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Putin’s strategy is working: France accepts cooperation with Assad

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Russian President Putin achieved a significant breakthrough: France’s Francois Hollande is suddenly prepared to fight with the regular Syrian army against the IS. With this the US strategy to bring a revolution to Syria, has finally failed.

Putin's strategy is working: France accepts cooperation with Assad

Originally appeared at DWN, translated by Karin exclusively for SouthFront

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has, after a meeting by its President with Russian President Vladimir Putin, accepted to involve the Syrian government forces in the fight against the Dschihadisten militia Islamic State (IS) as a possibility. In the fight against extremists there are “two measures to take: bombing and troops on the ground,” Fabius said on Friday on the radio station RTL. The ground troops could not be provided by France but by units of the opposition Free Syrian Army, by Sunni Arab forces “and why not also by government forces,” Fabius said. These troops are commanded by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The willingness of the French to cooperate directly and even militarily with Assad, is a great strategic and diplomatic success for the Russians: A collaboration with Assad was by the Western states so far excluded (video at the beginning of the article).

Putin has built up the coalition in the Middle East very patiently: He has brought Iran, Iraq and China over to his side. In Baghdad, there is now a common center of their secret services. Putin also has had constant exchanges with US President Barack Obama and agreed already to military cooperation in the UN General Assembly.

The neocons and NATO opposed this cooperation until last. After pivoting of France this resistance is likely to be broken for the time being. However, the secret services and the hardliners have just tried on Monday, with the downing of a Russian machine to torpedo the emerging alliances. Russia, however, has reacted very calmly to the provocation. The interests of Russia in the region are for the long term.

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The sooner that security is restored to Syria, the sooner the resistance to Israel can be escalated. Israel must pay for their arrogance. Also, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are due for retaliation for collusion with Israel.


The problem with the state of Israel is the craftiness and subterfuge of the Jew. Through their powerful financial and political networks in the finance centres of London, NYC and other places they can virtually buy politicians of their host nations. So the problem with devising a strategy against Israel is you’ll have to deal with their allies and blind supporters in Washington, Brussels and London. Question is Israel will let Turkey burn to the ground and advise their shabbos goyim in DC to let Turkey burn. However, ISIS was created by Mossad-CIA-MI5/6, but without Israeli support, that organisation doesn’t exist at all. In my view, Russia is doing God’s work in the Middle East, but Russia cannot do this alone without a powerful ally, namely China. China needs to step up and start putting its submarine fleet and carrier to use, through aerial bombing and cruise missiles too. China also has the capacity through sheer numbers to actually occupy and lead an assault against these forces of darkness in Syria. China can afford casualties, a lot of casualties if push came to shove, Russia cannot afford a ground war in which Russians take part, albeit neither can NATO countries either. China has a military presence in the region, they need to start cutting their teeth. Let’s see what their real capabilities are as allies.


No, it is not working. After the Mistral affair, Mr Putin should know better. He will be “stabbed in the back” a second time by this bunch of Massonic Jews and crypto-Jews. Their allegiance is first to Israhell. They are traitors to their country. And that will be a catastrophe far worse than the Turkey betrayal.

Benoit Laine

Well, I think your both right and wrong in some sense : the french governement has been acting against national interest since, say, the first Gulf war. In the present Syrian crisis, they have been traitors to their country and put their own citizens’ lifes at stake : France pretends to be at war against terror, but so far, only civilian victims are reported…

Then I also think that the tides are changing, and some degree of realism is slowly sinking back into these peoples mind. Also the pressure from the population will increase, as France has been directly hit by terrorists twice this year, and though largely asleep, french are not completely decerebrated and start to realize more and more that if they want to fight, it’s going to be alongside Russia as US/NATO just doesn’t do anything positive.

In the end, there’s very little chance France would shoot down a russian plane, to be honest.


I really doubt France intends to destroy ISIS, they’re bombing them but didn’t show any big results. They always supported the coup against Assad, I don’t think they changed their minds. I think their role at Syria is monitor the action at Ground and Air to report NATO. The point I disagree is about a “stab in the back” of Russia, if someone is going to do it again is gonna be Turkey.

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