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Putin’s Spokesman: Russia Is Not Going to Dismiss Plans on Fighting Terror in Syria

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Putin's Spokesman: Russia Is Not Going to Dismiss Plans on Fighting Terror in Syria

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday that Russia will not dismiss planson fighting the terrorism in Syria despite the US position towards Moscow’s actions over the crisis. Peskov emphasized that Moscow will continue to support the Syrian military in its counter-terrorism efforts.

“The US refusal to continue dialogue with Russia on Syrian affairs in terms of supporting a ceasefire regime, of course, makes the situation there more complicated. This refusal, unfortunately, confirms that it is de facto impossible to separate terrorists from the so called moderate opposition… Though, it does not mean that the Russian side intends to drop its plans regarding the fight against terrorism and support of the Syrian armed forces in their anti-terrorist efforts,” Peskov said, answering the question, whether the American decision would increase the possibility of incidents between the Russian military and the US-led coalition in the country.

We recall Washington announced on Monday that the US was suspending bilateral contacts with Russia over the ceasefire deal in Syria. The decision came amid the growing diplomatic standoff between the two powers over the Syrian government forces’ military operations in Aleppo city.

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George King

The big difference between Putin and Empire is Putin’s truth telling as he states exactly what Russia knows for the preservation of the worlds citizens Treasure, Commons, Inalienable Rights and those that transgress against them. Empire speaks Orwellian double speak to establish unilateral power over those citizens while raping their Treasure, Commons and denying all humans their Inalienable Rights.

Suyanto Ng

I know this is stupid play with word, ‘moderat opposition’ why Russia so damn care about it ? this is anti-terror operation. If Syrian fall to this West-backed beheaders, Syrian soil will become ‘platform’ for international terrorism, their backers will use Syrian as ‘base’ to launch chaos to entire region of the world for their sake of interest.

Gue Bjuen

russia wants to make the US publicly sentence their own proxis to death. and also admit that they failed to achieve their agenda. with this you could have more terorist surrender to the government.

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