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JULY 2020

Putin’s Visits To UAE And Saudi Arabia And Shift Of Balance Of Power In Middle East


Putin's Visits To UAE And Saudi Arabia And Shift Of Balance Of Power In Middle East


The visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Saudi Arabia and the UAE amid groundbreaking developments in Syria is a sign of the ongoing shift of the balance of power in the Middle East.

The October 14 visit became Putin’s first visit to Saudi Arabia since 2007. The Russian Preasident greeted top Saudi officials and held a meeting with King Salman. Mainstream media outlets already described the visit as a worrying signal of the strengthening relations between Russia and ‘traditional US allies’.

“We look forward to working with Russia to achieve security and stability and fight terrorism,” King Salman said.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the country’s de facto leader, also greeted Putin and met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported that the sides discussed the conflicts in Syria and Yemen.

Saudi Arabia and Russia signed 20 agreements between, most memoranda of understanding in the fields of energy, petrochemicals, transport and artificial intelligence. However, no notable deals were announced.

Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia was also marked by a ‘dodgy rendition’ of the Russian national anthem at the Saudi royal palace by a Saudi military orchestra.

The UAE, which is involved in an apparent diplomatic and economic conflict with Saudi Arabia for the leadership among Gulf states, contributed much more efforts to showcase its positive attitude towards Russia, when President Putin came to the country on October 15.

During the visit, the Russian leader discussed with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan the state of affairs in the Middle East as well as the burgeoning bilateral cooperation.

The sides discussed the situation in Syria, Libya and Yemen, as well as the growing tensions in the Persian Gulf. Another topic is the cooperation on nuclear energy as Russia has been supplying fuel for Barakah, the UAE’s first nuclear power plant.

Meanwhile, Russia and the UAE are planning to hold an annual exhibition aimed at promoting industrial companies and services. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the UAE Mubadala investment company have already implemented over 45 deals worth $2.3 billion and plan to increase their investment portfolio to $7 billion.

Emirati road police were colored as those of Russia in a sign of respect to the Russian leader:

Since the start of the Russian military operation in Syria in 2015, Russia has returned to the Middle East as one of the key players and an influential mediator in local conflicts. The ongoing developments in northern Syria, where Moscow, Ankara and Washington appear to have find a way how to settle their differences without a direct military confrontation, is just another example of this situation. Turkey’s miltiary opeartion in fact pushed the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces to the deal with the Syrian government, while the Trump administration finally got a pretext to turn into reality a promise to withdraw troops from the war-torn country.




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  • Uncle Meat

    Even the Saudi king looked embarrassed lol. Great work, Russia, either way.

  • EveryoneIsBiased

    Update: It seems my previous fears are now obsolete:
    According to Sputnik, Erdogan today called Putin. Putin invited him to come to Russia in the next few days.
    According to the press release, clashes between Turkish forces and SAA will be prevented, and another Russian press release just said they wont tolarate any such clashes.
    It seems contrary to my prior impression, Putin outplayed Erdogan this time, and with Russian forces stand in Manjib, Erdogan now got cold feet.
    Also we need to thank the US (really!): The US still control the north Syria sky, and therefore prevent the Turks to use their airforce! The US is inderectly protecting the SAA from the Turks with this! Yes, crazy times! ;)
    Additionally, SAA will take all the M4 highway, and border, and Russian forces seem also to be deployed with them!
    Now all my concerns are answered.. Putin can now box Erdogan in at their meeting, into reviving Adana agreement, and GTFO.
    May take some time, and Putin will trow Erdo some bone for face saving, but this charade can end well soon!
    With that outlook, peace and good night to all!

    • You can call me Al

      May I just say, I do not think anyone outplayed anyone, I believe this was the plan all the time.

      Let’s see how it plans out though.

      • EveryoneIsBiased

        Of course Al, i am always happy for your input, though we have to agree to disagree.
        IMHO in this day and age, where there are no true allies anymore, with every country trying to get the maximum benefit in a multipolar world, i dont see Erdogan and Putin having this tightly coordinated.
        They surely have dicussed the possibilty, but AFAIK even Erdogan was taken by surprise by Trumps pull out. According to all reports, Erdogan only learned about Trumps decision by twitter. And Erdogan has only phones Putin after Erdogan just had started the invasion.
        Their military is surely always in contact, just like Russia with US and Israel.
        Putin surely did not want the current drive on Manjib by Erdogan and Erdogan breaking his promise of only entering 5 miles (then Erdogan said 30, and later discared even that limit).
        IMHO there is no real trust between Erdogan and Putin, and this is a partnership out of nececcarity, not love..

        And Erdogan will also always avoid to ally with either Putin or NATO. He will just try to play them against each other like he successfully has done even until today.
        But that is geopolitics. There are no friends, and only strength counts. If you show weakness, you will be screwed. And Putin for sure knows this, he is not naive about what geopolitics constituates in this century.. And Russians in general are not naive about turkey.
        In German we have a saying: Trust is good, control is better. While that may not apply to all areas of our human existance, is surely does for geopolitics. And especially for the Turks.. ;)
        But as you say, lets see how it plays out. Though i have a pretty good feeling after these last reports. :)

        • You can call me Al

          I understand. Let us see how it works out now that the US seems to be back. Thanks, cheers and catch you later.

      • Peter Jennings

        IMO, the Russian admin knew all Turkish plans beforehand and well before Turkish convoys got across the border. I also believe that there was contact and a plan reached between the Trumpster, Erdogan, President Putin and President Assad.

        There may even be some nato clauses which prohibit nato members firing on each other, or more likely the Trumpster saw an opportunity to honour a promise he made on the campaign trail. This forced the Kurds into a decision, because without US support or Syrian support they are sitting ducks.

      • grumpy_carpenter

        I find it hard to believe the SAA just happened to have an armoured force sitting around in the Eastern desert ready to deploy to Manjib at a moments notice and the Russians just happened to have spare MP units waiting with them?

        And by coincidence the S-300 equipped Russian cruiser Marshal Ustinov just happened to be in the Mediterranean Sea on Oct 4 doing ASW drills? https://militarywatchmagazine.com/article/s-300-equipped-russian-cruiser-demonstrates-air-defence-and-submarine-hunting-capabilities-in-mediterranean

        I don’t believe in coincidences. The deal was likely finalized here https://www.reuters.com/article/us-syria-security-summit/leaders-of-turkey-russia-iran-set-to-tackle-syria-turmoil-idUSKBN1W00FU

  • Tommy Jensen

    Sorry guys, we already got there first, visiting one of our closets friends and Allies, which you can see on the sincere smiles with hearts. Putin got a bottle of vodka, a stiff smile and didn’t get cake.

  • hvaiallverden

    So, of course, facing the bigots, hearing them talk is as said, something we all have to do, from time to time, but what, is then spoken, coming from someone whom claims they are the gardians of Islam, the teaching of the prophet Muhammed (pbvh) echoed in the Noble Quran, I wounder, dont you, and what do we know about Islam, and why is religion under attack, do we want to know, because I know why, ignorance and arrogance, the best tools the devil ever invented, because this two, He can wash His hands and point on us, and the Devil is correct, He never lies and so do not our Lord, they both have given us free will, whatever we do, we do, and we face the ultimate consquences of our own choises, and even when we are given the spark of light, coming from the same source that created even the prophets, we denie that, and why do we denie, and why dont we face what humans have done to it, instead of blaiming religion, witch is the ignorants way of persiving an religion He dont undestand, or as the saying goes, even refuses to see, how then can we fight this, when the ignorance is by will.

    I will again focus on something most of you dont know, God is everything, and there is no seperation from God, since He is all, and the devil, to, is within us, we create the fundation of what we are.
    I never blame religion, I blame humans.
    I will this time just link to something more fundamental, about an prodject, the Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad (pbvh), an prodject based upon the true teaching of the Noble Quran witch is, to be frank, forgotten or ignored.


    And then to make shure you indeed understand what this is about an video.
    Again, words spoken about and to, christians.


    And when this is done, I again ask, whom is an true Muslim, do we even find them this days, of religions been perverted to oblivion because it is pereverted to oblivion because the truth, isnt there at all, the true teaching is much more, radical then most of even the Muslims wants to think, or even wants to know.
    I am not even an Muslim, nor calls my self Christian, or one of the followers of the Book.
    I havent tuched others, not because they are bad or false, but they all fal under the same teaching in the Noble Quran where its stated, there is NO compulsion in religion, non at all.

    In my church I can hear the wind among the trees, birds sing, people talk, and life surounds me, thats my church, but I would never attack abother man for what He belive, but for what He eventually do.
    May the lord have mercy upon you all, and bless the peacemakers, enlighten the path to wisdom, since its sorly lacking.
    Next time I will explain why religion is attacked, but not this time, this time I will show you the truth.
    Be the light.


  • Saudis want to fight terrorism that’s like white supremacists saying they want every race and nation to prosper on earth, it’s like a kkk saying they want all other race to leave freely,be wealthy and be leaders of United states of America in every aspect. It’s funny how this politicians and so call rulers always swallowing they shit.

    • RichardD

      Nobody with half a brain is swallowing it. The Saudi terror king can’t keep a straight face when he spews this two faced tripe.

      • Aquilegia

        Its’ true, but still it’s important to keep diplomatic relations. Russians don’t really care about inner Middle East politics, only that there would be a state of peace, because indirectly it contributes to Russian security as well, and a multi polarizing world order which is another good thing for everyone.

        What Arab league nations did in Syria (partly under US/Israel backing and influence) etc. is terrible, but they exist and will continue to exist, and that we can’t influence. What matters is that now things can change.

  • Aquilegia

    I think Arab League will now be able to (and is currently) restoring diplomatic and economic ties to Assad’s government. Once a deal is made which satisfies Turks and Syrians, we might be on the brink of a new era of relative peace in the Middle East, absent of USA. Russia might sacrifice territorial integrity of Syria for peace, but how the Syrian refugee question works out remains to be seen. Turkey just wants to get rid of the millions of refugees in Turkey, either they will flood to EU or get an area in Syria.

    Remember, the reason Russia went in Syria the first place was to prevent the middle East and Levant turning into a jihadist hotbed, which would’ve eventually spilled through Turkey to Russia. It was an existential threat, probably worse than Ukraine crisis itself.

    • RichardD

      Russia has no intention of sacrificing Syrian territorial integrity. And why should they when they’ve racked up victory after victory for less than 10 cents on the dollar for what the Zionist axis of terror has wasted?

    • Boxman

      I think if Russia was going to sacrifice Syrian territory to Turkey, they wouldn’t have sent actual Russian personnel to the border. Too soon to say for sure if Erdogan is onboard with this arrangement, but Putin clearly isn’t planning to cede territory at this point.

  • Toronto Tonto

    Ha ha go putin go LOL.

    • PZIVJ

      Tonto, have not heard from you in a while.
      Have you been too depressed to chat with us, after Trump pulled out of N Syria, and SAA is now moving in to reclaim Syrian territory? :)

      • RichardD

        Several of them disappeared. A welcome relief.

      • Toronto Tonto

        Back from vacation .

        • Bob

          Presumably at the ‘sanitarium’.

    • PCH1996

      Are you alive?

    • Bob

      Still suffering from your obsessive anti-Putin fixation then. Whilst you sit up at night fixating over, and cursing, Putin, guess what, he is actually getting on with the business of impacting and changing world events.

  • RichardD

    As bad as the Turk terror machine is, and it’s horrific. It plays second fiddle to the gulf state criminals. The Saudi toads in particular. But with the possible exception of Oman, they’re all guilty.

    Hopefully Putin can get a handle on the problem. Where the US and the rest of the Zionist NATO faggots have only exacerbated and exploited it.

  • Pave Way IV

    MbS: “…and this is a model of the Star Ship Enterprise I made with toothpicks. Notice the goat riding on top – I’m quite proud of that humorous detail!”
    Translator [to Putin]: “He’s showing you some kind of art project made by a special needs child.”
    Putin: [snorx… coughs, awakens] “What’s with the goat?”
    Translator [to Putin]: “Date night?”
    Putin: “Special needs, indeed…”
    Translator to MbS: “Mr. Putin says you have a special gift for both beauty and whimsy.”
    MbS:: “Well, yes… of course! Now let us do the sword dance ritual demonstrating Russian submission to the Saudi monarchy.”
    Translator [to Putin]: “Time to dance with the Crown Prince…”
    Putin:: “[snorx… awakens] “Does he think I’m Trump? I would rather call for a nuclear strike on us right here and now before I will ever embarrass and degrade Russian dignity to perform for this monkey…”
    Translator to MbS: “Mr. Putin’s ankle cancer is really bothering him today, but he insists on participating in your traditions. He physician will administer a local anesthetic to the president’s ankle, first.”
    MbS: “Oh, that’s terrible… No, please tell Mr. Putin that we will go to the anti-terrorist operations center where he can touch my glowing orb instead!”
    Translator [to Putin]: “Glowing orb?”
    Putin: “Yeah, NO. Maybe after my little nap, here, but I’m still thinking NO. Do our snipers have a clean shot at him yet?”
    Translator: “…but you haven’t yet spoken with him about Russian instructions for his terms of surrender and reparations in Syria and Yemen…”
    Putin: “He already knows what I’ll say, and I’ll kill him myself when the lying bastard promises to do them. I think he’s trying to kill me with boredom before we get a chance to talk.”
    Translator to MbS: “Mr. Putin says it’s a most excellent idea. Perhaps after a short rest – the time zones and all.”
    MbS: “Yes, I’m exhausted myself after working so hard to impress Mr. Putin. Besides, he’s a bit older than me. How about we meet at the orb in an hour?”
    Translator [to Putin]: “He says…”
    Putin: [interrupting]: “Yes… I heard. Tell the snipers it’s time to earn those T-5000s”


  • Peter Jennings

    What! no sword Dance? no head chopping to celebrate?
    The suadis can obtain all the technology they can afford. However, their mindset that is still set in the middle ages. Because of this, they will never be able to use that technology to its full potential and is the reason why they prefer some other means to protect them.
    Besides they tend to leave their equipment in the Yemeni desert for Houthis to burn.

    Maybe the reason why President Putin is there is to talk of a deal for the S-400? Now that Turkey has them the suadis want them too because the rubbish they bought from the US isn’t working.

  • Boxman

    Tunisia: Russia-friendly
    Algeria: Russia-friendly and major customer for Russian arms
    Libya: Probably about to be taken over by Russian-allied faction (LNA)
    Egypt: Secular generals pushed into Russian orbit by western support for Islamic Brotherhood jihadists
    Syria: Russian client state very grateful for salvation. War ending in victory.
    Iraq: Eager to eject US forces. If Russian air power and military assistance can replace US capabilities in Iraq, then Baghdad has no use for the Americans and they are as good as gone.
    Iran: Despite annoyance with Russian political maneuvering that often comes at Iran’s expense, the relationship with Russia is likely to remain very solid for years to come.
    Yemen: Looking like a major Saudi defeat
    UAE: Increasingly friendly w/Russia
    Qatar: Iran-friendly and becoming more Russia-friendly by extension
    Saudi: Turning increasingly toward RussiaChina axis as its options narrow
    Afghanistan: Looming US defeat

    From Tunisia to Afghanistan the globalistsJewsWahabbi axis is losing ground.