* with the New Saudi Flunky MBS .

Syria and Iraq are big crime/money enterprise…. for the Players in the game. Don’t expect things to change (pun) : )


Putin plays a game. His troops are going nowhere until the Americans, and Israelis, and ISS are done and cooked. He is good at what he does and plays with his enemies like a fisherman plays a fish on a line. Suleimani, on the other hand, is no doubt the greatest general since Romel. If the Russians don’t kick the Americans out Suleimani certainly will. Not one inch of Syria’s land is up for grabs. Like as happened in Vietnam, the Americans can kiss their asses goodbye.

Pat Mc Ginley

The U.S. and U.K. couldn’t get pubic support to invade Syria so they used duped proxy head-choppers. Then when the head-choppers won, the U.S. and U.K. would get public support to invade Syria.

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