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“Putin’s Infanteer” Pauses Workout To Mock US Sanctions


Ramzan Kadyrov, leader of Russia’s Republic of Chechnya has released a video in which he appears to take a break from lifting weights to comment on fresh US sanctions under the Magnitsky Act.

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  • World_Eye

    I love this guy!

    • Susan

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  • Анрэс Суарэс


  • FlorianGeyer

    Brilliant :)

  • Wegan

    When you have guys like Kadyrov, your country is in good hands.

  • RichardD

    The Jews just committed an in your face murder of an unarmed double amputee in Palestine. Which is a violation of the same types of laws being used against Russia. But the US is fully supportive of the Jew crime state to great extremes in violation of US and international law.

    The UNGA 377 A Jerusalem resolution passed with 75% of the vote. That’s enough to bypass the US veto to provide Palestine full UN membership using the 67 border. It’s obvious from the history and statements from the Israelis that they have no intention of agreeing to any type of negotiated agreement providing East Jerusalem as the capitol of Palestine.

    It’s highly questionable if they would even agree to participate in negotiations with the Palestinians using a “mediator” other than the highly biased Jewmerican government which has the largest population of Jew pedophile rape cultists on the planet. The coercive behavior of the Jewmerican government leading up to today’s vote would be misdemeanor and felony violations of applicable voting laws in most jurisdictions.

  • SnowCatzor

    Lol, I’m sure he was lifting all those weights no problem…

    • Tudor Miron

      Part of a joke.

  • Nigel Maund

    Sums it all up! …. Pity is that the US is not a funny joke at all! It deady and very dangerous indeed.

  • Serious

    I don’t undersatnd how you can sanction Russia. Sanctions against Russia will just make Russia stronger as Russia will create what they import from USA. So, sanctions are more a way of development for a country that can do what USA does.

    Of course, sanctions against a weak country that knows nothing and can do nothing are useful. Make sanction against Togo, Manau, …. is useful but not against Russia.

  • Tudor Miron

    This one made me lough :)