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Putin’s Evil Chef Is Potting To Invade ‘Free Idlib’: MSM

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Putin’s Evil Chef Is Potting To Invade 'Free Idlib': MSM

FILE IMAGE: Russian Special Operations Forces troops are in Syria

Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, branded in mainstream media as “Putin’s chef”, is hiring hundreds of “freelance fighters” as a part of a plan to attack Syria’s Greater Idlib, a Jihadists stronghold, Bloomberg reported on September 6, citing “people with direct knowledge of the matter.”

“Grouped into tank-equipped units of 50 men each and backed by Russian air power, the plan is for these soldiers to work with uniformed Syrian forces, first to establish escape corridors for civilians, one of the people said. Then they’ll engage in the street-to-street fighting required to clear the heavily populated city of thousands of al-Qaeda-affiliated militants,” the outlet quoted the sources as saying.

According to the report, the supposed large-scale attack will begin within a few weeks with the aim of restoring Syrian President Bashar al-Assad control over all of Idlib. The outlet claimed that this move would putting an end to any more talk of Assad’s ouster.

Bloomberg didn’t provide any sources that can be verified. Most likely, other, not anonymous, sources just do not exist.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched two military operations inside Greater Idlib with support from the Russian Aerospace Forces, earlier in 2019. No private military contractors (PMCs) from Russia or any other country were spotted on the frontline during the active phase of the operations.

Bloomberg didn’t explain why the SAA, which successfully captured dozens of towns in Greater Idlib over the last four months, is urgendtly hirying Russian PMCs, or why a Russian businessman would invest in such a battle. Idlib has no natural resources what so ever.

The report appears to be a part of a new propaganda campaign targeting the SAA and Russian forces operating in Syria.

A day earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Russia denied reports claiming that three Russian soldiers were killed near Greater Idlib. The reports were also aimed at dramatizing Russia’s role in Greater Idlib operations.

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  1. dutchnational says:

    The evil Russian can come potting in my garden if he wants. Welcome.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Since you are not that bright, I will give a historical insight, Peter the Great did come to tiny sinking waterlogged Holland and did not have many great thinks to say, especially about the ugly Dutch women, but then for a fag that should not be a prime concern eh :)

  2. Black Waters says:

    LOL, “free Idlib”, it’s filled with wahhabi head choppers and criminal scum.
    I wish that those same MSM pseudo-reporters let those rats inside their houses for a couple days, so we can see how their houses become “free” in a couple days.

    1. Tommy Jensen says:

      There is said to be 110 000 ultra radical head choppers in Idlib. As SAA cant kill them all, where are they going when SAA and Russia move in?
      I can only think of Europe maybe some to Afghanistan. Will Turkey accommodate them?

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        The US needs some as well in order to control its black power issue.

        1. bla says:

          Why do you guys keep paying attention to that racist moron tommy jensen ? Just block.

      2. Zionism = EVIL says:

        You are complete idiot, why do you bother posting and trolling?


      3. Gary Sellars says:

        Why can’t the SAA kill them all?

        1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

          They could and would if Putin let them.

      4. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        Turkish media is already telling the Europeans exactly where those headchoppers are going to end up. They’re more or less blackmailing the EU and saying, if you don’t stop Assad creating a refugee crisis, we’re going to let them all go to Europe via Turkey, and they’ll become your problem then, help us or else.

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      The reality is that a decision has been made to liberate all of Syria. The SAA is already in control of vast region in the Eastern Euphrates where the Kurds have negotiated a withdrawal and the Turkeys and their Wahhabi headchoppers are in very precarious situation in Idlib as any map would show. Russia and Iran are very much on the same page and know that they have secured Syria at a very minimal cost. The Russo-Persian strategic and military cooperation in the region augers very well for the future and a complete realignment of power balance regionally and globally. The recent humiliation of the Zionist scum is just the opening chapter.

    3. You can call me Al says:

      Bloomberg reported on September 6, citing “people with direct knowledge of the matter.”

      Enough said…..

      1. Mikael says:

        Yes , people that ” highly likely ” know what’ s going on….

    4. Rob says:

      Washington is a real threat to the stability of the entire world. Washington instigate instability in the entire world. Russians, Chinese and Iranians are true heroes and true defenders of this century that defending innocents of this world.

    5. Icarus Tanović says:

      Seem that they kinda like them Wahhabi pigs and scum…

  3. Wolfgang Wolf says:

    and WHAT is new with this? its a common sense operation and i think this could happen daily… so?

    1. Tiresia Branding says:

      what Bloomberg insinuate is that Russians will conduct a clandestine operation for their own profit, without SAA know and without their approval

      1. David Parker says:

        And who asked Assad if Erdogan could invade Syria?

  4. AM Hants says:

    What do you get if you cross President Putin’s chef with ISIS?

    Vintage Sesame Street Swedish Chef Making Meatballs… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q8o61kqFvA

    Why does karma come to mind, when thinking of the ‘liver eating, head choppers’, coming into contact with President Putin’s chef?

    1. goingbrokes says:

      Spitting Image

  5. Shy Talk says:

    I hope he grills ’em, fries ’em and roasts ’em

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Is that after they are smoked ?

  6. Tudor Miron says:

    Oh! those pesky Ruskies… and that terrible Putin… How dare they not surrender to all mighty west? And that is going on and on for hundreds of years. Pesky Russkies :(

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      As the ethnic Jewess ( and fake Christian), Madeline Albright once said ‘Its not fair that Russia has all those resources ‘.

      And ‘Therein Lies the Rub’, other dynasties have always covered that wealth.

      1. David Parker says:

        “coveted” (breaking the tenth commandment, not that that would bother a Zionist).

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      US suicide rate rose 41% since 1999, especially in rural regions: Study

      1. Ronald says:

        Do you have a link for that.

        1. Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under says:

          It’s from CNN.

          1. Ronald says:

            No kidding, no wonder it had that smell, of ‘something is rotten in the state of Denmark’.

  7. Prince Teutonic says:

    We need more those evil Russians to invade Baltics, Balkans and even west Europe…

    1. Tommy Jensen says:

      Sure, everybody would feel a little bit more safe although Russia still have many internal issues.

    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      Please invade Britain as there is an epidemic of hubris and chaos.

  8. Hist 83 says:

    Jew Kike Bloomberg starting lies STFU.

  9. Pave Way IV says:

    “We’ll finish them off during the main course, but our secret weapon is always our delicious appetizers. SNACKBAR! What head-chopper could resist?


  10. Rodney Loder says:

    The era of Robert Mugabe has finally ended, he won the first International African War and Zimbabwe sufferred because of it, Iran and Syria a standing up to Trump is only possible because Mugabe chased the servile dog Kagame out of the Congo.

    1. Tommy Jensen says:

      Mugabe was a man. However, he shouldn’t have weakened so much to even think of transferring power to a younger mistress, if the gossip is true :-D.

      1. Rodney Loder says:

        Everybody agrees with that.

  11. Davki says:

    Evil chef? What does he cook then? He’s potting… seems indeed like somebody smoked pot. Anyway, Cavusoglu already said that Syria had the right to fight terrorists everywhere on its territory, including Idlib. They’re preparing to get rid of Erdogan… no the people are getting rid of al-Jolani… most likely, the SAA and Russia don’t even have to take Idlib by force, except for some pocket.

  12. David Parker says:

    So the plan is to put someone in a pot?
    Or did you mean (sarcastically of course), to say they are plotting?

  13. jay kay says:

    Mission statement; “Revenge rain’s blood”, all you crypto Talmudic fuck ratz !

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      The Zionist scum have become pathetic jokes after their filthy Avivam barracks were exposed to the world after Hezbollah blew up their wolf APC junk.

  14. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    So even though Turkey’s admitting it’s already on the ropes and just about down and out for the count now, some moron’s suggesting the SAA needs help to open up evacuation corridors, wow, and nearly as ridiculous, some help fighting hand to hand in the streets of Idlib, what a totally ridiculous suggestion to make, this has be a joke doesn’t it.
    The SAA has been coasting along quite well for the last 4 months, and apart from one or two hiccups and a few annoying ceasefires, they’ve slowly but very successfully recovered substantial amounts of territory.
    And they did it without inflicting too many civilian casualties either, or sustaining too many casualties themselves, which is always a good commanders main priorities, but more importantly they also did it using a minimal number of troops on the ground.
    Enemy casualty numbers haven’t been high either so that obviously wasn’t one of the SAA’s main priorities, but they have been incredibly successful at what they have been concentrating on, and it should be obvious to everyone by now just exactly what their main objective really was.
    The SAA had nearly 500,000 anti Assad civilians moving north towards Turkey when this last ceasefire was enforced, and because of that extremely high number, the Turks haven’t been able to control their borders at all for the last 2 weeks. And just recently they even recruited HTS fighters to help them stop the refugees [the Turks designated HTS to be a terrorist organization during 2018 Astana agreement], that’s how desperate the Turks are now, using terrorists to scare the refugees away from the border is desperation.
    The SAA hasn’t had to do much street fighting at all during this campaign, they’ve been using their brains instead.
    The SAA and SAAF have been very careful about scaring the civilians out first, then they’ll also try to scare the rebels/terrorists out too, but if that doesn’t work they just bomb the hell out of them until they’re either all dead, mostly all dead, or finally just give up and run away, and only then does the SAA go in and secure the town, very little street fighting at all.
    But this guy wants to bring in mercs to do some street fighting alongside the SAA, but the SAA hasn’t had to do any serious street fighting at all yet, and they probably won’t have to until they’re really close to the Turkish border, and that’s when the mercs help would be invaluable.
    But if Yevgeny establishes the humanitarian corridors as he says wants to, the SAA would need the mercs help right now, and they’d need 50,000 of them, not just a few thousand and a couple of tanks, f–k-n retard.
    Assad’s just had 18 months of reconciliation talks and knows just exactly who’s who in Idlib, he knows exactly where all the pro reconciliation civilians are, he knows exactly where all the terrorists are, and he also knows exactly where all the terrorists families are too, so he doesn’t really need humanitarian corridors at all, he actually dreads them, what he really wants and needs is even more displaced people heading to Turkey as refugees, and humanitarian corridors wouldn’t help achieve that, they’d stop it.
    Yevgeny should be telling us the truth instead of lying, he doesn’t really want to send in mercs to help the SAA, he’s really sending them to help the Turks, humanitarian corridors would only help the Turks, not the SAA, and the pro Assad civilian population already has SAA help, they’re not being bombed.
    I think even if Putin managed to convince Assad to allow this atrocity of a proposal to go ahead, and even if Assad gave his own troops a firm directive to comply, I honestly think some of Assad’s more sensible SAA soldiers would actually blow those mercs out of the sky before they could even land in SAA territory.
    The SAA are not abiding by the ceasefire at all now but this could stop them, they couldn’t continue with their sparadioc shelling and small scale assaults if Russian mercs were on the ground in Idlib, and unlike the SAA who work really hard to funnel the refugees towards Turkey intentionally, the mercs will be intentionally funnelling those refugees away from Turkey instead, well away.
    It has to be an April fools joke they were going to use but some halfwit got the dates wrong, it’s supposed to be the first of April you try to fool us, not today.

  15. JustPassingThrough says:

    yup, bloomberg is your source for accurate news. lol

  16. Icarus Tanović says:

    Syrian army working on the positions to storm Khabani. This is grrat news, not what MSM says about so called ‘freelance fighters’.

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