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Putin’s Annual Press Briefing: The Arms Race, Hypersonic Weapons, Defenses And The New Cold War

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Putin's Annual Press Briefing: The Arms Race, Hypersonic Weapons, Defenses And The New Cold War

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In his annual press briefing, Russian President Vladimir Putin answered a plethora of questions on various topics such as economics, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, Nagorno-Karabakh, and various military-related issues.

Notably, he spoke of hypersonic weapons, Russia’s defenses against hypersonic weapons and the development of the United States’ integrated anti-missile system which is specifically aimed at countering Russia’s strategic potential.

While answering to a question regarding Sergei Skripal’s alleged poisoning and the accusations that he was poisoned under order of the Russian government with Novichok, Putin said that he wasn’t specifically worried what it would come to because it was essentially an empty accusations and wasn’t true.

The question also was longer than that also asking if whether Putin considered that he was to blame for the pitiful relations between Russia, and the West – namely with the UK, the US and NATO, a a whole.

He, however, said that there are more pressing matters that are of concern rather than largely made-up accusations of poisoning, especially when it comes to NATO, the US and various weapon treaties.

“There are some other issues that cause our concern. We are forced to respond to them, to these questions.

But with all this, there is now a threat of termination of the New START Treaty.

Then there will be no restrictions at all associated with the arms race, nothing at all. A

And we initially called and are calling on our partners to extend this agreement for at least a year and to conduct substantive, as diplomats say, negotiations on what to do and how to live next.

We understand that Russia has developed types of weapons, modern, hypersonic systems that no one else in the world has. We are aware of this, but we are not opposed to taking this circumstance into account. But to this day, no one talks to us about this in any way.

Similar systems are being developed, by the way, in European countries – in Great Britain, in the same United States. But not yet, we understand this, but we are open for negotiations. But with us so far no one leads any. So answer your question: who is “white and fluffy” and who is “prickly and aggressive.

We have two or three bases, and in terroristically dangerous directions: in Kyrgyzstan, in Tajikistan, in Syria.

The other side, I mean the United States, has a huge network around the world.

Do you know how much our military budget is? 46 billion. In Great Britain it is much more. In the USA – 770 billion. Russia in terms of military spending is somewhere in the sixth place in the world. USA, China, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, France, Japan – everything is ahead of us.

So who is white and fluffy and who is aggressive? Well, we appear to be not so aggressive. Not exactly fluffy, but, in any case, very fine looking, inclined to engage in dialogue and seek compromise solutions. I would like to say with the words of the cat Leopold from one of our cartoons: “Guys, let’s live together!””

The President noted that in response to the US deployment of a global missile defense system, Russia could either build its own or create superior weapons.

“Either build this missile defense system ourselves, or create systems that this missile defense system does not interfere with. We did it, it happened with the help of hypersonic weapons, including Avangard. Let me remind you, more than 20 Machs, a global range and not ballistic,” Putin said.

The recent tests of the promising Russian sea-based hypersonic missile “Zircon”, as noted by Putin, are very important, its adoption by the Russian army will affect the strategic balance of power.

The work on the Sarmat ICBM is also underway.

The speed of the Russian Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle is capable of developing does not allow American interceptors to calculate its flight path, which makes this weapon invulnerable to US missile defense, Viktor Murakhovsky, a member of the expert council at the Russian military-industrial complex board said.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during his annual press conference that the American missile defense system is not an obstacle to new Russian weapons, including the Avangard, which can reach speeds of more than Mach 20.

“It is known that in order to successfully defeat a target, an anti-aircraft missile must be guided to a pre-emptive point, that is, the trajectory of the target must be calculated, and then the missile is guided to this point. The target moves at a speed of several kilometers per second, so any maneuver leads to such lateral loads that no missile can withstand,” Murakhovsky explained.

The expert also recalled another promising Russian weapon, also capable of penetrating the American missile defense – the low-flying cruise missile of unlimited range “Burevestnik”.

“It is impossible to make a missile defense system that would block all directions, or rather, it is theoretically possible, but even 10 US military budgets will not be enough for this. continuous radar field at low altitudes and air defense systems that block all directions,” he said.

At the same time, Murakhovsky noted that Russia will not have to spend too much money on the latest weapons, since all these systems were originally created not for an offensive, but for guaranteed retaliation.

“As for the Vanguard, Petrel and Poseidon, we are talking about the purchase of fairly symbolic batches of these systems. The task is to have the means of a guaranteed retaliatory strike, regardless of the presence of the most advanced missile defense systems in the enemy, and for this there is a rather small number of such systems,” he said.

In the time of a renewed arms race, and pressure mounting from, more or less, every direction, Putin outlined a world in which Russia is forced to fend for itself and forward its interests.

With the US departing the INF Treaty, and now with the New START also in limbo, and likely going towards falling apart, the arms race and a new Cold War are more fact than fiction.


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Lone Ranger

There is no new cold war.
The U.S. has been taken over by China.
Ok lets wait till January 20…
I do like fair play.

Lone Ranger

Russia is 20+ years ahead of any competitors.

Lone Ranger

Good job Comrades ???
Deterrence is gold ?

Servet Köseoğlu

So who is white and fluffy and who is aggressive? Well, we appear to be not so aggressive. Not exactly fluffy, but, in any case, very fine looking, inclined to engage in dialogue and seek compromise solutions. I would like to say with the words of the cat Leopold from one of our cartoons: “Guys, let’s live together!””

I am going to cry now…


Russia’s military budget is close to 200 billions dollars when adjusted for PPP, they do a good job purchasing effective weapon systems, tactical and strategic.
Within their budgetary constraints they improved the quality of armaments ( new or re modernized) assigned to the Air Force and Army by 70%.
They also developed and are ready to deploy a. new ICBM, a series of new tactical and strategic hypersonic weapons, developed and deployed a new generation of Borey SSBN with a new SLBM Bulava. The S500 and A235 anti ballistic and ASAT systems……etc.

US on the other hand with a defense budget of over 700 billion relies on 50 year old ICBM system, B52 bombers that are 50-60 years old, a refurbished Trident SLBM, 4th generation aircraft that are 40 years old, 5th generation aircraft that are expensive to fly and maintain, a tank that is 40-50 years old, an anti ballistic missile system that is rather dubious in intercept and kill ability, since it relies on the concept of hitting a bullet with another bullet….etc.

The American dream of winning wars easily using their technological edge, led them to failed programs and little to show for except for a heap of older weapons.


Sorry but to be fair to US who already doesn’t look good….it is
40+ year (not 50) old ICBM system and “newest” strategic SLBM “Trident 2” are 30+ years old…as for “refurbished” – (when that old ) everything was upgraded and “refurbished” at least several times in the past. For one week of use F-22 needs 3 weeks of maintenance (out of service).
American rusty “technological edge”
So we agree.


The first Minuteman1 was deployed in the 60’s, followed by Minuteman 2, and 3 in the early 70’s. When the MX ICBM missile was deployed the number of Minuteman missiles was cur from 1000 to 450.
The end of the Cold War scraped the MX missile.

Lone Ranger

They are also less corrupt.
Lockheed Martin steals money like there is no tomorrow.
Pentagon had $6trillion missing before 9/11…


There, is corruption in Russia, however, development, production, salaries are lower than US.
They do not binge on technological dreams, they stay practical and effective.

Lone Ranger

Look at the debt to GDP ratio.
According to that Russia is 10times less corrupt.
Forex reserves are at $600billion vs $143bilkion in the U.S.

Lone Ranger

Developement is higher.
65% of the Russian infrastructure has been upgraded and 83% of the military.
U.S. civilian infrastructure is stuck in the 70s, 53% of their military has been upgraded.
Most the production has been outsourced in the U.S.
Russia has a trade surplus of $230billion vs a trade deficit of $800billion in the U.S.
Saleries are higher in tgze U.S. on avg but that doesnt mean they can spend more on things.
Mortgages, credits, no Universal healthcare…
At the end of the day Russians are living far better nowdays.


“The task is to have the means of a guaranteed retaliatory strike, regardless of the presence of the most advanced missile defense systems “
In other words, Vanguard, Petrel and Poseidon, are weapons of absolute deterrence. That never fail to deliver Russian retaliation it doesn’t matter how good are enemy defenses or attack tactics.
Enemy will be punished unmistakably.

Harry Smith

Are you sure that anybody would understand that Petrel is Burevestnik and Vanguard is Avangard?


Now when you say that…NO !
Thanks for bringing up all that to my attention…
You know how it is, sometimes we forget to notice what is most obvious.
I know that those are Russian names…I just forgot that others might not know that…Thanks!

Jens Holm

The cold war is only in the northern Russia in wintertime.

Soon their fields for food will be dryed out and russian will sit up there fishing in the dark. Russians will integrate well. They have always lived in the dark.

The next invension in Russia will be active raindancing which will look like a hot war.

Lone Ranger

Lay down the crack Jens its bad for you…
P.S. dont forget your meeting tomorrow at the local CIAisis training center in Kopenhagen…

cechas vodobenikov

your envy is pathetic—Russian economy positive balance of trade w all nations, nearly self sufficient, with vastly reduced dependence on oil gas exports…now quite beneficial since crude exceeds 50 USD per barrel….if u beg nicely u can buy wheat from Russia–#1 exporter or platinum, gold, diamonds, for your boyfriend (top 3 producer)…need a decent vehicle? no your bicycle is enough?
U r afraid of the dark? my son was like that 15 years ago when he was 6…no candles in your village? when u decide to return to reality try a 12 sleep program…..AA will be to difficult for you

Lone Ranger

Russia the Leader of the Free World.
Putin is the best Leader Russia ever had.
They are blessed.

Bruno Gama

Russians worries to much about American “Missile Defense”. It´s another BOGUS claim, like the “Star Wars” in the 80s. Bogus claims made by BOGUS leaders like Reagan and Trump! Here´s what Americans think about their “Missile Defense”. No Aegis, THAAD, SM-Block is capable of taking down an SS-18 or an SS-19 flying at 25000 km/per hour. Here´s the opinion of specialists, not CNN. https://warontherocks.com/2019/02/the-best-defense-ever-busting-myths-about-the-trump-administrations-missile-defense-review/

Bruno Gama

The Missile Defense Review also proposes a major expansion of
the interceptors based in California and Alaska designed to shoot down
intercontinental-range missiles, the Ground-based Midcourse Defense. This system has, at best, a mixed test record. The Missile Defense Agency, an agency free from many of the Pentagon’s usual oversight, testing, and accountability rules, states a success rate of 10 intercepts out of 18 attempts since 1999. The Union of Concerned Scientists puts the intercept success rate under 50 percent. Keep in mind that those tests have been highly scripted toward success rather than conducted under operational conditions.

Bruno Gama

There is also interest in expanding Aegis’s ballistic missile defense capability to include ICBMs.
That ability has yet to be engineered, let alone tested, but Aegis at
least seems better managed by the Navy than the Missile Defense Agency’s
ground-based system. Ground-based “kinetic kill” systems like Aegis or
the midcourse defense do have the advantage of actually existing; they
aren’t PowerPoint fantasy technology. The interceptors are expensive and
delicate, however, and beyond mediocre performance in simple intercept
tests they are likely to be highly vulnerable to countermeasures as
simple as metalized balloons and chaff in their pathway or more sophisticated like maneuvering warheads.

Bruno Gama

Ground Based Midcourse – Bogus
Aegis – Bogus
Thaad/Patriot – Bogus
The “Missile Defense” With a design to “sucess”, they failed in 50% of cases!

It´s like hitting a bullet in the air shooting a bullet from the ground… Kynetic killing is another BOGUS american idea. And Missile Defense is costlier than Missiles, so don´t bother about arrogant, sore LOOSER TRUMP “soon to be incarcerated by Iran” claims!

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