Qalamoun Shield Forces Training By Russian Military Advisers – Photo Report


Fresh photos circulating in pro-government social media accounts show troops of the Qalamoun Shield Forces (a pro-government militia from the area of the Qalamoun Mountains) during the training by Russian military advisers.

Photos collected from open sources:

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  • Trustin Judeau

    They have helmets which is very good thing.Anyway Russia is beginning the to restore the Syrian army.Also Syrian goverment should try to lower the corruption in the SAA

    • Solomon Krupacek

      Old helmets. Really minimal protecting effect.

      • Derapage

        Inside the new batch of T-55 they found all these helmets :-)

        • Solomon Krupacek

          :) yeah, 30-40 years used helmets.
          (i think they are t-62s, which are better for this war than t-72s)