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Putin’s strategy is working: France accepts cooperation with Assad


Russian President Putin achieved a significant breakthrough: France’s Francois Hollande is suddenly prepared to fight with the regular Syrian army against the IS. With this the US strategy to bring a revolution to Syria, has finally failed.

Putin's strategy is working: France accepts cooperation with Assad

Originally appeared at DWN, translated by Karin exclusively for SouthFront

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has, after a meeting by its President with Russian President Vladimir Putin, accepted to involve the Syrian government forces in the fight against the Dschihadisten militia Islamic State (IS) as a possibility. In the fight against extremists there are “two measures to take: bombing and troops on the ground,” Fabius said on Friday on the radio station RTL. The ground troops could not be provided by France but by units of the opposition Free Syrian Army, by Sunni Arab forces “and why not also by government forces,” Fabius said. These troops are commanded by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The willingness of the French to cooperate directly and even militarily with Assad, is a great strategic and diplomatic success for the Russians: A collaboration with Assad was by the Western states so far excluded (video at the beginning of the article).

Putin has built up the coalition in the Middle East very patiently: He has brought Iran, Iraq and China over to his side. In Baghdad, there is now a common center of their secret services. Putin also has had constant exchanges with US President Barack Obama and agreed already to military cooperation in the UN General Assembly.

The neocons and NATO opposed this cooperation until last. After pivoting of France this resistance is likely to be broken for the time being. However, the secret services and the hardliners have just tried on Monday, with the downing of a Russian machine to torpedo the emerging alliances. Russia, however, has reacted very calmly to the provocation. The interests of Russia in the region are for the long term.



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