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Pyongyang-Washington Summit Is Back On Tracks

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Pyongyang-Washington Summit Is Back On Tracks

STR/AFP/Getty Images

On May 27, US President Donald Trump stated that the US team had arrived to North Korea setting arrangements for the June 12 Pyongyang-Washington summit in Singapore, stressing that the situation “hasn’t changed.”

“I think there’s a lot of good will. I think people want to see if we can get the meeting and get something done. We got that done and we can be successful in the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, that would be a great thing for North Korea, it would be a great thing for South Korea, it would be great for Japan, it would be great for the world, it would be great for the United States, it would be great for China. A lot of people are working on it. It’s moving along very nicely,” Trump said.

These remarks give the next turn to the June 12 summit in this confusing story.

On May 10, Trump announced that he would meet North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un on June 12 in Singapore, after the April 27 inter-Korean meeting that had resulted in a joint declaration aiming peace and denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

On May 16, North Korea threatened to call off the Pyongyang-Washington summit, stressing that the US envisage only unilateral denuclearization without guarantees. Pyongyang was angered with remarks of US National Security Advisor John Bolton. He stated that Washington “is looking at the Libya model of 2003, 2004”, when Libya gave up its nuclear weapons program under the “international community” pressure and was later immersed into chaos by the US and its NATO allies intervened in Libya.

On May 18, Trump assured that the summit would be held, emphasizing that the US had not purchase “Libyan model”. The US President pointed out that he was “willing to do a lot” to offer Kim Jong Un “protections” if he agreed to surrender his nuclear weapons.

On May 24, Trump cancelled the Pyongyang-Washington summit. He wrote a letter to Kim Jong Un, where Trump pointed out “the tremendous anger and open hostility” from the North Korean side in the May 16 statement.

On May 25, in a statement issued by the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pyongyang reaffirmed that it “has the intent to sit with the U.S. side to solve problem regardless of ways at any time”.

On May 26, the US President pointed out “very productive talks with North Korea about reinstating the Summit.”

On May 26, at the meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in Panmunjom, Kim Jong Un expressed his firm intention to take part in the Pyongyang-Washington summit.

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Pulling Donny’s strings, good to see.


Make agreements with USA ??? Really ??? XD.


“great economic and financial Nation”. NWO is coming. All about money.

As if the richest person in the world was the most useful !!

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